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Django Unchained Transcript

5L As Schultz collects the coins off the ground, he says; Dr.SCHULTZ You’re pretty confident aren’t you? Django nods his head, yes. Dr.SCHULTZ You have reason to be. He holds out his fist, opens his hand, the coins lay in his palm. All the coins have bullet holes dead in their center. He drops them on top of Django.

DJANGO Still think I’m too green for Greenville? Dr.Schultz removes a pipe, sticks it in his mouth and says; Dr.SCHULTZ Oh you’re ready for Greenville. He lights a match, then lights the pipe, puffing as he says; Dr.SCHULTZ Greenville ready for you, that I’m not so sure. He blows out the match…

WE GO TO BLACK What we also saw in the above montage is Django shake off a lifetime of slavery. Django, in his green jacket, in his cowboy hat, on top of his steed Tony, with his gun hanging from his hip, has become his own man. He’s not a slave anymore. He’s a bounty hunter.





EXT – THE TOWN OF GREENVILLE MISSISSIPPI – DAY The whole Main Street of Greenville is thick with five inches of shit brown mud that all the horse hooves, and wagon wheels, and slave feet have to wade through to get from one end of the town to the other.

53 We see Django and Dr.Schultz enter the town, and slosh their horses in the mud,, down the main street of Greenville Mississippi. The buying and selling of slaves is what the whole town is built around. BLACK MEN, WOMEN, and CHILDREN in BONDAGE are everywhere you look. LINES OF CHAINED SLAVES being marched one way or the other, move through the muddy streets of Greenville. WHITE MEN on horses move them along. BUCKBOARDS filled with DOMESTIC SLAVES (HOUSE NIGGERS), and pretty PONYS, driven by WHITE MEN roll through the street. A YOUNG WHITE BOY (14 years old), a shepherd, leads a bunch of SLAVE CHILDREN through town. A SHEPHERD’S DOG, HELPS HIM OUT BY MOVING

THE KIDS ALONG. Impromptu slave auctions take place on almost every block. A SUBTITLE APPEARS on the bottom of the screen:


CHICKASAW COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI Dr.Schultz takes in this African flesh market, where human beings sell other human beings, with disgust and a little bit of shock. Django is neither disgusted or. shocked, he knows first hand how Greenville operates. As he rides Tony through town in his snappy duds, he looks’at the BLACK MEN half dressed: in chains. He REMEMBERS HIMSELF with his six Other Companions from earlier, being walked through the mud of Main Street by The Speck Brothers. On that day he might as well of been a steer. Today, with a gun on his hip, money in his pocket, in his snappy outfit, astride his steed Tony, he feels so different from these wretched half naked bastards it gives him a bit of a chill. Django sees the towns railroad depot, and across from it a huge SLAVE PEN, like a STEER CORRAL. At the moment there’s no train in the depot.

WE FLASH ON The TRAIN, at a earlier time, pulling into the depot.

INSIDE ONE OF THE BOXCARS amidst a boxcar full of shirtless BLACK MALES, Django watches the train pull into the station, from inside the wooden slates of the boxcar.: A hatch in the roof of the boxcar is NOISILY YANKED OPEN, and TWO WHITE SLAVE TRADERS (RUSS AND JUDD), peer down at their human cargo.

JUDD Good god almighty these niggers stink!


RUSS Niggers stink, where’s the shock? (to the Slaves

BELOW) Okay you bucks, listen up, and listen well, I’m only gonna say this once. There’s a slave corral right across from this boxcar. We gittin ready to open these doors. When we do, y’all run as fast as you can, right into that pen. ‘Anyone gittin off trail, gonna get hurt and hurt bad. Now you niggers better comprehend. And that goes for any African garboons amongst y’all can’t understand english … . your American buddies better shove your ass in the right direction, or your trip to this country is going to be short, and pointless. Train to pen as fast as you can! The boxcar door is slid open, and a HUNDRED AND FIFTY BLACK MALES run full out from the train to the steer corral. We spot Django during the running. Once inside the corral, the gate is closed. COWBOYS with rifles act as prison guards.

INSIDE THE CORRAL through the wooden posts, in the distance, Django watches them open up the boxcar holding the females. They do their run to their pen out of view. Django catches a quick glimpse of Broomhild.a running with the other LADIES, then she’s gone from view.

BACK TO DJANGO (PRESENT) Django and Dr.Schultz on top of their horses, taking in the sight of Greenville. Dr.SCHULTZ It’s a spectacle out of Dante.

DJANGO You should see it from the other side. Dr.SCHULTZ Frankly, I don’t know if I could endure this.

DJANGO You’d be surprised what you can endure.

(BEAT) Where to?

675 Dr.SCHULTZ Records office.


INT – RECORDS OFFICE – DAY Dr.Schultz and Django walk into a records office, lined with books. We watch through the store front window, the black man and white man enter, and Dr.Schultz present his business card to a Dickensian looking RECORDS OFFICE WORKER. As Schultz starts his spellbinding with words routine… . The CAMERA FADES TO BLACK.



