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Django Unchained Transcript

ROY What?

DJANGO When we get there, when the time comes, you let me help you kill ‘em. Roy whips out a big knife, and cuts the rope around Django’s wrists.


(LAUGHING) You got a deal, black. Django interrupts –

DJANGO You gotta deal, mate. Roy really laughs this time. As does Django and the other two Aussies.

ROY You’re all right for a black fella!

THE CAGE Rodney, Chicken Charly, and Chester watch the sight of the white men cutting the ropes that bound the black man’s wrists, as well as them all sharing a laugh, with wonderment. “Who is this Nigger?”


ROY We’ll give you that pack horse.

DJANGO What’s them saddle bags filled with?

FLOYD Dynamite.


DJANGO I.ain’t ridin no horse with no goddamn dynamite on his back!


(CHUCKLE CHUCKLE) Yeah, I can see why. Jano take those sticks off that horse, and stick ‘em in the nigger cage. Jano does this, lifting two out of four bags filled with dynamite off the pack horse, and walking to the cage wagon, unlocking ‘ the cage door, and placing the bags inside. The Black Men in the cage don’t like this at all. Jano removes the last of the dynamite filled saddle bags from Django’s horse, throws them over his shoulders, and begins walking back to The Cage Wagon. Django moves to his new pack horse, and says;

DJANGO Where’s my pistol?

ROY Floyd, you got that rifle on the wagon, give ‘em your gun and your belt. Floyd unbuckles his gun belt, gun and all, folds it up, and walks over to Django handing it to him. Django accepts it. About the pistol, Floyd tells Django;

FLOYD Now don’t drop it now. I just had the sights fixed last month, it’s perfect. Django holding the gunbelt in his hand.

DJANGO That’s good to know. Without taking the pistol out of the gunbelt, DJANGO SHOOTS FLOYD TWICE in the chest… Roy turns around… Django takes the gun out of the holster… . BAM…ROY is HIT in the UPPER BRAIN AREA and falls to the grass dead. Jano goes for the gun on his hip. Django SHOOTS ONE OF THE SADDLE BAGS over.Jano’s shoulder…KAHBOOM!!!!!

Jano is BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS… The KAHBOOM knocks Django on his ass… The CAGE WAGON Rodney, Chester, and Chicken Charlie come down from the shock of the blast. The image outside the bars of their cage is of DUST and SMOKE in the air, obscuring all visibility…

THEN … A sudden GUST OF WIND comes and BLOWS all the smoke and dust away, REVEALING in bright color focus… .DJANGO standing among the two dead Aussies, and whatever is left of Jano. He’s shoeless and shirtless, but Floyd’s pistol and gunbelt sit wrapped around his waist. He locks eyes with the three men in the cage.. He then moves towards the wagon, and unhooks the mine company beast, and climbs aboard him bareback. He leans over and snatches the RIFLE that Floyd kept on the wagon seat next to him. Grabbing a fistful of the horses mane, he digs his heels into the beast’s side. The pack animals SPRINGS TO LIFE under the new rider. By now it should be apparent that Django brings the best out of horses, and horses bring the best out of Django. From his high horse Django looks down at The Three Caged Men…

.THEN… Using the rifle in a QUICK ONE HANDED MOVE he SHOOTS the lock on the cage door. He looks at the three men, especially Rodney, then says;

DJANGO Throw up that dynamite. Rodney grabs a saddle bag full of dynamite and tosses it to Django on his Horse. Django wraps it around the Horse’s neck, turns the beast around, and without saying another word, rides back in the direction of Candyland. The Three NOW FREE Mandingos, watch him ride away. “Who was that nigger?”


l.rz A GORGEOUS BIG SKY SOUTHERN PURPLE AND ORANGE SUNSET WE PAN DOWN from the sky and see in small black silhouette the Funeral Procession of Calvin Candie carrying the Coffin of the former Master up the hill on ‘Candyland that leads to the Graveyard. A WHITE PREACHER walks out in front of the Procession. Then comes Calvin Candie’s Coffin carried by eight pallbearers, Stephen, Moguy, Bartholomew, Ace Woody, Brown, Cody, and his best mandingos SAMSON and GOLDIE. The first mourner in line is Lara Lee dressed in a fancy black dress, wide brim black hat, black veil, and ever present black Mammy (Cora) crying at her side.

