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Django Unchained Transcript

EXT – THE GROUNDS OF CANDYLAND – DAY The caravan starts to approach Candyland. Calvin Candie and his sister own the fourth biggest cotton plantation in the state of Mississippi. As the parade gets closer we see fields of cotton, and fields of SLAVES picking it. The audience might of been expecting Candyland to be a hell on earth, Auschwitz, Andersonville, Yuma Prison, a Mexican prison in a Sergio Corbucci Spaghetti western … INSTEAD … . CANDYLAND is very beautiful. The fields of cotton, the way the trees hang green vines over everything. It’s full of nature and natures vibrant colors, and a broiling hot sun to see it all in. One of the cottonpickers in the field, DOBIE, looks up, and sees Django in his cool green corduroy jacket, badass cowboy hat, on top of Tony. He taps the shoulder of another cotton picker (ORWELL), and points out Django.

90 All of a sudden all the bent over backs in the field, straighten up to get a better look at the black riding a horse. Django looks back matching their stare.

EXT – SLAVE VILLAGE – DAY The caravan rolls through the shack/cabin village the slaves live in. As the parade rolls through all the SLAVES snap to attention, and bow (very formally) as Monsieur Candie rides past. A KING among his SUBJECTS, a PATRON with his PEONS, a FATHER amongst his CHILDREN, a SHEPHERD among his SHEEP. KIDS playing in the dirt get up and run to Calvin on his horse. Candie calls the kids by name, takes out a bag of jelly beans, and begins tossing them about. The Kids scramble in the dirt for the bright colored candy. This is Calvin Candie in his element, at his happiest.

THEN … .DJANGO rides by. The CARAVAN moves from the slave village to the White Village the overseers and their family live in on the plantation grounds. Other then the switch of white faces for black, it’s pretty much the same village. And they too see Django … . WOW! The Caravan enters the road that leads to the front of the Plantation, or The Big House as everyone calls it. To the left of the Big House is big wooden ARENA built for his Friday night nigger fights. All the HOUSE SLAVES (the domestic slaves that work for the Candie family in the Big House), and WHITE WORKERS (overseers and stray farm hands) come out to greet the caravan. They all greet Monsieur Calvin Candie, who naturally leads the procession, as if he’s Alexander The Great returning from the wars. As the caravan comes to a stop in front of the Big House, it creates a huge dust cloud behind it. Calvin’s widowed sister LARA LEE CANDIE-FITZWILLY, an attractive �. fortyish, strawberry blonde southern belle, steps out on the porch of the Big House to greet her brother.

Directly above Lara Lee, on the third floor balcony over hang, out. steps…

STEPHEN eyeing Calvin and the approaching caravan. Who’s STEPHEN? Stephen is a very old black man, who with his bald pate, and tufts of white curly hair on the sides, looks like a character out of Dickens – if Dickens wrote about House Niggers in the Antebellum South. – Stephen has been Calvin’s slave since he was a little boy. And in (almost) every way is the 2nd most powerful person at Candyland. Like the characters Basil Rathbone would play in swashbucklers, evil, scheming, intriguing men, always trying to influence and manipulate power for their own self interest. Well that describes Stephen to a tee. The Basil Rathbone of House Niggers. The old Man watches the caravan and the trailing dust cloud approach.

THEN… Out of the dust cloud …EMERGE DJANGO and SCHULTZ… . on TONY and FRITZ. All the Candylanders see Django, dressed like he is, up on the horse, and for a moment don’t know what to think. Lara Lee, like her brother, is both surprised and intrigued. As Stephen peers down from his perch at the nigger in the green jacket, it’s hate at first sight. Stephen heads downstairs, he walks with a, limp. All the caravan riders are still up on their horses. Calvin sees Stephen limping towards them, and greets him with a big how do you do;

CALVIN CANDIE Hello Stephen my boy!

STEPHEN Yeah yeah yeah, hello my ass – who’s this nigger up on that nag?

CALVIN CANDIE Oh Stephen, why so ornery, you miss me?

STEPHEN Yeah, I miss you like I miss.a rock in my shoe. Like I said, who’s this nigger, up on that nag?

DJANGO’S VOICE (OS) Hey Snowball.

: Stephen looks up at Django on Tony.

DJANGO If you wanna know who I am, or the name of my horse, you ask me.

STEPHEN Just’who the hell you callin’ Snowball, horse boy? I’ll yank your ass of that goddamn’nag, so goddamn fast – in the mud.

CALVIN CANDIE Whoa, whoa, whoa, Stephen, let’s keep it funny. Django’s a Freeman. Stephen jerks a thumb up towards Django.

STEPHEN This nigger, here?