INT – SLAVE PEN – DAY The same shot we saw before of Django fighting his way to the bars of the slave pen, to get a better last look of Broomhilda. Broomhilda, as before is walked by in the distance. Then, as before Django loses sight of her.

EXT – MAIN STREET – GREENVILLE – DAY We follow in front of Broomhilda being lead out of the slave pen by TWO WHITE MALE SLAVERS. Her bare feet slosh in the Main Street mud, and the leg irons scrap her ankles. Up until now everything you’ve ever seen of Broomhilda, has only been in Django’s Spaghetti Western Flashbacks. In other words, from his perspective, and memory. This is the,only time the story will shift to Broomhilda’s perspective. The strong but frightened girl is led out on to the hustle and bustle, and wagon wheels and horse hoofs of Main Street. Broomhilda is not taken into that three story auction arena that Django was sold in at the beginning. Instead She’s just lifted up on a parked buckboard wagon. Her SELLER (CLYDE) starts his pitch on the TWELVE or so BUYERS that watch this puny make shift auction.

BROOMHILDA looks down into the crowd of twelve ugly white men, and holds her breath which one will buy her. Among the ugly white men we see Mr.HARMONY (MIKE), not quite as ugly as the rest. An older well dressed, classy gentleman. Next to him is his twenty four year old overweight awkward son SCOTTY HARMONY.

Scotty in the audience, and Broomhilda on the wagon, THEIR EYES MEET, he nudges his dad. The Seller makes her expose her breasts to the small crowd. Then her back, revealing her whip marks. Then pointing out the runaway “r” branded in her cheek. Some of the crowd, including Scotty, react with repulsion at the sight of the whip marks. The Seller assures the crowd, that niggers don’t feel pain like white folks, and it only makes the women more gentle.

SELLER – CLYDE Fellahs, you ain’t felt gentle, till you felt nigger gal gentle.

UGLY MAN makes a bid.


UGLIER MAN higher bid.


UGLIER BY FAR GUY makes leap frog big bid.


BIG GREASY FAT GUY makes a bid.



A SEVENTY FIVE YEAR OLD INDIAN ON A MULE makes a bid. Mr.Harmony makes a bid for his son Scotty. Broomhilda notices that. And makes more eye contact with Scotty. They look at each other as Mr.Harmony continues to bid. A LITERARY NARRATOR comes on the soundtrack.

NARRATOR (VO) On that day, eight months ago, the auction was won by Mike Harmony, as a birthday present for his fat boy son Scotty. Mr.Harmony congratulates his son. From on top of the buckboard Broomhilda looks down at her new owners. Later they leave for the Harmony house. Scotty lifts Broomhilda up into the back of the buckboard. He hands her a little white bag.

SCOTTY This is for you. She opens the bag,candies of many colors sit in it.

SCOTTY They’re jelly beans. Try one. She selects a yellow one and puts it in her mouth.

SCOTTY Good huh? She nods her head, yes. We see him drive the buckboard out of Greenville with Broomhilda in the back eating her bag of jelly beans.

$XT – COUNTRY ROAD – DAY The buckboard makes its way down a country road. Broomhilda in the back, and Scotty driving the wagon. Scotty bought her, but he’s too scared to talk to her. Broomhilda’s muddy bare feet dangle off the wagon. She’s beginning to realize the young master is the shy type.

BROOMHILDA Master Scotty… ?

SCOTTY Yes Broomhilda?

BROOMHILDA I’m lonely back here. Can I come on up with you on that seat so we can talk?

SCOTTY Please, I’d love that. She climbs into the driver’s seat. In more ways then one.


EXT – THE HARMONY HOUSE – DAY A nice two story southern house. Very nice, but hardly a plantation. The household’s FOUR DOMESTIC SLAVES. Broomhilda will be the fifth. The buckboard pulls up to the front of the house. Scotty’s mother, Mrs.HARMONY (MARY LOUISE), waits to meet her son, and his new bought nigger gal. The older lady looks the black girl up and down and says to her; Mrs.HARMONY What’s your name, gal?

BROOMHILDA Broomhilda. Mrs.HARMONY Follow me. into the kitchen, (‘to her son) You stay out here.

INT – KITCHEN – DAY Mrs.Harmony brings Broomhilda in her kitchen. The TWO DOMESTIC SLAVES that were in, there are chased out by the boss lady. Mrs.Harmony grabs Broomhilda by the wrist, and tells her; Mrs.HARMONY I want to have a word with you, wench. You met my boy Scotty. You can tell ain’t no white girl gonna fool with him. And if they do fool with him, they fool with him for the wrong reason. Boy’s twenty four, he still ain’t a man yet. That’s why you’re here. Be nice to him. He’s a very sweet boy. Play him right, he’ll eat bird seed out of your palm. Play ‘em wrong, you’ll deal with me.

BROOMHILDA I like Scotty. He’s just shy is all. All he needs is a little confidence. Mrs.HARMONY And you’ll give that to him?

BROOMHILDA I’ll do my best, mam. Scotty’s a real sweet boy. Mrs.HARMONY He is, isn’t he?

BROOMHILDA Ah-huh. The mother lets go of the young lady’s wrist.