CORA The sky’s real pretty Miss Lara. Monsieur Candie think it real nice.

LARA LEE Ah, bless you sweet innocent Cora.

WE CROSS CUT WITH SHOTS of Django RIDING THE HORSE on the way back to Candyland. The bare backed black man riding the horse bareback, holding the RIFLE in one hand, a fistful of the horses mane in the other, hauling ass against a gorgeous SUNSET SKY, looks like an Indian.

EXT – TRACKER SHACK/BUNKHOUSE – SUNSET The same GORGEOUS SUNSET SKY over the same shitty Tracker shack -Bunkhouse that Mr.Stonesipher and his three obscure companions share. The GERMAN SHEPHERDS (including Marsha) rest in the chicken wire kennel next to the bunkhouse.

INT – TRACKER SHACK – SUNSET The FOUR TRACKERS are.missing the funeral, hanging out in the bunkhouse wearing their beards. Mr.Stonesipher, Lex, and Stew are playing a mountain card game which looks like poker, except the way you get rid of your cards is different. Instead of chips they play with, “NIGGER EARS” (yes, the ears of slaves). On a second viewing the audience may notice that some of the slaves at Candyland are missing one ear. Jake, the biggest, is off by himself, pounding nails into a small delicate BIRDHOUSE he’s making.

EXT – WOODS-OUTSIDE THE SHACK – SUNSET INSERT: HORSE HOOFS walking then stopping. Django’s bare feet jump on to the ground.


INT – DOG KENNEL – SUNSET The FOUR DOGS lay out… . when, Marsha hears something, and raises her head…

SHIRTLESS DJANGO moves quietly through the woods.

MARSHA rises to all fours, to listen and smell. out in the darkness, her three PALS continue to lay out.

DJANGO BY A TREE he can see the bunkhouse entrance, the LONG HANDLE AXE buried in the chopping block, the kennel, and the one dog looking his way.


BARK! The Other Three Dogs wake up, and go on alert. Django disappears.

INT – TRACKER SHACK – SUNSET They hear the barking inside. Mr.STONESIPHER Jake! Jake building his birdhouse.

JAKE Yeah? Mr.STONESIPHER Check on Marsha. Jake, the one not playing the game, puts aside his hammer, and rises to check on them (these guys are very sensitive about their dogs).

EXT – TRACKER SHACK As the BARKING gets louder, WE SEE A CLOSE UP of The Axe in the chopping block, and Django’s hand REMOVING IT.

JAKE opens the bunkhouse door-he sees directly a hundred feet in front of him, Django standing there with the axe. Just as he reacts…



After letting go of the axe handle, Django RUNS FULL SPEED toward Jake. Before the other three have really registered what’s happening, Django has crossed the distance, and is YANKING The Axe out of JAKE’S FACE. And with AXE in hand, Django chases and fights with all three trackers, till after a point where he’s CHOPPED DOWN TWO OF THEM, Lex, and Stew, and now there’s only Mr.Stonesipher left. But Mr.Stonesipher has managed to draw his gigantic BUCK KNIFE, and is able to fight back against Django. You know Stonesipher’s great with a knife, plus his fighting style is like one of his dogs, attack attack attack. Django uses the axe handle in a defensive position. The expert Mountain Boy begins SCORING BLADE CUTS on shirtless Django. The two men fight until they end up losing their weapons. Then it’s just a fight of brute strength, and survival. Mr.Stonesipher is physically bigger then Django. But if Django’s going to save Broomhilda, not to mention get revenge on all these Candyland motherfuckers, he has to take Stonesipher’s ass out. This Black Man who has been under the yoke of white man’s domination all his life, and this White Man who feeds black people to dogs, fight each other for their life. Django gets his arm around Stonesipher’s neck in a headlock, but the mountain boy is big enough to lift Django. So like a rodeo rider holding onto bull for dear life, Django tightens his lock around his opponents neck. Django gets his hand on the HAMMER Jake was building the birdhouse with, and BRINGS IT CRASHING DOWN ON THE TOP OF

