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Sleep with Me Soundtracks

Sleep with Me was released in the year 1994, some songs of the official soundtrack are Wasted by Pere Ubu, I Live in a Nice House by Thelonious Monster, AB Traffic Jam by Doug DeAngelis, Big Dumb Song by Doug DeAngelis.

Track listing
1. “Wasted” (Pere Ubu)
2. “Howl” (Syd Straw)
3. “E Rockin ‘It” (Chucklehead)
4. “Funk Is on the Loose” (Chucklehead)
5. “Ab Traffic Jam” (Chucklehead)
6. “I Live in a Nice House” (Thelonious Monster)
7. “Big Dumb Song” (Chucklehead)
8. “Shaken” (Crossed Wire)
9. “I’m Yours” (Crossed Wire)
10. “Retrosexy” (Chucklehead)
11. “Maybe You Should Change Your Name” (El Caminos)
12. “Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out” (El Caminos)
13. “I Miss You” (Joey Lauren Adams)
14. “Daddy’s Dead in Momma’s Head” (Joey Lauren Adams & Parker Posey)
15. “Nocturne No. 2, Op. 9, in E-Flat Major” (Peter Schmalfuss)

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