CALVIN CANDIE That nigger there. Let me at least introduce the two of. you. Django, this is another cheeky black bugger like yourself, Stephen. Stephen, this is Django. You two should hate each other. Stephen uses’the special privilege he and he alone enjoys amongst the blacks at Candyland.

STEPHEN Calvin, who the hell is this nigger you feel the need to entertain?

CALVIN CANDIE Django and his friend in grey, Dr.Schultz are customers, and they are our guests Stephen. And you – you old decrepit bastard… .are to show them every hospitality. Do you understand that?

STEPHEN I don’t know why I gotta –

CALVIN CANDIE You don’t hafta know why, do you understand?

STEPHEN Yeah yeah yeah, I understand just fine.

CALVIN CANDIE Good. They’re spending the night. Go up in the guest bedrooms and get two ready.




DJANGO) He’s gonna stay in the Big House?

CALVIN CANDIE Stephen, he’s a slaver. It’s different.


(INCREDULOUS) In the Big House?

CALVIN CANDIE You gotta problem with that?

STEPHEN I don’t gotta problem, unless you gotta problem with burin’ the bed, the sheets, and the pillow cases once this black ass motherfuckers gone!

CALVIN CANDIE That’s my problem, they’re mine to burn. Your problem, right now, is making a good impression. And I want you to start solving that problem right now, and git them rooms ready. The Old Man looks up at his Master, and says;

STEPHEN Yes sir, Monsieur Candie. Stephen limps away to the guest rooms, muttering to’himself. Lara Lee and her ever present shadow, a FAT MAMMY named CORA, comes up to her brother on his horse.

CALVIN CANDIE Dr.Schultz, this attractive southern belle is my widowed sister, may I present to you, Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly. Lara Lee does a southern lady bow. Dr.Schultz lifts his bowler hat, and nods in a grand manner. Dr.SCHULTZ I am Dr.King Schultz, this is my 2nd Django, (Django tips his hat) and these are our horses, Fritz and Tony. Both Fritz and Tony do the head bow.

Dr.SCHULTZ And it is our great delight to encounter this flaming rose.

LARA LEE Well aren’t you the charming gentlemen. You’re not from around here, are you? Dr.SCHULTZ Actually I’m from a far off land, Dusseldorf, to be exact.

CALVIN CANDIE These two are in the market for a fightin’ nigger. So I thought I’d invite ‘em down, show ‘em my stock.

LARA LEE We’ll all have dinner tonight, right?

CALVIN CANDIE Half the reason I invited them. I thought you’d find.them as intriguing as I do little sister. Lara Lee looks up at Django, and smiles. All of a sudden THREE WHITE RIDERS ride up on horses, a older one, and two tough looking younger ones. The’older one is the Cap’t of the Overseers, ACE WOODY, and his two assistants BROWN and JINGLE BELLS CODY. While Ace is dressed for work on a farm, both Brown and Jingle Bells Cody are peacocks who wear cool cowboy outfits. As Calvin Candie watches the three riders approach, he turns to Dr.Schultz and Django, and says;

CALVIN CANDIE You know since I started fightin’ niggers about eleven years ago, it’s been a new lease on’life. And the man ridin’ up here now is the man responsible for all my success. Ace and his boys pull their horses up, kicking up dust. Through the dust Ace, Brown, and Jingle Bells Cody eyeball Django and Schultz.



AND DJANGO) This here is my Overseer .Cap’t, and nigger fight trainer extraordinaire, Ace Woody.

915 Pointing at the two shadows that flank Ace Woody.

CALVIN CANDIE And that’s Brown and that’s Jingle Bells Cody.

(TO ACE) Ace, this here is Dr.Ring Schultz, and Django Freeman, they’re big customers with big pockets wanna buy a big nigger. So I brought ‘em out here so you could give ‘em a little display of our African flesh. Ace takes off his hat, bows from his horse, welcoming them.

ACE WOODY Welcome to Candyland, gentlemen. Astride their horses Brown and Jingle Bells Cody just make faces at Django. Ace’s attention goes to the five new mandingos.just walked from Greenville to here.

ACE WOODY These the new chickens?

CALVIN CANDIE Yes siree bob.

ACE WOODY How many you get?

(HE COUNTS) One, two, three, four, five.

CALVIN CANDIE Five real strong bucks.

ACE WOODY How many you get rid of?

CALVIN CANDIE We still got three left. Ace looks to see who came back from the auction. Leo Moguy chimes in;

MOGUY I already wired the LeQuint Dickey people, they’ll be here tomorrow. Ace turns to Brown.

ACE WOODY Get ‘em away from the others. Put ‘em in the pen till tomorrow. Brown with his horse, yells, chases, and herds the three men away into the slave pen. Ace yells from his horse down to the five new mandingo arrivals, Big Fred, Banjo, Sidney James, Tatum,.and Joshua.

ACE WOODY Y’all stand over there and make a line! They do. Ace climbs down from off his horse. Cody stays in his saddle, circling the black men with his horse. Everybody, including Django and Dr.Schultz, watch the show. Ace’Woody walks up and down the line looking at the new men. Candie, sitting comfortably up on his horse, says;

CALVIN CANDIE What do you think?

ACE WOODY I think you lookin’ for niggers to push a plow, ‘dem your boys. Candie rolls his eyes.

CALVIN CANDIE What’s wrong with them?

ACE WOODY Hold it…hold it, you done bought r em, let me look at ‘em. Unimpressed Ace Woody continues to examine them.

ACE WOODY Okay, how ’bout that one, did you buy that one?


ACE WOODY What you mean, which one? The one I’m pointing at, that one.


CALVIN CANDIE Actually, that one was purchased by our mister Moguy.


(TO MOGUY) You bought him?

MOGUY Yes I did.


MOGUY I like his prospects.

ACE WOODY His prospects? Now you know Mr..Moguy, I ain’t a educated fella like yourself. Remind me again what prospects means?

MOGUY Hope for the future. Jerking a thumb towards the slave in question.

ACE WOODY You got hope for his future?

MOGUY I did.

ACE WOODY Well I don’t. Ace walks over to the slave in question.

ACE WOODY What’s your name, boy? The mandingo says;

SIDNEY JAMES Sidney James, sir.

ACE WOODY So long Sidney James. Ace takes the peacemaker out of the holster on his hip, and SHOOTS Sidney James point blank in the belly. Everybody reacts.

Especially the four other mandingos standing next to him. Sidney James rolls in the dirt, screaming and holding his bleeding gut. Till Cody puts a bullet in his head, putting him out of his misery. Moguy, shakes his head, “Typical,” he thinks. Django and Schultz, on their horses next. to Candid, watch. Ace looks up at his boss.

ACE WOODY Boss Candie, which one did you buy?

CALVIN CANDIE Well to me the pick of the litter is Big Fred over there.



FRED) This one over here?



(TO FRED) You Fred? A very scared Fred answers.

BIG FRED Yes, sir.

ACE WOODY Well good to meet’cha Fred, I’m’Ace Woody, I’m a man of influence ’round here. Now Fred am I mistaken, or were you already in a kurfuffle?

CALVIN CANDIE I had ‘em fight one of Amerigo’s niggers last night.

‘ACE WOODY How is of Amerigo?

CALVIN CANDIE His nigger lost.



(TO FRED) Really? You won?

BIG FRED Yes, sir.

ACE WOODY Wup’ed his ass?

CALVIN CANDIE Beat ‘em to death. Smiling impressively at Big Fred.


(TO FRED) Really?

CALVIN CANDIE He did have fifteen pounds on ‘em, but still, he still beat his ass to death.


(TO FRED) You did?

BIG FRED) Yes, sir.

ACE WOODY Good job, boy. Got any more wins in ya?

BIG FRED Yes, sir. Ace gives Cody a slight head nod, and Cody SHOOTS Big Fred in the back. Candie acts out mock frustration. The remaining three mandingos jump a mile.

CALVIN CANDIE Now why did you do that?

ACE WOODY He won his last fight last night. Ace puts his eyes on the three remaining mandingos

1 00


(TO MANDINGOS) Those of you with exceptional ability will find it ain’t so bad here. Those of you who don’t possess exceptional ability, will wish you did. Ace looks up to Cody on his horse.

ACE WOODY Run ‘em over to the Arena. Git ‘em doin push ups. First one gives out, shoot ‘em in the head.

(TO MANDINGOS) Welcome to Candyland, boys! Cody runs the terrified mandingos to the arena. Candie leans over to Schultz and says;

CALVIN CANDLE We only get about two out of every batch of five fighters we buy. But those two tend to be lucky. Ace Woody hops back up on his horse.

CALVIN CANDIE You know Mr.Woody, I’m beginning to think that you don’t trust my judgement? Ace Woody just smiles at his boss, and says;

ACE WOODY Oh you know I always trust your judgement, Boss Candie…eventually. He rides off. Stephen limps back to the action.

CALVIN CANDIE Ahhh, Stephen my boy, rooms ready?

STEPHEN All ready for your guest and his nigger. Candie’shakes his head in mock frustration.

CALVIN CANDIE Stephen, you’re incorrigible.