STONESIPHER’S HEAD. That weakens Stonesipher. He HITS HIM AGAIN IN THE HEAD. That drops Stonesipher to his knees. He HITS HIM AGAIN WITH THE HAMMER ON THE HEAD. That puts the mountain man down on his back. He HITS HIM ONE MORE TIME WITH THE HAMMER TO keep him down for good. The Trackers are all dead. Only the dogs mad barking remains. EXT – The FUNERAL – NIGHT The Funeral for Calvin Candie is underway. The Preacher reads some words over him.

EXT – TRACKER SHACK – NIGHT Django, half naked, splattered with blood from the axe murders, steps out of the shack. He takes a wash basin off the window sill, and walks over to the WATER PUMP. Marsha and her three friends-continue to BARK like mad. He PUMPS a couple of times, and water explodes into the bowl. He begins washing the blood-off’of himself. As he washes, he says outloud;

DJANGO What ya doin around here, boy? Timmy steps from his watching place in the bushes.

TIMMY I was just walkin’ by.

DJANGO Wanna help me out?


DJANGO My woman, Hildi, is with Billy Crash. You know where his shack is?

TIMMY Sure do.

DJANGO You show me?

TIMMY Will I get in trouble?

DJANGO Not by the time I get through killin’ everybody. Timmy has never heard a black man talk like that. He believes him.

TIMMY I’ll show ya.

THEN … Django turns towards the barking dogs. He turns back to Timmy and asks;

DJANGO You know what toadstools look like?


TIMMY Sure do.

DJANGO Go pick me a mess of ‘em. INSERT: TIMMY picking TOADSTOOLS (POISON MUSHROMS). INSERT: DJANGO stirring a big pot of BEEF STEW with a wooden spoon in the tracker shack. Timmy comes’in carrying a bunch of toadstools inside his shirt. Django takes the toadstools and Mr.Stonesipher’s BUCK KNIFE and CHOPS the mushrooms into tiny pieces. He tosses the tiny bits of poisoned shrooms into the beefy sauce, and mixes it up with the spoon.

EXT – MARSHA’S KENNEL – NIGHT Django throws the pot of poisoned beef stew over the top of the kennel. It lands on the ground with a PLOP. The Angry Dogs, are nevertheless’, still dogs, and greedily scarf up the stew. Django watches them wolf down their ultimate agony with a smile.

DJANGO You bit your last nigger, bitch? Bite on that. Django lifts Timmy up on to the bare backed wagon horse.

DJANGO First things first, boy. Take me to my horse.

EXT – FUNERAL NIGHT The funeral is in full melodramatic bore.

TNT – STABLE-BLACKSMITH – NIGHT Timmy brings Django to the stable on the Candyland grounds. Django goes straight up to the stall housing Tony and says hello. Tony’s happy to see him. Django feeds him an apple he picked along the way for him. He turns and sees the body of Dr.Schultz lying in a heap. And Schultz’s horse Fritz in the stable.

DJANGO Saddle up Fritz and Tony.

Timmy just stares.

DJANGO Now, boy! Timmy hops to work. Django bends down over the body of Dr.Schultz, he takes Broomhilda’s bill of sale and freedom papers out of his back pocket. He also searches for and finds Schultz’s hidden DERRINGER, he keeps it in a holster around his ankle. As Timmy saddles the horses, he asks;

TIMMY Do you feel bad for your friend? Django rises from the body of his friend.

DJANGO Yeah, “I do. As Timmy saddles the horses he says;

TIMMY I know just how ya feel. I lost a white friend once. He drowned in the lake. Django doesn’t correct the difference between Dr.Schultz and a white friend, because there’s nothing he could say to Timmy to make him understand. He goes over to his pile of clothes, which still lie next to the furnace. He Puts on his boots. His Green Jacket over his bare chest. And finally his hat. EXT – The FUNERAL – NIGHT The service is over, everybody is hugging each other and holding hands, and beginning to leave.

INT – BILLY CRASH’S SHACK – NIGHT Billy Crash is in bed fucking Broomhilda. She doesn’t wail, she doesn’t make any whimpering sounds, but her eyes constantly water. As Billy’s fucking her he says;

BILLY CRASH It’s gonna be real nice ’round here now the ‘ol man’s gone.




(FUCKS) Would you stop your galdarn cryin’! He stops fucking in frustration


BILLY CRASH Now girl, I’m tryin’ to be nice.

BROOMHILDA I can’t help it! I’m really sad! He hops off her and yells at her.

BILLY CRASH Well goddamit, you’re a nigger! Life is sad for niggers! Git use to it!

(CALMING DOWN) Look you know Me, Hildi. I’m an ass buster from way back. But you know I’ve always been sweet on you. I don’t wanna bust your ass. So don’t make me! Now I’m gonna go shit. You calm down. He exits the shack to go the outhouse, leaving Broomhilda alone. WE MOVE INTO A CLOSE UP OF BROOMHILDA lying on the bed. She cries for Django, she cries for herself…

.THEN… She HEARS an IMPACT SOUND, and a MUFFLED “Ooomph” SOUND. And through the spaces in the wooden planks that act as walls in Billy Crash’s shack, she sees a figure fall to the ground. Then she sees another figure through the wooden planks move towards the front door.

CU BROOMHILDA Her face, stained with tears, watches the door. A soft “Knock Knock” on the door.


(SOFTLY) Yes? The VOICE on the other side of the door, says;

DJANGO’S VOICE (OS) Hey Little Trouble Maker.

157 She hops out of bed, and throws open the door…

THERE HE IS, she runs into his arms. EXT – The FUNERAL – NIGHT The TWO OLD SLAVE.GRAVE DIGGERS are throwing the first shovelfuls of dirt on Monsieur Calvin J. Candie’s coffin. The participants of this ritual, begin to move away from the grave. The funeral is a private affair, just the Candie Family Unit, some of the overseers, and the slaves. No one from town, except the Preacher. The SLAVE MOURNERS begin. to move towards their living area, all saying goodbye to Miss Lara. Miss Lara makes a big show of saying goodbye to them. A little cognizant of the Candie Family unit begin the walk off the hill back to the big house.

EXT – BILLY CRASH’S SHACK – NIGHT Django with Broomhilda. Billy Crash lies dead in the B.G., Stonesipher’s Buck Knife buried deep in his chest. He hands Broomhilda her papers.

DJANGO Here’s your bill of sale, and freedom papers. No matter what happens to me, hold on to these and get out of the south.

BROOMHILDA What’s gonna happen to you?

DJANGO Ain’t nuttin’ gonna happen to me honey, I’m just sayin’. Now go to the stable, little Timmy’s got our horses .saddled. Your horse is named Fritz. He’s a damn fine horse. Meet me around the side of the big house.

BROOMHILDA But what about you –

DJANGO – Don’t worry about me. I’ll see you, with Timmy and the horses, by the big house. He sends her on her way. Django looks up and sees the silhouettes of the funeral party walking down hill heading back for the big house.

(60 EXT – The TRAIL BACK TO The BIG HOUSE – NIGHT The Family unit of The Late Calvin Candie and his sister Lara Lee walk back to The Big House for a drink. This Candie Family Unit consists of: LARA LEE (unarmed) in her black flowing funeral dress. CORA (unarmed) her mammy, walks with Miss Lara, holding her hand. STEPHEN. (unarmed) dressed in his fancy black velvet version of his normal House Nigger outfit, walks on the other side of his mistress Miss Lara, holding her other hand. ACE WOODY (armed with a gun belt.around his hip) dressed in his Wyatt Earp like funeral black suit, with the string tie, walks by himself. LEONIDE MOGUY (armed with a gun belt around his hip) walks by himself. BARTHOLOMEW (unarmed) dressed in his tight fitting business suit, with his hat, walks alone. BROWN and JINGLE BELLS CODY (both armed with guns on their hips) both dressed slightly like cowboy peacocks, walk together. and finally, SAMSON and GOLDIE (unarmed) Calvin Candie’s two prized mandingos, wearing suits they borrowed from Bartholomew.. This CANDIE FAMILY UNIT walk to The Big House for a few post funeral drinks. They enter the lawn in front of The Big House, and head for the front door. Broomhilda on Fritz and Timmy riding on Tony come along the side of the property by some shed. They see The Candie Family Unit, all dressed in their darkest finery, walking towards the front steps of The Big House. The woman and little boy stop. But the group of enemies aren’t looking their way. The CANDIE FAMILY UNIT moves closer towards the front of The Big House…

WHEN … The front of The Big House

EXPLODES! knocking the.Candie Family Unit flat on their collective asses. BROOMHILDA and TIMMY can’t believe their eyes.

I6 I

WOOD – STONE – PLASTER – DIRT – DUST – GLASS – SMOKE – GUNPOWDER hang in the air. The CANDIE FAMILY UNIT starts coming to their senses. Nobody was killed, or even seriously hurt (unless you count eardrums), just stunned. As their minds try and grasp with what just happened, their eyes look up from the ground, and try and see through the smoke and dust. The’SMOKE and DUST thins a little, and we see inside the smoke the mansion has been obliterated, but The Big House front steps remain. CUE cool MUSIC. STEPHEN sees something in the smoke, squints. ACE WOODY sees something in the smoke, squints. BROWN and CODY see something in the smoke, squint. In the SMOKE and DUST we begin to see a FIGURE, walking towards them. ACE WOODY squints at the FIGURE. MOGUY sees the.FIGURE. CORA attending to Miss Lara sees the FIGURE, then MISS LARA sees it. The FIGURE moves further out of the SMOKE and DUST. ACE WOODY, on the ground, his hand starts to move towards the gun around his waist. Then he sees The carrying something in his left hand… .it’s Floyd’s Winchester, he raises it, and points it at Ace. ACE WOODY’s hand moves away from his gun. The FIGURE steps out of the SMOKE. It’s DJANGO dressed in his DJANGO

OUTFIT. STEPHEN, ACE WOODY, MOGUY, LARA LEE, BARTHOLOMEW, CORA, BROWN and JINGLE BELLS CODY, SAMPSON or GOLDIE…Nobody can believe Django’s standing there. He stands at the top of the front steps of The Big House, looking down at The Candie Family Unit, all lying on the front lawn, Winchester rifle held casually in his left hand. His right hand held casually by the gun on his hip. The CANDIE FAMILY UNIT all on their ass in the grass, look up at Django with a mixture of Wonder, Fear, and Hate.


WE MOVE INTO A ROMANTIC CLOSE UP OF BROOMHILDA as she watches this. As DJANGO looks out at the ten stunned enemies spread out on The Big House front lawn,. and as they look back from the grass at him. The black man in the cool green jacket says;

DJANGO I bet I.know what you’re thinkin’, Ace Woody? You’.re thinkin’, why didn’t I’cut off that niggers nuts when .1 had the’chance? Right?

ACE WOODY I guess I shoulda’.

DJANGO Yes you should of. He points the Winchester at the people spread out on the grass.

DJANGO Everybody stand up! It’s now Django who gives the orders. They stand up quickly. Django, with the rifle pointing at them, just looks at The Candie Family Unit. Enjoying their collective hatred.

THEN… He tosses the rifle away. Then moves his right hand by his gun belt in his holster, as he takes a

SHOWDOWN STANCE. EVERYBODY realizes DJANGO’s intentions. Even BROOMHILDA and TIMMY. DJANGO looks down from his position at the top of The Big House steps at the ten people, and says;

DJANGO All black folks, take ten steps away from the white folks. DJANGO’s eyes go to STEPHEN, who looks back at him.

DJANGO Not you Stephen. You’re right where you belong.

163 The Black Folks, Cora, Bartholomew, Samson, and Goldie begin taking ten steps away from the White Folks and the gunfight. LARA LEE can’t believe Cora’s leaving her. CORA is “I’m sorry Miss Lara, but I never did nuttin’ to that nigger.” DJANGO looks to STEPHEN, and takes Schultz’s hidden Derringer out of his pocket.


(TO STEPHEN) Let’s see if you can handle this as well as you can my nuts? He tosses the Ole Man the tiny gun.


(TO EVERYBODY) Somebody give Miss Lara a gun. BROWN gives LARA LEE one. of his two guns.


(TO DJANGO) Can I at least cock it for her?

DJANGO Yep. BROWN cocks back the hammer of the peacemaker, and puts it in her hand, and points it towards the ground.

BROWN (to Lara Lee) Okay Miss Lara, keep it pointed down till the shootin’ starts. Then bring it up as fast as you can. LARA LEE CANDIE-FITZWILLI can’t come to grips with what she’ the middle of, who she’s facing, what’s in her hand, or what’s about to happen.

DJANGO (to the six) Make your play hillbillies. The MUSIC SWELLS.

16’F EVERYBODY, except for LARA LEE is READY:




LARA LEE The PEOPLE watching on the side:


CORA GOLDIE TIMMY EVERYONE’S ready, but no one wants to start this party…

TILL… ACE WOODY starts to go for the gun in his holster, and STEPHEN starts to raise his Derringer. But it’s no contest. As soon as Django saw any movement from the six in front of him, Floyd’s Pistol was QUICKSILVER FAST in. his right hand, as his left hand FANNED the Pistols Hammer, SHOOTING INSTANTLY all five White People (and Stephen) standing in front of him. They all fall to grass in different ways.. It was never any contest, they and WE (the audience) just didn’t know HOW GOOD DJANGO was.

FLASH ON DJANGO showing off his incredible FAST DRAW and ACCURATE MARKSMANSHIP to Dr.Schultz. Dr.SCHULTZ

(SMILING) You know what they’re going to call you, my boy? “The fastest gun in the South.”

BACK TO SHOWDOWN DJANGO stands on the top steps of what’s left of’The Big House, looking down at The Candie Family Unit, who all lay dead or dying on the Candyland front lawn. The WITNESSES can’t fathom what they’just witnessed.

/65 All the CANDIE FAMILY UNIT lies on the grass SHOT. But some are still alive. We HEAR MOANING coming from LARA LEE, CODY, and MOGUY. DJANGO sees this. The Black Man reaches behind him and comes out with a DYNAMITE STICK. He tosses it on the grass among the bodies. He takes aim with his pistol; and FIRES. It EXPLODES. Finishing off what was left of the Candie Family Unit, not to mention, blowing the limbs off of many of them. The LAWN is SILENT. DJANGO’S PISTOL goes back in its holster. Django walks down the front steps of The Big House, feeling tremendous satisfaction in the wrath he just wroth on Candie and Co. He removes Dr.Schultz’s tiny Derringer from Stephen’s dead hand, putting it in his pocket. Then heads over to where Broomhilda and Timmy wait for him with Fritz and Tony. As he,walks up to Broomhilda on Fritz, he says;

DJANGO Hey Little Trouble Maker.

BROOMHILDA Hey Big Trouble Maker.

DJANGO Down, boy. Timmy hops off of Tony. Django climbs aboard Tony. He says to Broomhilda;

DJANGO I tole’ you ain’t nuttin’ gonna happen to me.

BROOMHILDA Yes you did.

DJANGO Girl, you’re gonna hafta start trustin’ me.

BROOMHILDA I’ll keep that in mind.

–º66 Django looks down to Timmy.

DJANGO Thanks for the help, boy. He reaches into his saddle bag, and pulls out an apple, and tosses it down to Timmy.

DJANGO That’s for you. Good luck Tim. (he points to the Northern Sky) The North star, is that one. He looks to Broomhilda on Fritz.

DJANGO You gonna hafta keep up, ya know?

BROOMHILDA You won’t wait for me.

DJANGO Better not.



(SMILING) Better not.


(SMILING) You won’t. They kiss. Then, astride Tony, Django leaves Candyland having rescued his Broomhilda from her Mountain, her Ring of Hellfire, and all her Dragons.

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