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Sin City Transcript

She shivers in the wind like the last leaf on a dying tree

I let her hear my footsteps

She only goes stiff for a moment

Care for a smoke?

Sure. I’ll take one

Are you as bored by that crowd as I am?

I didn’t come here for the party

I came here for you

I’ve watched you for days

You’re everything a man could ever want

It’s just not your face

Your… figure

Or your voice

It’s your eyes

All the things I see in your eyes

What is it you see in my eyes?

I see a crazy calm

You’re sick of running

You’re ready to face what you have to face

But you don’t want to face it alone


I don’t want to face it alone

The wind rises electric

She’s soft and warm and almost weightless

Her perfume is sweet promise that brings tears to my eyes

I tell her that everything will be alright

That I’ll save her from whatever she’s scared of and take her far far away

I tell her… I love her

The silencer makes a whisper of the gunshot

I hold her close until she’s gone

I’ll never know what she’s running from

I’ll cash her check in the morning

Just hour to go. My last day on the job

Early retirement. Not my idea

Doctor’s orders. Heart condition

“Angina”, he calls it

I’m polishing my badge and getting myself used to the idea of saying “Goodbye” to it

It and the years of protecting and serving and tears and…

blood and terror, triumph that represents

I’m thinking of Aileen’s slow smile

about the thick fat steak she picked up at the butcher’s today

I’m thinking about the one loose end I haven’t tied up

A young girl who’s out there somewhere

helpless in the hands of a drooling lunatic

Damnit, Hartigan

I won’t let you do this, you’re going to get yourself killed

You’re going to get us both killed

I won’t let you. I’m warning you

Let go of my coat, Bob

You’re draggin me down with you. I’m your partner

They can kill me too. I ain’t putting up with that

I’m getting on the horn and calling for backup

Sure, Bob. We’ll just wait

Sit on our ass while that sick Rourk brat gets his sick thrills with victim number

Victim number

Nancy Callahan, age

And she’ll be raped and slashed to ribbons

and that backup that we’re waiting on

will just so happen to show up just late enough

for Rourk to get back to his U.S. Senator daddy

Take a deep breath, Hartigan

Settle down and think straight

You’re pushing and you got a bum ticker

You ain’t saving anyone

Got a great attitude, Bob

Real credit to the force, you are

Aileen’s home waiting for you. Think about Aileen

Heck, Bob

Maybe you are right

I’m glad to hear you’re finally talking sense

Hell of way to end a partnership

Hell of a way to start my retirement

Nancy Callahan, age

For all I know, she’s dead already

You’ve been a very good, Nancy

You’ve been very quiet

Don’t be scared

We’re going to be taking you home really soon

But first, we’re going to introduce you to somebody

He’s a very nice man

Half way to the warehouse where Weevil said they took her and it hits

Wicked spot of indegestion

At least that’s what I pray it is

I seek only the most lighthearted and momentary degression

The briefest indulgement in automotive pleasure

…for cheap thrills. Such shortlived durability, Mr. Shlubb

You would risk engendering an ill will on the part of our employers

Burt Shlubb and Douglass Klump

any-job-there-is thugs with dellusions of eloquance

This Jaguar you so pinheadedly covet

temporarily remanded to our customer, though it may be

remains the property of the son of Senator Rourk

Got to keep this quiet

Take them down fast

A single dent, the mearest scratch, thereupon on the before

mentioned consequences of which I so recently made mention

shall surely be afford us

Catch your breath. Give your heart time to slow down

But it won’t slow down

Get over it

She needs you

We’re all done here, Benny

Let’s give them some time together

Give them some privacy

Be with you in a minute, Lenny

I’m just making sure they get along really well

What kind of beast couldn’t get along with a precious little girl like this

You must be awfully scared now

But you got nothing to be scared of

All we’re going to do is have a nice little talk

That’s all. Just a nice talk, just you and me

Don’t you cry now

Doctor said it’d be like this

Just take the pill he gave you

No need to play it quiet. Not anymore

Breath steady old man. Prove you’re not completely useless

What the hell. Go out with a bang

He likes to hear them scream

I’ve seen his victims and their twisted little faces

all wide-mouthed and bug-eyed

frozen in their last horrible moment of living

No screams. Either I’m just in time or I’m way too late

It’s nothing. Barely a flesh wound

On your feet, old man


Give it up

Let the girl go

You can’t do a goddamn thing to me, Hartigan

You know who I am

You know who my father is

You can’t touch me, you piece-of-shit cop

Look at you. You can’t even lift that cannon you’re carrying

Sure I can

Cover your eyes, Nancy

I don’t want you watching this

I mean it baby. Cover your eyes right now

I take his weapons away

Both of them

Hell of a way to end a partnership

For God’s sakes, don’t make it any worse

Don’t make me kill you

I’m doing fine, Bob

Never better

Ready to kick your ass

Keep it talking

By time, just a few more minutes. Just until backup gets here

Sit down and stay down

I’ll kill you if I have to

Keep his mind off the girl

Skinny little Nancy

Can’t kill her once the backup gets here

Run home, Nancy. Run for your life

Hey. Don’t listen to him, he’s a crazy man

A tough man you are, huh?

You stay right where you’re at

You shoot your partner in the back

then you try to scare a little girl

Later, I’ll pull my spare rod. Plug you a couple times. Show you how it’s done

We could’ve worked something out, but you’ve blown that

Sit down or I’ll blast you in half

You’re so slow, you’ll never stop me

Sit down

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