AND DJANGO) Gentlemen, let Stephen show you to your rooms.



(CON’T) There you can lie down and rest up for a couple of hours. Then we’ll have some lemonade, and I’ll show off some of my finer specimens. Dr.SCHULTZ Splendid. Both Dr.Schultz and Django climb down from their horses. Candie looks to a black little stable boy of about eight named TIMMY.

CALVIN CANDIE Timmy boy, go take their horses for ‘em. Fix ‘em up at the stable, give ‘em a load of oats. Django hands the boy the reigns.

DJANGO That’s Fritz, this is Tony. You take good care of ‘em now.

TIMMY Yes, sir. Django takes an apple out of his saddle bag, and hands it to the boy.

DJANGO Once he’s in the stable, give ‘em that. He reaches back in the saddle and pulls out another one.

DJANGO Give that one to Fritz. Timmy leads the horses away. The two visitors start to follow Stephen to their rooms, when Dr.Schultz pretends to remember something; Dr.SCHULTZ Oh, Monsieur Candie, about that matter about the nigger girl we were talking about?

CALVIN CANDIE Nigger girl? Dr.SCHULTZ I believe you said she spoke German?

CALVIN CANDIE Oh Yes, Hildi, what about her?

,oz. Dr.SCHULTZ Do you think before the demonstration you could send her around to my room?

CALVIN CANDIE I don’t see why not.

(TO STEPHEN) Stephen, when you get through showing them to their rooms, go fetch Hildi. I want her cleaned up and smellin’ nice, and sent over to Dr.Schultz’s room. Stephen has to be the bearer of bad news.

STEPHEN Actually… . Monsieur Candie… . there’s somethin’ we ain’t tole you yet.


STEPHEN Hildi’s in The Hot Box. This gets Django’s, Schultz’s, and Candie’s attention.

CALVIN CANDIE What’s she doin’ there?

STEPHEN What ‘cha think she doin’ in The Hot Box, she bein punished.

CALVIN CANDIE What she do?

STEPHEN She ran away again.

CALVIN CANDIE Jesus Christ, how many people ran away when I was gone?


CALVIN CANDIE When did she go?

STEPHEN Last night. They brought her back this morning.

CALVIN CANDLE How bad did Stonesipher’s dogs tear her up? Django’s hand falls to the butt of his smoke wagon. If they sicked those dogs on his angel, he’s going to just kill all these motherfuckers right now.

STEPHEN Lucky for her they were busy lookin’ for D’Artagnan’s ass. Brown and Cody went out lookin’ for her and found her. She a little beat up, but she did that to herself. Runnin’ through them damn bushes. Django’s hand moves away from his gun.

CALVIN CANDIE How long she been in the box?

STEPHEN What’cha think, all goddamn day! Little fool got ten more days to go.

CALVIN CANDLE Take her out.


(INCREDULOUS) Take her out? Why!

CALVIN CANDLE Because I said so, that’s why. Hildi is my nigger. Dr.Schultz is my guest. Southern hospitality dictates I make her available to him.

STEPHEN But Monsieur Candie, she just ran away?

CALVIN CANDLE Jesus Christ Stephen, what’s the point of havin’ a nigger speaks German if-you can’t wheel ‘em out when you have a German guest? I realize it’s inconvenient. Still, take her out. (to Cora and

LARA LEE) Lara Lee would you and Cora be responsible for getting her cleaned up and presentable for Dr.Schultz? The overseers,’Tommy Giles and Hoot Peters go to The Hot.Box. While Billy Crash goes to the well to draw a bucket of water.

Django watches them walk to The Hot Box. Dr.Schultz’s eyes shift to Django, to watch him watch this. Stephen notices Django’s interest in both The Hot Box and whoever’s sizzling in it. The HOT BOX itself is a large IRON SOLITARY CONFINEMENT CELL DOOR (from Yuma Prison) built into the ground. They put a key in the lock, and the two men lift the heavy iron door open. REVEALING: A naked Broomhilda broiling in a small coffin like iron box dug into the ground. Broomhilda reacts to the sudden burst of blinding sunshine.

WHEN … Billy Crash TOSSES the bucket of water on her. Django watches this. DJANGO’S POV:.From his wide shot perspective we see them yank the NAKED BROOMHILDA (incoherent) out of the hole.

REVENGE MUSIC PLAYS as we move into a Sergio Leone CU of DJANGO’S FACE. Stephen breaks the mood.


(TO DJANGO) You comin’, or you wanna sleep in that little box? Django turns his back on the naked Broomhilda and follows Stephen and Dr.Schultz up the front steps of The Big House.

INT – THE BIG HOUSE – DAY Stephen leads the two guests up the big prominent sweeping staircase in the entry way of The Big House. Then down the hallway with the guest rooms. Dr.Schultz is shown his guest room by Stephen. Schultz enters the room and shuts the door behind him. Stephen takes Django to the room next door, opens the door, and leads him in.

INT – DJANGO’S GUEST ROOM – DAY A guest room with a big feather bed, dresser drawer with a flowery pitcher of water and basin on top of it. A little bedside table with a lamp and a tiny bell on it.


STEPHEN This one’s yours, boy. That bed’s damn nice too. Django walks over to the window, parts the curtains and peers out. Broomhilda’s gone. As he looks through the glass, snotty Stephen rattles on in the background.

STEPHEN Feel free to touch anything you want, cause we burnin’ all this shit once you gone. I’ll have somebody knock on the door when the demonstration ready. Django sits down on the bed. Stephen turns to leave.

DJANGO Not so fast.

STEPHEN I got more important things to do then jaw with you.

DJANGO Nigger, when I say stop you plant roots. Both the words and the tone stop Stephen dead. He turns around.

DJANGO This tiny bell on this little table… .is this for you? I ring this, you do fer me?

STEPHEN Me or somebody. Django reaches over and picks up the bell. (a soft) DING-A-LING


(UNAMUSED) What ‘cha want?

DJANGO I want you to pour some water in that bowl for my wash up. Stephen does what he’s told, but with attitude.

)O’ Django shuts the guest room door so the two men are alone. Once Stephen’s done, Django stands up from the bed.

DJANGO Gimmie. Stephen hands him the basin full of water. Django takes it from him. Then throws the water in Stephen’s face. The dripping wet old slave can do nothing against this free man.

DJANGO Whatsamatter Stephen, you don’t like that? Django takes his hand and SLAPS the old man hard across the face knocking him to the floor;

DJANGO That’s my kinda bell ringin’. Git up. The old man timidly, slowly, and shaky rises off the floor – as soon as he does – Django SLAPS HIM TO THE FLOOR again. Then Django sits back down on the bed, looking at the old man on the floor below his knees.

DJANGO I’ve known me House Niggers like you my whole life. Play your dog tricks with your Massa’. Ya’ lip off to him every now an’ then, as long as ya’ keep it funny. He rolls his eyes and puts up with it, and all the white folks think it’s so cute. Meanwhile you got all these niggas round here hoppin’ and jumpin’ to stay on your good side. Well this time Snowball, you gonna listen to me. You got anymore sass you wanna sling my way, before they give us a mandingo demonstration, I’m gonna give this whole motherfuckin plantation a demonstration, of ME beatin’ the BLACK off your ass. I will make you drop your drawers, I’ll take off my belt, and I will Wup’ your bare ass with it, in front of every nigga on this plantation. And after I do that, let’s see you play the rooster round here.


STEPHEN Calvin wouldn’t. let you do it.

DJANGO Oh that’s right, he gives you first name privileges… . ain’t that cute. Sass me me again nigger, see what happen’. Stephen lying on the floor, bites his tongue.

DJANGO That’s what I thought. Now git outta”here. With as much dignity as he can muster, Stephen stands up. Before he leaves, Django tells him;,

DJANGO When I ring this bell, you better come a runnin’. You – not nobody else. While I’m on this property, you my nigger Snowball. Stephen leaves. Django lies down on the bed. He covers his eyes with his arm. A door joins Django and Schultz’s room. The adjoining door opens, and Schultz stands there. Dr.SCHULTZ Was that wise? Django doesn’t remove his arm from.his eyes.

DJANGO He ain’t tellin’ nobody ’bout that. That’s all that needs to be said.

INT – HALLWAY (BIG HOUSE) – DAY Lara Lee, Cora, and a traumatized, but cleaned up (she’s dressed in a domestic maid uniform) Broomhilda stand outside Dr.Schultz’s door, after Calvin’s sister raps on it. Dr.Schultz opens the door. Dr.SCHULTZ Hello ladies.


LARA LEE Dr.Schultz, may I introduce to you, Hildi. Hildi, this is Dr.Schultz, he speaks German. Dr.SCHULTZ

(TO BROOMHILDA) I’ve been informed you do as well.


(GERMAN) It would be my, pleasure to speak with you in German. Schultz acts for the benefit of Miss Lara’s astonishment. Dr.SCHULTZ Astonishing.

(IN GERMAN) Please come inside Fraulein. She does, and just’as Lara Lee is to say something, Schultz says, “Thank You very much,” and closes the door in her face. Miss Lara looks to her Mammy, and the two women head off nonplussed.