NARRATOR (VO) Basically The Harmony’s bought a slave bride for young master Scotty that day. And the two kids had a nice time playing house for awhile. We see Scotty and Broomhilda catching butterflies in butterfly nets in the daytime.. At night they catch LIGHTNING BUGS together. At night in Scotty’s bed, while the young man lay fast asleep, Broomhilda looks at her jelly jar of GLOWING LIGHTNING BUGS.

NARRATOR (VO) As Scotty’s sort of defacto sweetheart, if no visitors were about, Broomhilda would even join the family at their dinner table. We see them at dinner eating fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy.

NARRATOR.(VO) And pretty soon she was adopted into a member of the family. Mrs.Harmony and Broomhilda sewing together. The Harmony family and Broomhilda playing croquet in the front yard. After dinner, Mrs.Harmony entertaining the family by playing the piano. Mr.Harmony reading the women and his son a story from a storybook.

NARRATOR (VO) Scotty was never happier. Scotty and Broomhilda walking holding hands at Southern magic hour. Broomhilda having sex with Scotty, baby talking with him, talking him through it, making him feel loved and secure.

NARRATOR (VO) After three months of this bliss, Scotty decided to take Broomhilda for a romantic weekend in Greenville.

SCOTTY AND BROOMHILDA drive through the Main Street of Greenville, dressed to the nines, in a fancy carriage. Broomhilda dressed in a beautiful white lace dress, complete with white lace gloves, fancy ladies hat, and white parasol. Scotty, very proud of his pretty Pony, is dressed in a fashion best described as plantation pimp daddy.


NARRATOR (VO) White masters would take their pretty Ponys to Greenville for a treat or romantic excursion, for two reasons-One, seeing how bad the other slaves had it, always made the papered Ponys appreciate their privilege position, (just in case they’d forgot).

BROOMHILDA holding her parasol, looking like a black Daisy Miller, watches the OTHER SLAVES march by in the mud. They watch her too.

INT – HOTEL LOBBY – NIGHT Broomhilda and Scotty, and their luggage, move into the fancy hotel lobby, and rent a room at the front desk.

INSERT: HOTEL REGISTRY Scotty signs his name. The DESK CLERKS HAND checks the box on the registry book that indicates darkee female companion.

INT -. GREENVILLE – NIGHT Greenville at night is a little different. At night, RICH WHITE MASTERS showing off their Ponys (like Scotty), rule the streets.

NARRATOR (VO) And two, there was a sliver of society that ran through Greenville at night that catered to white masters who were infected with a condition that was normally referred to as, “Nigger love.” At night the streets, the bars, bistros, and buggy rides were ruled by rich white masters showing off their pretty Pony’s.

EXT – CLEOPATRA CLUB – NIGHT An establishing shot.of the three story house that has been converted into private club called, The Cleopatra Club.

NARRATOR (VO) But the crown jewel of all this interracial frivolity, was the members only, Cleopatra Club.

INSERT: GOLD PLAQUE with the name, THE CLEOPATRA CLUB on it, next to it is a profile of Nefertiti.


INT – THE CLEOPATRA CLUB – RESTAURANT – NIGHT The interracial joint is jumping (as long as by interracial you mean white men and black women). Scotty and Broomhilda are enjoying a fancy dinner in the clubs dining room. We see across the dining room, the powerful white man, CALVIN CANDIE, sitting with some White Men and some Black Ponys, eyeing Broomhilda.

SCOTTY I gotta tell you Broomhilda – I don’t care if I go to. hell for this – I love you. And if loving you means I go to hell … . Well then hello Mr.Devil. That was actually kind of funny. Broomhilda was right, all he needed was a little confidence. She puts her hand on his.

NARRATOR (VO) Then… speak of the devil and the devil appears.

CALVIN CANDIE appears at their table.

CALVIN CANDIE Hello, my name is Calvin Candie, I own The Cleopatra Club. And I would just like to welcome an attractive couple’like yourselves to my favorite place on earth. Scotty stands up and shakes hands with Calvin.

SCOTTY Thank you so much, it’s a great honor. We love it here. Pointing at a empty chair.

CALVIN CANDIE May I join you?-

SCOTTY Please, by all means. Calvin sits down. Broomhilda gets a sinister chill from this smiling jack. Scotty, as per usual, is clueless.

CALVIN CANDIE How long have you been a member?

SCOTTY We just joined this weekend.

CALVIN CANDIE Well our little private oasis appreciates your patronage. Some may consider the dues excessive, but they’re necessary for us to create this haven for the alternative lifestyle we’ve all become accustomed to.

SCOTTY Well said, and money well spent. He squeezes Broomhilda’s hand. Candie sees this.

CALVIN CANDIE It would pleasure, your first weekend at the club, to join me and my friends at my table. Broomhilda knows this is a man to be avoided. But Scotty is swept away being courted by somebody like Calvin Candie. She tries to imply they should stay where they are. He brushes her off with a, “Don’t be silly.” We see Calvin introduce his table of friends to the couple, and they join the party. Calvin Candie has his arm around a foxy Pony named SHEBA, whose dress is a little more revealing then the others. They drink and talk, and the White Men have a forced good time. But Calvin Candie can’t hide his sinister side from Broomhilda, and it keeps her uncomfortable, until she excuses herself from the table to go to bed. Scotty’s having such a good time with his fancy friends he opts to stay behind.’Broomhilda leaves in a bit of a huff, due to Scotty’s disobedience. If these fancy.fucking white men weren’t around making Scotty feel so puffy chested, he’d never dismiss her that way. We FOLLOW Broomhilda out of the club, across the street, to the hotel.

NARRATOR (VO) After excusing herself, she walked across the street to her hotel room. She got her white dress dirty in the mud, but she didn’t care, the night was ruined anyway. Some romantic weekend. Wait till she gets home and tells his mother how he ignored her. She’ll fix his fat ass. Wait till he asks her to scratch his back next time. She’s gonna scrape every pimple.


�-. BACK AT THE CLEO CLUB The now drunk Scotty is playing poker with Calvin and his friends.

NARRATOR (VO) Back at The Cleopatra Club, as the night wore on, Calvin Candie suggested’a friendly card game. As the game wore on, it came down to a two thousand dollar pot between Calvin Candie and Scotty Harmony. Luckily for him, Scotty was holding.a inside straight. Calvin holds his cards with Sheba draped around him. She whispers something in his ear.


(TO SHEBA) Really?

(TO SCOTTY) You know what Sheba just tole me? Scotty, thinking about his great hand, says;


CANDIE She says she thinks you’re cute.

SCOTTY Really? Thank you Sheba, I think you’re beautiful. Sheba whispers something else in Candie’s ear.

CANDIE Sheba says she’d like to give you a little lip. Want some lip? Scotty, is a little surprised.

SCOTTY Well, she’s your Pony…I mean…

CANDIE Oh hush, what’s a little nigger lip ‘tween friends. Go on honey, give ‘em some sugar. Sheba walks over to Scotty’s side of the table, and gives him a very lip intensive’soul kiss. The table enjoys the show. Then Sheba goes back to Calvin’s side of the table. The game continues.


CANDIE Okay loverboy, I think you’re trying to out brazen me in my own club, and I won’t have it. If you’re really holding cards, time to pony up. I raise you five hundred. Candie throws in his chips.

SCOTTY. I see your five hundred… (throws in chips) .and raise you four hundred more. (tosses his last chips) Call. This is where Calvin Candie has waited to be all night.

CALVIN CANDIE Not so fast, boy.

(BEAT) Pot ain’t fat enough yet.

SCOTTY I’m all in.

CALVIN CANDIE Ain’t that too bad. Scotty doesn’t intend to let this smiling Jack cheat him out of his pot, especially with him holding an inside straight.

SCOTTY I would think a southern gentleman of such renown as yourself, wouldn’t have to resort to buying a pot in his own club. Calvin writes on a piece of paper, then throwsit’in the pot.

CALVIN CANDIE One final raise. Scotty takes the piece of paper, “What’s this?”

CALVIN CANDIE It’s Sheba’s bill of sale.

SCOTTY What? I don’t want her. Calvin.and the whole table laugh at that.

CALVIN CANDIE You sure didn’t look like you didn’t want her. More laughter.

CALVIN CANDIE In Greenville slaves are currency. And Sheba’s worth about eight hundred dollars. I’m throwing Sheba in the pot. Match or fold?

SCOTTY I’m all out of money.

CALVIN CANDIE But we ain’t playin’ for money no more.. We matchin’ nigger gals. And a nigger gal you got.

SCOTTY I can’t bet Broomhilda.

CALVIN CANDIE In Chickasaw County, she’s money. Pony her up or fold. Somebody get him a piece of paper and a pencil. Somebody does.

CALVIN CANDIE Write out a bill of sale, or fold them cards. Scotty makes a pressured decision. He hurriedly takes the pencil and writes out a Bill of Sale for Broomhilda.

SCOTTY Let me see your cards! Candie lays down his cards, he has a FLUSH. What Scotty’s just done hits him like a ton of bricks.

SCOTTY You cheated me. After Scotty uses the “C” word, everybody quiets down.

CALVIN CANDIE What did you just call me?

SCOTTY I called you a card cheatin’ son of a bitch, cause that’s what you are! Calvin calmly stands up from the table. He removes a small Derringer Gun.from his pocket, and tosses it on the table in front of Scotty. Then takes out another one, and tosses it on the table in front himself .

66 Everybody in The Cleo Club quiets down.

CALVIN CANDIE Scott Harmony. For calling me a card cheat in my own club, as a southern gentleman, I challenge you to a duel. (to the Piano

PLAYER) Piano player, will you hit three separate notes?

(TO SCOTTY) On the third note, pick up the gun and try to kill me. (to Piano player) Piano player please … This is all going too fast for slow Scotty.

SCOTTY Wait a minute …no!


SCOTTY I ain’t dueling with you! I don’t want to duel!

CALVIN CANDIE Then get out of here, get in your buggy and get out of town.

SCOTTY Sure. Let me just get my girl.

CALVIN CANDIE You lost that girl, fat boy.


SCOTTY Wait!… . Look … . Mr.Candie, I’m sorry I called you a cheat. But… please…I can’t give you Broomhilda.

CALVIN CANDIE Last chance fat boy, go home and get’useta to fuckin’ another one.

(BEAT) Or pick up that gun. Scotty can’t leave. He can’t go home without her. He can’t face his parents. He can’t walk out on her. No matters what happens he can’t leave.

6 7

THIRD NOTE… Calvin Candie SHOOTS Scotty Harmony dead.

INT – HOTEL LOBBY – NIGHT Calvin Candie and his entourage enter the hotel lobby and go up to the



FRONT DESK CLERK (OLIVER) Hello Mr.Candie, good evening.

CALVIN CANDLE Good evening to you as well,. young Oliver. Could you please inform me which room your guest Scott Harmony is staying in?

INT – HOTEL ROOM – NIGHT Broomhilda is asleep in bed…

WHEN … .Calvin comes’BURSTING in the room holding his belt in his hand. He YANKS OFF the sheets that Broomhilda sleeps under. Broomhilda lies naked under the covers. Candie brings the belt down around her legs and backside. She hops out of bed.

INT – HOTEL LOBBY – NIGHT Candie CHASES her naked body with his belt, from the top of the stairs, down the stairs, and through the lobby, and out the front door. All to the amusement of the WHITE HOTEL GUESTS.

EXT – GREENVILLE HOTEL – NIGHT She RUNS out of the hotel naked, and then TRIPS FALLING INTO THE GREENVILLE MUD. She looks up from the mud, at Calvin Candie looking down at her.

CALVIN CANDIE Welcome to Candyland. We do a SLOW ZOOM into Broomhilda’s face.

NARRATOR (VO) That was four months ago.


INT – GREENVILLE SLAVE AUCTION – DAY Back inside the three story Auction Block domed room. The same room Django was sold in at the beginning. Tons of WHITE BUYERS and SELLERS and BLACK SLAVES to be bought or sold fill the big hall.

ONE MANDINGO SLAVE (BANJO) stands half naked on the auction block. The SELLER’ (SHELBY) gives the crowd,a sales pitch about Banjo, and starts the bidding. Many different UGLY WHITE MEN make bids on the big mandingo, including Calvin Candie. Dr.SCHULTZ and DJANGO from a pair of OPERA GLASSES /-. watch Calvin Candie from up above on the 2nd floor landing. FROM Dr.SCHULTZ’S PERSPECTIVE We see Calvin Candie, and his black slave.bodyguard, BARTHOLOMEW, always dressed in a slightly ill fitting three piece suit and bowler hat, among the crowd of buyers at the auction block below. Candie’s lawyer LEONIDE MOGUY joins him. Dr.SCHULTZ His name is Calvin Candle, and he is the owner of Candyland.

DJANGO Candyland? The mandingo fightin’ place? Dr.SCHULTZ Oh, so you heard of it?

DJANGO Ain’t no slave ain’t heard of Candyland. Dr.SCHULTZ Well apparently, that’s where your wife is, and apparently the repellent gentleman down there is the one who owns her.


6R The White Man and Black Man find a cubby hole to talk in the auction hall. Dr.SCHULTZ How much do you know about mandingo fighting?

DJANGO Not so much… A little… Master Carrucan had a couple niggers he’d fight. Dr.SCHULTZ Can you play a mandingo expert?

DJANGO What? Dr.SCHULTZ Can you convincingly masquerade as someone who is an expert on mandingo fighters?

DJANGO€¢ Why? Dr.SCHULTZ Because when a man has one of the four biggest cotton plantations in Dixie, but the only thing that seems to ring his chimes is big sweaty black males, if WE want to get his attention, we better be talking about big sweaty black males. So my character is that of a big money buyer from Dusseldorf, here in Greenville to buy my way into the mandingo fight game. And your character is the mandingo expert I hired to help me do it.

DJANGO They call that “One-Eyed Charly.” Dr.SCHULTZ. One-Eyed Charly?

DJANGO That’s what you call it when you buy a slave expert. If you wanna raise horses, but don’t know nothin’ ‘about horses, you buy yourself a One-Eyed Charly who knows about horses. He teaches ya. You wanna plant tobacco but don’t know nothin’ about it, you buy yourself a One-Eyed Charly knows about tobacco. Dr’. SCHULTZ Why do they call it One-Eyed Charly?


DJANGO You know, back on the plantation, my. job wasn’t historian. Dr.SCHULTZ Testy. It’s an unusual name. That’s a perfectly legitimate question. So, can you convincingly play my mandingo One-Eyed Charly? Don’t say, yes, if you can’t.

DJANGO You want me to play a black slaver? There ain’t nothin lower then a black slaver. Black slavers are lower then head house niggers, and buddy, that’s pretty fuckin low. Dr.SCHULTZ Then play him that way! Give me your black slaver. Django gets that. Dr.SCHULTZ Can you do that?

DJANGO That, I can do. What’s next? Dr.SCHULTZ To get ourselves personally invited to Candyland by Calvin Candie himself.


EXT – THE CLEOPATRA CLUB – NIGHT Dr.SCHULTZ and DJANGO stand across the street from The Cleopatra Club. Which looks like aregular nice three story house, among other.nice houses on an affluent residential block in Greenville Mississippi. They open the tiny garden gate in front of the house, walk up the stoop steps to the front door. They ring the doorbell. A pretty young black girl, dressed in a FRENCH MAID outfit opens the door.



(AMUSED) Bonjour, mon petite femme noire. We are here to see Calvin Candie.

7) She’s been taught to smile and say:

FRENCH MAID Enter. The two men walk into the entrance way of the house. A beautiful mulatto HOSTESS greets the two men.



REFINED) Hello gentlemen, I’m Cleo, can I help you? Dr.Schultz hands Cleo the guest card. Dr.SCHULTZ Yes I am Dr.King Schultz, and this is my associate, Django Freeman. Upon hearing Django is a free man her eyes go to, him. Dr.SCHULTZ We’re here for a appointment with Calvin Candie and Leo Moguy.

CLEO Yes you gentlemen are expected. Please make yourself comfortable. I’ll inform Monsieur Candie you’ve arrived. (referring to the

FRENCH MAID) Can Coco get either of you two gentlemen a tasty refreshment? Dr.SCHULTZ Not at the moment.

CLEO Then Coco will entertain you while I inform Monsieur Candie. Dr.SCHULTZ How charming. Cleo leaves. Django wanders over the dining room, and peers inside.

INT – DINING ROOM (CLEOPATRA CLUB) – NIGHT A lush fancy restaurant dining area inside of this house. The DINERS are made up exclusively of well dressed WHITE MEN, and pretty BLACK GIRLS (PONYS) dressed in the most elaborate ladies fashions of the day.

72 Some appear to be on dates. Some appear to be enjoying a special evening (birthday, anniversary, special treat). – Some are.two men with two women. Some are one man with two or three or more women. The white men’s ages range from early twenties to old men. The girls ages ranges from their twenties, to thirteen. The bill of fare is a combination of French cuisine, and hearty beef driven American dining. The dolled up, decked out’Ponys eat rich French cuisine complete with elaborate sauces, and take their knives to thick cuts of steak. The younger little girls, usually eat ice cream with hot fudge, banana splits, and cookies. While-all the men drink whiskey or wine, the girls all drink sarsaparilla. Dr.Schultz quietly moves next to Django and asks; Dr.SCHULTZ Have you ever seen anything like this before? Django shakes his head, no.



(VERY COUNTRY) Y’all gonna dine, it’s real good. You like catfish, we got good catfish. They use alotta butta. You like sand dabs, we got sand dabs. LEO MOGUY descends from the clubs prominent staircase.

MOGUY Dr.Schultz, good to see you again. Dr.SCHULTZ Mr.Moguy, thank you for your assistance in creating the opportunity for this appointment. Mr.MOGUY Nonsense, it’s my job.





DJANGO) .So this’is the One-Eyed Charly I’ve heard so much about. Dr.SCHULTZ Yes, this is Django.. Django, this is Mr.Candie’s lawyer, Leonide’Moguy.

MOGUY Just call me Leo. Calvin’s in the billiard room, follow me. Y’all want Coco should come along too? Dr.SCHULTZ We would be quite lucky indeed if the charming Coco follow. Coco blushes.

MOGUY You better watch out doctor, you gonna steal this little pony’s heart. They walk through the club to get to the billiard room, as they do they

SAY; Dr.SCHULTZ How long have you been associated with Mr.Candie?

MOGUY Calvin and I were about eleven when we went to boarding school together. One could almost say, I was raised to be Calvin’s lawyer.

DJANGO One could almost say, you a nigger. Coco can’t believe what this snappy looking cowboy nigger just said to Mr.Moguy.

MOGUY What did you say? Dr.SCHULTZ Oh nothing, he’s just being cheeky. Anything else about Mr.Candie I should know before I meet him?

MOGUY Yes, he’s a bit of a Francophile.

7EF Dr.SCHULTZ What civilized people aren’t?

MOGUY That’s why all the French ambiance. And he prefers Monsieur Candie to Mister Candie. Dr.Schultz says in FRENCH SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH; Dr.SCHULTZ

(FRENCH) What ever he prefers. This stops Moguy, and he turns to warn Schultz.

MOGUY Oh he doesn’t speak French. Don’t speak French to him, it’ll embarrass him. They get to the two sliding doors that lead to the billiard room. Moguy slides the doors open… The party enters the billiard room.

INT – BILLIARD ROOM (CLEOPATRA CLUB) – NIGHT Inside is Calvin Candie, his bodyguard Bartholomew (still dressed in the ill fitting suit), and the lanky sexy Sheba. Also, at this moment, TWO MANDINGOS are having a bloody and savage fight to death in this closed room. An older European looking man, who’s rooting for the mandingo that Calvin’s not rooting for, is also in the room. His name is.AMERIGO

VASSEPI. Before any introductions can be made, with his back to the new arrivals and his eyes on the black men fighting for their life, Calvin says;

CALVIN CANDIE Why do you want to get in the mandingo business? That’s quite abrupt and aggressive. Dr.Schultz says, as if he’s just been massively insulted; Dr.SCHULTZ You don’t intend to allow your 2nd… (referring to Moguy) .to make the proper introductions? Without turning towards them, Candie tells Schultz;


CALVIN CANDIE Quit stalling and answer the question. The room is quiet. Dr.SCHULTZ The awful truth?

(PAUSE) I’m bored, and it seems like a good bit of fun. Candie takes that to heart. He’ll accept it for now.

CALVIN CANDIE Well come on over, cause we gotta us a fight goin on that’s a good bit of fun_ Dr.Schultz steps up to get a better look at the savage fight. The bigger mandingo is really hurting the smaller one. Schultz has schooled Django on the importance of never BREAKING CHARACTER.’ Well now the good doctor must practice what he preaches. Which means not only must he watch. the two men beat each other to death, he must appear to convincingly enjoy it.

CALVIN CANDIE. The bigger nigger is mine. I just bought him today. What’s his name, Moguy?

MOGUY Big Fred.

CALVIN CANDIE The other nigger belongs to this disreputable Italian gentlemen to my right. Amerigo Vassepi.

(TO AMERIGO) What’s your nigger’s name?

AMERIGO Luigi… .? Candie looks over at Django; who doesn’t walk over to watch the fight. Instead he walks over to a bar set up in the room. A slave bartender named, ROSCOE tends it.

CALVIN CANDIE How ’bout you, boy? You find nigger fightin’ a good bit of fun?

DJANGO You seen one nigger fight, ya seen ‘em all.

CALVIN CANDIE How’d you two like to try the signature drink of the club?

79 Dr.SCHULTZ We’d love to.

CALVIN CANDIE (yelling to the

BARTENDER) Roscoe, two Polynesian Pearl Divers, and don’t spare the rum. Roscoe makes the drinks in coconut shell glasses. Big Fred kills Luigi. Candie and his friends cheer.

CALVIN CANDIE Arrivederci Luigi! Well, Mr.Vassepi, looks like you owe me ten dollars. Amerigo pays up the puny bet. Django and Schultz get the fancy coconut shell drinks. They both take a sip. Schultz hates it, Django loves it. Candle turns his attention to Django.

CALVIN CANDIE What’s your name, boy? Dr.SCHULTZ His name is Django.


(TO SCHULTZ) Where’d ya dig him up? Dr.SCHULTZ A fortuitous turn of events brought Django and myself together.


(TO DJANGO) I’ve heard tell about you. I heard you’re a real bright boy.

(BEAT) I’m curious, what makes you such a mandingo expert?

DJANGO I’m curious, what makes you so curious? Bartholomew puts down his pool cue, and turns toward Django;

BARTHOLOMEW What you say, boy?

77 /�. Candie puts a calming hand on Bartholomew’s shoulder.

CALVIN CANDIE Calm down Bartholomew, gentle… gentle. Dr.SCHULTZ Monsieur Candie, I would appreciate it if you directed your line of inquiry to me.

CALVIN CANDIE Doc, I’m a seasoned slaver, you are a neophyte. I’m simply trying to ascertain if this cowboy is taking advantage of you. Dr.SCHULTZ With all due respect, Monsieur Candie, I didn’t seek you out for your advice. I sought you out to purchase a fighting nigger at above top dollar market price. I was’under the impression when you granted me an audience, it would be to discuss business.

CALVIN CANDIE No we weren’t talking business yet. We were discussing my curiosity. Now according to Moguy here, if I do business with you…


SCHULTZ) , .I’m doin’ business with both of y’all.


DJANGO) He does the eyeballin’, you the billfold? Dr.SCHULTZ Well you don’t make it sound too flattering, but more or less, yes. None of the white men in the room have any respect for a white man who needs a nigger to tell him what time of day it is. Candie turns his attention back to Django.


(TO DJANGO) So Bright Boy,.Moguy here tells me you looked over my African flesh, and were none too impressed.

FLASH ON we see. Django looking over THREE MANDINGOS..


DJANGO Not for top dollar.

CALVIN CANDIE Well then we got nothing more to talk about. You wanna buy a beat ass nigger from me, those are the beat ass niggers I wanna sell.

DJANGO He don’t wanna buy the niggers you wanna sell. He wants the nigger you don’t wanna sell.

CALVIN CANDIE I don’t sell the niggers I don’t wanna sell. Dr.Schultz chimes in thoughtfully;- Dr.SCHULTZ You won’t sell your best. You won’t even sell your second best. But your third best… .you don’t want to.sell him… .But if I made you an offer so ridiculous you’d be forced to consider it… . who knows what could happen?

CALVIN CANDIE What do you consider ridiculous? Dr.SCHULTZ. For a truly talented specimen, .”The Right Nigger”..:? How much would you say, Django?

DJANGO Twelve thousand dollars. Calvin Candle takes in the figure.

CALVIN CANDIE Gentlemen, you had my curiosity. Now you got my attention.


TNT — CLEOPATRA CLUB — RESTAURANT – NIGHT Candle, Moguy, Django, Schultz, Bartholomew, Sheba, and Coco eat dinner in the restaurant. All the men eat thick T-Bones. Coco eats Catfish. And Sheba uses her fingers to rip apart Crawdads.


CALVIN CANDIE How ya like that meat, Bright Boy? Django’s eyes go to Calvin, he nods his approval.


(TO COCO) How’s your Catfish, dew drop?

COCO Real good Monsieur Candie.


(TO SCHULTZ) You spend a lot of time around niggers aside from Freeman here? Dr.SCHULTZ Not so much.

CALVIN CANDIE Well if’in you did,.you’d know what a treat this was for ‘em. You feel special Coco?

COCO Yes. sir, Monsieur Candie.

CALVIN CANDIE You feel special Bartholomew?

BARTHOLOMEW Yes sir, Monsieur Candie. He looks to Sheba, who’s licking her fingers from the Crawdads.

CALVIN CANDIE Now Sheba always feels special. Dont’cha?


CALVIN CANDIE How ’bout you Bright Boy, you feel special?


(MEANING SHEBA) Not as special as her. The table breaks out in laughter.

CALVIN CANDIE Well we’re leaving bright and early tomorrow morning, and moving the. whole kit and caboodle to “Candyland.” You oughta come with us. Dr.Schultz and Django’s eyes meet for a moment.. .so far…so good. Dr.SCHULTZ Well, that wasn’t on the agenda. But I suppose I could be amenable to that. How far must we trek?

CALVIN CANDIE Oh hardly a ride at all, We’ll still be in Chickasaw County. Five hours.. .tops. There you can get a look at my best specimens. Have dinner with my sister and I. Spend the night at Candyland as my guest. Dr.SCHULTZ Splendid. Django and Schultz trade looks and small smiles.


EXT – COUNTRY SIDE MISSISSIPPI – DAY It’s the next day and a whole procession is making their way to “Candyland.” Calvin Candie, Leonide Moguy, Dr.Schultz, Django, and THREE OVERSEERS (BILLY CRASH, TOMMY GILES, and HOOT PETERS) ride horses. Bartholomew (now dressed in work clothes) drives a buckboard filled with’supplies. FIVE MANDINGOS (Big Fred and Banjo who we already met, plus JOSHUA, SIDNEY JAMES, and TATUM) recently purchased at the Greenville Auction walk to their new home, with small bundles of their personal possessions under their arm. They look like powerful warriors.

THREE OTHER SHIRTLESS MANDINGOS (RODNEY, CHICKEN CHARLY, CHESTER) WHO WERE THE MANDINGOS FROM Candyland that didn’t sell at Greenville are walking back to Candyland, with their small bundle of personal possessions under their arms. These poor devil’s know their fate is pretty dismal. Either they’ll be sold to the LeQuint Dickey Mining Company, or they’ll be put in some mandingo fight they can’t win, like with Samson, or Stonesipher’s dogs.


RODNEY walks along the road, looks up at Django riding his horse. All the slaves hate Django because they think he’s a black slaver. But the three heading back to Candyland are even more resentful.

FLASH ON Django with Schultz, earlier, inspecting and rejecting these three.

RODNEY gives Django a bad eyeball look up on his horse.

DJANGO ON TONY sees it. He’s playing the role of a fucker black slaver, he can’t let that shit stand. He yells down to the powerless man;

DJANGO Gotta problem with your eyeball, boy? Rodney looks away.

RODNEY No sir.

DJANGO You want a boot heel in it?

RODNEY No sir.

DJANGO Then keep ya damn eyeballs off me! Flash that bad look at me again, I’ll give ya reason not to like me! As this parade makes progress, Django keeps his emotions in check, but not without difficulty. Dr.Schultz comes riding Fritz beside him. Dr.SCHULTZ How do you like this side of the slave trade?

DJANGO Not so much. Dr.SCHULTZ Prefer the other side?

DJANGO I didn’t say that.

Dr.SCHULTZ I’ve confirmed Broomhilda’s at Candyland.

DJANGO Are you sure it’s her? Dr.SCHULTZ He didn’t call her by name, but she’s a young lady, whip marks on ‘her back, and speaks German. Now while it’s not wise to assume, in this instance, I think it’s pretty safe.

DJANGO Did you offer to buy her? Dr.SCHULTZ I opened the door to my possible interest. But naturally, sight unseen, I can only be so interested.

SUDDENLY … Calvin Candie comes riding up behind them…

CALVIN CANDLE Am I intruding? Dr.SCHULTZ Of course not.



TWO MEN) I swear you two are cozier then a couple of cuttle fish. Dr.SCHULTZ You’d be surprised what a good conversationalist Django is.

CALVIN CANDIE Oh by now, I don’t think that would surprise meat all. Candie gives Django a creepy smile. Around now the audience may start noticing DOG BARKING in the distance. Dr.SCHULTZ When do we reach your property?


CALVIN CANDLE You been on it. I own the whole sixty miles ