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From Dusk Till Dawn Transcript

Seth sees where Frost is heading and says:

Oh shit!

Jacob sees.

Good lord!

Frost, in mid-air, HITS the barricaded, plastered overwindow
and CRASHES through it.

Sex Machine lets loose with a maniacal laugh. Hundreds of
bat-things fly into the bar. Seth grabs the two kids by the
hand and runs for the backroom.

Behind the bar, Jacob grabs two pieces of wood from off the

Ten bat-things are in hot pursuit of Seth, Kate and Scott,
who are RUNNING for their lives. They get to the door of the
back room, whip it open, dive in and SLAM it behind them. An
ugly, fleshy bat-thing manges to get its head caught in the
door as it closes. Kate and Scott PUSH on the door as hard
as they can. The bat-thing’s head, which is inside, screams,
howls and snaps in fury.

Seth turns toward the bat/vamp in the door. He sticks his
.45 in its big mouth.

You wanna suck something, suck on

He FIRES four shots that blow the bat vamp’s head all over
the wall.

Kate yells:

We have to go back for Daddy!

Daddy’s dead.


She spins and grabs the door knob, ready to fling the door
and help her father. Scott grabs her and pushes her up
against the wall.

He’s right, Kate. Daddy’s dead! He was
too far away. If flinging that door
and filling this room with those
bat-things would save him, I’d fling
it. The only thing it’ll do is turn us
into one of them.

He needs our help!

He’s beyond our help. You saw him get
bit. I saw him get bit. We all saw it.
You can’t help him. I’ve got no one
left to lose but you. I can’t be alone
again. We’re sticking together.

Just then they hear Jacob’s voice BOOMING from the bar room.


Jacob, holding a cross made out of two sticks and reciting
appropriate verse from the bible, is keeping the vampires at
bay. But, as Seth predicted, it is the shining power of his
restored faith that is his mightiest weapon. Jacob is making
his way through the vampires, toward the back door. A lot of
the bats have transformed into bat/devil/human creatures.

The creatures stand at the edge of Jacob’s force field of
holiness. Many bat things fly around the bar like mad,
whirling dervishes. A cluster of bat-things over above and
in front of Jacob. They all growl and hiss at the man of
god. For every one step forward Jacob takes, the vampire
stake one step back. Jacob recites the verse from the bible
in a threatening, mean, mother fucking, servant of god tone.
As he speaks with authority and strength, he sees Frost
lying on the ground, bat-things on him like ants on a
candy bar. But Jacob is too much in control to let even this
repugnant sight trip him up.

Jacob has backed himself up by the door.

Open the door.

The door FLIES open. Jacob jumps inside. The door SLAMS

Jacob hugs daughter and son. As he hugs them, we see his
bloody arm.

When he releases them, they can’t help but notice.

Did he…?


Seth explodes, knocking over boxes, busting chairs, tipping
over tables and cussing a blue streak.

Fuck, piss, shit! Mother fuckin’
vampires! Mother fuckin’ vampires!
Goddamn mother fuckin’ vampires!

Seth runs over to the barricaded door and yells to the
creatures on the other side.

You all are gonna fuckin’ die! I’m
gonna fuckin’ kill every last one of
you godless pieces of shit!

(to Seth)
You bet your sweet ass you are, and
I’m gonna help you do it. But we ain’t
got much time.

Kate is crying, she knows what’s happened to her father.

You’re gonna be okay, aren’t you,

No, I’m not. I’ve been bit. In effect,
I’m already dead.

Scott and Kate, crying, grab their father and hold on for
dear life. Jacob wants to cry, but if he breaks down, the
kids will never have the courage for what they must do.

(to his children)
Children, listen to me. I love you two
more than anybody. And I just want you
to know you’ve made me proud all your
lives. But never more so than tonight.
And I wish we could sit here and cry
till I pass on, but we can’t. Because
I’m not going to pass on. I’m going to
turn into a monster. And when I do,
I’m going to be dangerous. But before
that happens, just know I love you.
(to Seth and the kids)
Now, I’d say in the next twenty or
thirty minutes our friends outside
will bust in this door. And I’ll
probably turn into a vampire within
the hour. Now, you have two choices.
You can wait for me to turn, then deal
with me, then wait for them to burst
inside here and the three of you will
deal with them. Or, we can kick open
that door and the four of us can hit
‘em with everything we have, and carve
a path right through ‘em to front
entrance. But if we’re gonna go at ‘em,
we gotta go at ‘em now. I confused
them, I scared them, I took them off
guard. But they’re going to get
unconfused, they’re going to get
unscared, they’re going to get
together and they’re going to hit that
door like a ton of bricks. And when
that moment arrives, we gotta be

Jacob sees that the back room is pretty damn big and filled
with boxes and crates.

What’s this stuff?

My guess is that this little dive’s
been feeding on nomad road waifs like
bikers and truckers for a longtime.
This is probably some of the
shipments they stole off the trucks.

Well, I say lets tear this place apart
for weapons. So when they burst
through that door, we’ll make ‘em wish
they never did.

I don’t give a shit about living or
dying anymore. I just want to send as
many of these devils back to hell as
I can.



The survivors are opening boxes and prying open crates. A
lot of what they find is bullshit. Pantyhose, coffee,
teddy bears, etc. But a few of the boxes are just what the
doctor ordered. Cases from a sporting good supplier yield
a shipment of baseball bats. Meant to arrive at toy stores
are a shipment of Uzi replica squirt guns and a box of
balloons. And captured en route to a hardware store are
shipments of power tools, saws and jack hammers.

Seth and Scott saw the bats into wooden stakes.

Kate fills the Uzi squirt guns with tap water from the
backroom sink.

Jacob, with Seth’s knife, etches a cross into every bullet
in the .45 automatic’s last full clip of ammo.

Vampires all start converging on the back room door,
getting their courage back.

Kate makes water balloons.

Scott sharpens the stakes to a point with the tools. Seth
attaches a wooden stake to the end of a jackhammer.

Jacob blesses the water in the squirt guns and balloons,
turning it into holy water.

Our heroes work together, preparing for the battle to come.
The back room door, barricaded with crates and boxes,
begins to be pounded on by the undead on the other side.
The room tone is a combination of chewing, scratching,
pounding, squeaking and screaming.

Finally they’re ready.

Jacob turns to his kids.

Before we go any further, I need you
three to promise me something. I’ll
fight with you to the bitter end,
but when I turn into one of them, I
won’t be Jacob anymore. I’ll be a
lap dog of Satan. I want you three to
promise you’ll take me down, no
different from the rest.

The kids can’t say the words.

I promise.

Kate, Scott?

I promise.


Yeah, I promise.

Jacob doesn’t believe them.

Why don’t I believe you?
(he picks up the .45)
I’m gonna ask you two again, then I
want you to swear to God that you’ll
kill me. If you don’t, I’m gonna
just kill myself right now. Now,
since you need me I think you better
swear. Kate, do you swear to God
that when I turn into one of the
undead, you’ll kill me?

Kate doesn’t answer. Jacob places the .45 barrel against his

Kate, we don’t have all day, so I’m
only gonna count to five. One…two…
three… four…

Okay, okay, I promise I’ll do it!

Not good enough, swear to God.

I swear to God, our father, that when
you change into one of the undead, I
will kill you.

Good girl. Now, Scott, we have even
less time, so I’m only giving you the
count of three. One…

You don’t believe in suicide.

It’s not suicide if you’re already
dead. Two…

Okay, I’ll kill you when you change,
I swear to God in Jesus Christ’s name.

Thank you, son.

Okay, vampire killers, let’s kill some
fuckin’ vampires.


The vampires, bat-things and what have you, start BREAKING
down the door. They are in a mad frenzy. They burst through
the door.

Waiting for them are Scott and Kate holding Uzi squirt guns
and water balloons draped down their chests on a belt like
grenades. Jacob is holding a cross made of sharp wooden
stakes and the .45 with the cross bullets. Seth is holding
the jackhammer. The survivors walk out of the back room
into the bar. The vamps back up, letting them inside.

What we have here is a Mexican standoff, a la “The Wild
Bunch.” A moment of peace before the battle. The vamps just
watch the humans. The humans just watch the vamps. Then,
like the bull in the china shop, Seth ends the peace by
starting up the jackhammer.

Kill ‘em all!

Jacob holds up the cross, the vamps react.

The kids SPRAY the crowd with UZI fire, burning vampire

The pack of vamps retreat while the Fuller squad walk

They are attacked on all sides, but they keep moving towards
the door.

Seth slams the stakes into several of the vamps, it speeds
in and out of vampire chests, each time spraying him in
green vamp blood.

Jacob shoves his cross stake into a vampire with one hand
and SHOOTS three vampires with blessed bullets with the

Flame BURSTS from the vampires’ chests when the bullets hit.

Kate and Scott both whip water balloons off their belts and
toss them into the crowd.

They burst and FRY several of the vamps, who fall, screaming
in pain.

From its perch on a wood ceiling beam, a bat-thing drops and
HURLS toward the group.

Jacob sees it, raises his gun and FIRES.

The bat-thing bursts into a ball of screaming fire.

Seth continues carving a path to the front door by slamming
the hammer stake into vampire chests.

The front door is barricaded again by a big table and other

Why did they block the door again?

To keep the daylight out! This is
where they sleep! Get to the door!

Seth tries to get to the front door, when Sex Machine, now a
half bat, half devil vamp, about six foot seven, drops from
above in front of him. Seth RAMS the stake in its chest. The
Sex Machine-thing screams out, LIFTING the hammer and Seth
off the ground.

Seth is thrown from his hold on the hammer across the room,
he CRASHES into a table.

The Sex Machine-thing falls back with the jackhammer
sticking out of his chest, dead.

Kate, spraying Uzi fire like Rambo, sees Seth fall. She


Seth quickly gets up to find himself surrounded by vampires
on all sides. With no weapons, he puts up on dukes.

Okay, dead boys, come on! Take a bite
and feel all right!

Kate clusters with her father and Scott.

I’m going for ‘em!


Everybody goes home!

Kate turns into a squirt gun firing, water-balloon throwing,
one-woman army, as she breaks from her father and heads in
Seth’s direction.

Die, monster, die! Die, monster, die!

Kate mows down the group by Seth, they lie on the floor,
burning in agony. Kate takes Seth’s hand and gives him a
couple of water balloons and a stake.

(to Seth)
Watch my back!


Cutting through vampires, the two make their way across the

Jacob, firing the .45, takes out several more vampires in
fiery death.

Scott fires the Uzi and chucks more water balloons.

As Jacob fights, all of a sudden the sound goes out. He
can’t hear anything. He wonders if he’s gone deaf. He starts
to hear the words: “Thirst, thirst, thirst.” He notices the
vampires have stopped attacking him. They look at him wit
happy smiles on their devilish faces. Fangs begin to grow.
His eyes are yellow.

Scott turns to his dad. He sees his father is a monster.

Jacob, with a devilish grin on his face, GRABS Scott and
sinks his teeth into Scott’s forearm. Scott screams bloody
murder as his dad begins to drain him of blood.

Scott takes one of the water balloons he’s wearing and
SMASHES it against Jacob’s head.

The holy water melts half of Jacob’s face away. He lets go
of Scott, screaming, and drops the .45 on the floor.

Scott drops to the ground, picking up the gun. He brings it
up to fire.

A totally evil Jacob, with only half a face, matches stares
with the boy he once called his son.

Scott’s eyes turn to steel.

I swear to God, in Jesus Christ’s

He FIRES, sending a holy bullet into Jacob’s forehead,
creating a hole from which fire shoots out. Jacob’s entire
head bursts into flames, then explodes.

From across the room, Fate sees her daddy ignite. She
cries out. In the thick of the battle, Seth yells:

Fight now, cry later.

Kate takes his advice and hits a vamp square in the face
with a holy water balloon, which melts his head.

A bat-thing lands on the back of Scott’s neck. He screams as
it bites into him. He drops the .45.

Kate sees Scott get bit.

Oh my god.

Another bat-thing lands on Scott’s arm and takes a bite.
Scott screams.

You bastards!

She goes to spray them when her Uzi runs out of water.

Now seven bat-things are on Scott biting and sucking blood.
Scott is in agony.

Kill me, Kate!

Kate runs for her brother, does a DIVE and a ROLL, coming
up by the .45, SNATCHING it in one motion and FIRING three

One… two… three bat-things are hit, shoot flames, then
all of them EXPLODE, BLOWING UP Scott.

The remaining vamps approach.

All the humans have left is a few bullets and one holy

How many bullets left, kid?

Not many.

Well, when you run out of weapons,
just start cold cocking ‘em. Make ‘em
sing for their supper.

The two survivors are backed up against a wall. Two bat
things do a Kamikaze dive from the air toward Seth. Seth
throws the holy balloon at them. Direct hit. The two
bat-things burst into flames and spiral to the floor.

The two survivors look at the vampires, who stand before
them. A moment of stillness before the attack. Kate stands
holding the .45, arm outstretched.

(to Seth)
Should I use the last bullets on us?

You use ‘em on the first couple of
these parasites that try to bite you.

The vamps begins to close in. Kate lines up the .45 sights
on the face of an approaching vampire.

Seth holds the Uzi like a club, ready to bash in the first
vampire’s head that gets in swinging distance.

Beams of sunlight shoot through the holes that Kate shot
through the wall. Approaching vampires burn. The scorched
vamps scream like they’ve never screamed before.

Shoot more holes!

Kate turns away from the vamps and shoots holes in the wall
behind him, Daylight comes through, providing Kate and
Seth with a safe, lighted area.

The .45’s empty.

The vamps hiss and scream at the frustration of not being
able to get at them.

The two survivors hold hands, when…

All of a sudden the door to the Titty Twister is pounded on
from the outside.

The vamps look towards it in horror.

From the other side of the door, we hear a voice with a
Spanish accent.

(in Spanish)
I’m looking for my friend. Is Seth in

(in Spanish)
Help us, bash the door. Bash the door

(in Spanish)
Danny, Manny, knock down the door.
Hurry, hurry!

The vamps are totally fucking freaked out! They run and fly
around the bar in a panic. Crying, howling, grabbing onto
each other.

The front door is TORN apart from shotgun fir coming from
the outside, punching holes the size of basketballs in the

The table in front of the door gives and FALLS forward.

The door caves in and sunlight invades the bar. Many vamps
are instantly fried, bursting into flames.

The Mexican gangster CARLSO and his two henchmen, DANNY and
MANNY, are horrified at what they see. They cross themselves
in fright.

Vampires search for dark corners, but all is lost. Sunlight
hits a mirrored ball attached to the ceiling, sending
hundreds of beams of sunlight scattering through the room.
Vamps try and dodge the beams. No dice. All around the vamps
combust in fiery explosions.

The Titty Twister is now on fire, burning out of control.

Seth and Kate run through the building and leap through the
door into the parking lot.


Carlos, Danny and Manny help them to their feet and walk
them away from the blazing bar. They catch their breath by
Carlos’s Mercedes.

(to Seth)
What the fuck was going on in there?

Seth signals Carlos to wait a minute while he catches his
breath. Then he hauls off and PUNCHES Carlos square in the
kisser. Danny and Manny aim their shotguns at Seth.

(in Spanish)
Whatsamatter with you? Are you crazy?

Why the fuck, outta all the god
forsaken shit holes in Mexico, did you
have us rendezvous at that place?

I don’t know, one place’s as good as

Have you ever been there before?

No, but I passed by it a couple of
times. It’s out in the middle of
nowhere. It seems like a rowdy place,
so there wouldn’t be a lot of police.
And it’s open from dusk till dawn.
You said meet you in the morning.

Well, because you picked that place
out of a hat, my brother’s dead now.
And this girl’s family’s dead.

Carlos stands up again.

I’m sorry to hear that. What were
they, psychos?

Did they look like psychos? They
were fuckin’ vampires. Psychos don’t
explode when sunlight hits ‘em, I
don’t care how crazy they are.

Danny and Manny react to the vampire news by crossing
themselves again.

Oh, Seth, how can I ever make it up
to you?

You can’t, but fifteen percent instead
of thirty for my stay at El Ray is a
good start.


Jesus Christ, Carlos, my brother’s
dead and he’s not coming back, and
it’s all your fault. Twenty.

They look at each other, then shake hands, saying in unison.

(in Spanish)

Seth gets the suitcase and gives Carlos 25%. Seth walks over
to a red 1990 Porsche 911.

You like the car?

I said new, this is an ’90.

It’s hardly been used at all. I got it
from a drug dealer who only drove it 5
times in as many years. Swear to God.
That’s like new.

So do I just follow you?

Yeah, follow us.

So let’s do it.

(to Danny and Manny)

Carlos, Danny and Manny pile into Carlo’s white Mercedes.

Seth by his Porsche, looks back at Kate.

Kate stands alone.

The whole desert seems between them.

So much to say … but no words.

I’m sorry.

Me too.

Long pause.

See ya.


Seth turns his back on her. Just as he opens the door, Kate
says behind him:


Seth turns around.

You want some company?

Seth smiles.

Kate honey, I may be a bastard. But
I’m not a fuckin’ bastard.

He blows her a kiss across the desert.

She blows one back.

Seth’s in his car and GONE.

Kate turns around, faces endless desert before her, and
begins her long walk home.



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