INT – SCHULTZ’S GUEST ROOM (BIG HOUSE) – LATE AFTERNOON With the door closed, Schultz turns to the weak, frightened, disoriented girl. He gives her a pleasant smile. Dr.SCHULTZ They call you Hildi, but your real name is Broomhilda, isn’t it?

BROOMHILDA Yes. How do you know that? Dr.SCHULTZ Stands to reason who ever taught you German would also give you a German name. Can I pour you a glass of water, Broomhilda? Hearing her name being spoke properly for the first time in awhile, not to mention with a German accent, does have a bit of a calming influence on the frightened girl.


WE CUT TO DJANGO on the other side of the adjoining door, listening, waiting for his cue to present himself. BACK TO BROOMHILDA AND Dr.SCHULTZ As Dr.Schultz calmly pours the young lady a glass of water, he begins talking to her in GERMAN SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH; Dr.SCHULTZ

(GERMAN) I’m aware you haven’t spoken German in a long while. So I’ll talk slowly. I’m only speaking German to you now, Broomhilda, in case Candie’s people are listening to us. Myself and a mutual friend of ours, have gone through a lot of trouble, and rode a lot of miles, to find you fraulein – to rescue you. He hands her a tall clear glass of water. She looks at him weird, rescue me? Dr.SCHULTZ

(GERMAN) Please drink. She absentmindedly obeys. Dr.SCHULTZ

(.GERMAN). Now it’s myself and our mutual friend’s intention to take you away from here forever.


(GERMAN) I don’t got any friends. Dr.SCHULTZ

(GERMAN) Yes you do.



(GERMAN) I can’t tell you. Our mutual friend has a flair for the dramatic, and he wants to surprise you.



(GERMAN) Where is he? He points at the adjoining door. Dr.SCHULTZ

(GERMAN) Standing right behind that door. Her head moves in the direction of the door. He looks to the young woman; Dr.SCHULTZ

(GERMAN) Promise me you won’t scream? She nods her head, yes. Dr.SCHULTZ

(GERMAN) Say, I promise.


(GERMAN) I promise. Dr.Schultz moves to the door, and lightly raps on it. The door knob turns. The door slowly opens revealing… Her husband Django, but different, all cowboyed out and cleaned up. He smiles at her, and says;

DJANGO Hey Little Trouble Maker. Obviously a pet name between them. Broomhilda goes into a bit of shock… .first she loses strength in her wrist, so the glass tips over, and the water spills on the floor … .followed quickly by herself spilling on the floor in a dead. faint.

1/1 The two men look at the woman on the floor, then at each other; Dr.SCHULTZ You silver tongued devil you.

MONTAGE WE DISSOLVE to later, as we see Dr.Schultz and Django explain what- they’re doing there, who they’re pretending to be, and what their plan is to Broomhilda. We hear a woman whistle a soft pretty tune on the soundtrack. It’s not a happy tune.. .per se. But it’s pretty, and vaguely optimistic … WE DISSOLVE TO The SLAVE PEN The doomed men who didn’t sell at Greenville, brooding Rodney and Chester and Chicken Charly, spend their last night at Candyland sleeping under the stars in The Slave Pen. The same whistling tune continues over this scene. Rodney sees, The whole slave selling and buying group, Django, Dr.Schultz, Candie, Bartholomew, Moguy, Ace Woody, Brown and Cody, and the Overseers, walk across the plantation grounds on their way to The Arena. Laughin’ and joshin’ all the way. The hatred Rodney feels for that group of men burns inside him like a red hot poker. A study in powerless fury.

DISSOLVE TO BROOMHILDA SETTING THE DINNER TABLE in the dining room of The Big House with its knives, spoons and forks. She’s all by herself as she goes through this duty. The whistling tune we’ve been listening to has been coming from Broomhilda whistling as she sets the table. Suddenly out of the darkness of the background appears Stephen.

STEPHEN What you. whistlin’, girl? Broomhilda stops whistling and spins surprised in Stephen’s direction.

STEPHEN What was you whistlin’?

BROOMHILDA Oh nuttin’.

STEPHEN You weren’t whistlin’ nothin’, you were whistlin’ somethin’. What’cha whistlin’?

BROOMHILDA I dunno. Somethin’ I heard. I don’t know


STEPHEN It’s kinder pretty. She doesn’t say anything in return.

STEPHEN That was a compliment.

BROOMHILDA Thank you. Stephen steps out of the shadows into the light closer to Broomhilda.

STEPHEN I’m just sayin’, two days ago you wus’ in such misery here, you hadda run off. So you run off, we catch your ass an’ drag you back. Then we stick your bare ass to sizzle in The Hot Box for’ ’bout ten hours. Now here you are two days later, whistlin’ while you work. I’m just sayin’, I.wouldn’ think you’d have a hellva lot to whistle ’bout. .I’m jus’ sayin’. He watches the effect his words have on Broomhilda’s face.

BROOMHILDA I’m done here, may I be excused?

STEPHEN Yes you may. She moves off to another part of the house. He watches her shuffle off.

INT – DINING ROOM (BIG HOUSE) – NIGHT Later that evening, Django and a lot of other white people (Calvin Candie, Lara Lee, Moguy, and Dr.Schultz) sat around the dinner table. They are being served by the black people we’ve come to know at Candyland (Stephen, Cora, and because Dr.Schultz likes her Broomhilda). Along with an army of DOMESTIC SLAVES acting as wait service. Knowing Django’s a slaver, and for his dinner table privileges, the Domestic Slaves despise Django. Even Broomhilda will be shocked to hear him speak like a slaver, even though they obviously gave her a heads up on their masquerade. We pick up the conversation in mid-negotiation.

“5. Dr.SCHULTZ Look Monsieur Candle, they were all fine specimens, no doubt about it. But the best three, by far, were Sampson, Goldie, and Eskimo Joe. – By the way, why’s he called Eskimo Joe?

CALVIN CANDIE Oh you never know how these nigger nicknames get started. His name was Joe-…maybe one day he said he was cold.. .who knows? Dr.SCHULTZ Irregardless, we all know Samson’s your best, and you’ll never sell him and I can see why, he’s a champion.

CALVIN CANDIE All three are champions. Django contradicts, as he chews his steak;

DJANGO Samson’s the champion. The other two are pretty good. All the Domestic Slaves around the table STIFFEN at witnessing Django contradict Calvin Candie. Including Broomhilda, who’s wielding the Gravy Boat. After Django says that, while in shock, she over pours beef gravy on Lara Lee’s mashed potatoes.

LARA LEE Hildi! Broomhilda snaps back. Instead of getting angry, Candle seems to reflect on that analysis, then issues his own appraisal;

CALVIN CANDIE Can Eskimo Joe whip Sampson, no. Can he take Goldie, probably not – Goldie’s the best dirty fightin’ nigger I ever saw. But as long as you don’t put ‘em up against those two., Eskimo Joe will whip any niggers ass.

DJANGO Maybe. The Domestics FREEZE for a jerky second when Django says that.


F Dr.SCHULTZ You must understand, Monsieur Candie, while admittedly a .neophyte in the nigger fight game, I do have a bit of a background in the European traveling circus. Hence, I have big ideas when it comes to presentation. I need something more then just a big nigger. He needs to have panache. A sense of showmanship. I want to be able to . bill. him as. The Black Hercules. I said., and I quote; “I would pay top dollar for the, right nigger.” Now I’m not saying Eskimo Joe is the wrong nigger – per se … but is he right as rain … ? Everyone waits for Calvin’s response. He milks the moment by taking a sip of his mint julep, then says;

CALVIN CANDIE Dr.Schultz, i will have you know, there is no one in the nigger fight game that appreciates the value of showmanship more then, Monsieur Calvin J. Candie. But one must not forget the most important thing in the nigger fight game.

(BEAT) A nigger that can win fights. That should be your first, second, third, four, and fifth concern. After you have that, and you know you have that, then, you can start to implement a grande design. But since I enjoy oldest man ‘at the table status – beating Moguy by one year for that honor allow the old sage to advise, first things first. Broomhilda comes around with a bowl of string green beans. Dr.Schultz says something pleasant to her in German.. She smiles, and says something pleasant back.

CALVIN CANDIE I see you two gettin’ on? Dr.Schultz breaks into a wide grin; Dr.SCHULTZ .Famously.

(DRAMATIC PAUSE) Monsieur Candie, you can’t imagine what it’s like not to hear you native tongue for four years.

CALVIN CANDIE Hell, I can’t imagine two weeks in Boston.

»5 Everybody at the table chuckles. Dr.SCHULTZ I can’t express the joy I felt conversing in my mother tongue. And Broomhilda is a charming conversation companion. As Broomhilda holds the bowl of green beans for Moguy, Lara Lee notices how Django and Broomhilda look and try not to look at each other. Stephen enters the room with a fresh mint julep for Monsieur Candie.

LARA LEE I don’t know doctor, you can lay on all the German sweet talk you want, but it looks like this ponys got big eyes for Django. Lara Lee has no idea how right she is, but when she said it, all three, Django, Broomhilda, and Schultz, involuntarily jerk.

AND … .STEPHEN sees it. Schultz covers the jerk with more of his verbal gobbilty gook. Except for Stephen, no one else was the wiser. Broomhilda takes her greenbeans and leaves the dining room for the kitchen. Stephen watches her go, then looks at Django, then hands Candie his mint julep, and goes into a broad routine for the table’s benefit.

CALVIN CANDIE Stephen, you’re amazing. I haven’t finished a drink in this house in twenty years.

STEPHEN When a man likes a cold drink, a man likes a COLD drink. Chuckle… . chuckle…

CALVIN CANDIE Did you overhear that joke I said about me spending two weeks in Boston


(MOCK INDIGNANT) You don’t have any idea the work I do to see food gets on the table.


CALVIN CANDIE What does that hafta do with the price of Tea in China?

STEPHEN You think when I’m in that kitchen, I got nothin’ better to do then listen in here to you tellin’ unfunny jokes? Chuckle… . chuckle…


(MOCK INDIGNATION) What? They laughed!

STEPHEN Of course they laughed, their parents raised them right. When they’re a guest in somebody’s house, and the master of of the house thinks he’s- funny, you suppose to laugh. They’d be rude not to. Chuckle… .chuckle… They play their little comedy routine for all it’s worth.

CALVIN CANDIE No it was really funny,

(TO TABLE) wasn’t it?

STEPHEN Now what do you expect these people to say? What you need to do is stop embarrassing your guest.

(TO TABLE) Everybody don’t laugh at him, you’re being polite, I understand, you mean well, but it just encourages him. Chuckle-chuckle… As the white folks chuckle, Stephen moves back into the kitchen.

TNT – KITCHEN (BIG HOUSE) – NIGHT Once Stephen enters the kitchen, his smile melts away, and he locks eyes on Broomhilda. He moves over to her.

STEPHEN You know that nigger? /� She spins around.

11 7


STEPHEN Don’t stall me bitch, you know who?

BROOMHILDA At the table? I don’t know him.

STEPHEN. You don’t know him?


STEPHEN You wouldn’t lie to me now, would you? She shakes her head, no. Stephen looks at her skeptical.

STEPHEN Okay, if you say so.

BACK TO DINNER TABLE Pick it up again in mid-negotiation.

DJANGO Eskimo Joe’s a quality nigger, no doubt about it. But if it was my money, I wouldn’t pay twelve thousand dollars for him. Dr.SCHULTZ What would your price be?

DJANGO Well, if I ,was inclined to be generous,. and I don’t know why I would be inclined to be generous… . nine thousand … . maybe. Candie’s lawyer chimes in.

MOGUY But the real question is, not how much he cost, but how much he can earn? Dr.SCHULTZ Django?

DJANGO In a years time, seven or eight fights – outside of Mississippi – where his Candyland pedigree weren’t well known – Virginia…




(CON’T) Georgia — all goes well …twenty to twenty one thousand dollars.

CALVIN CANDIE Precisely Bright Boy, good on ya. Any way you cut that cake, that spells profit. Not to, mention a years worth of action at the big table in a blood sport with a winner nigger. However let me reclarify how this whole negotiation came about. It wasn’t me who came to you to sell a nigger, it was you who approached me to buy one. Now that nine thousand dollar figure Bright Boy was banding about, ain’t too far off from right. And if I wanted to sell Eskimo Joe for that, I could sell ‘em any day of the week. But like you said in Greenville doctor, I don’t wanna sell ‘em. It was only your ridiculous offer of twelve thousand dollars that would make me consider it. Dr.Schultz considers’Calvin Candie’s words, then suddenly says; Dr.SCHULTZ You know Monsieur Candie… . you do possess the power of persuasion. Candie smiles at that remark. Then SUDDENLY Schultz SLAPS the table hard with his hand, and says; Dr.SCHULTZ Why not! Monsieur Candie, you have a deal, Eskimo Joe, twelve thousand dollars! The White people at the table get very happy. Dr.Schultz continues; Dr.SCHULTZ However, that is a tremendous amount of money. And the way you have your Mr.Moguy, I have a lawyer, a persnickety man named Tuttle. And I would need my man to draw up a legal contract before I would feel comfortable exchanging that amount of money for flesh. Not to mention having Eskimo Joe examined by a physician of my choosing. So say I return in about five days time with my Mr.Tuttle. And then my Mr.Tuttle and your Mr.Moguy can hash out the finer points between themselves.




THE KITCHEN) Stephen, time for dessert! Stephen, Cora, Broomhilda, and the other Domestics come out of the kitchen to clear away the dirty dishes. Broomhilda goes to Calvin.

BROOMHILDA Can I take away your dishes, Monsieur Candle?

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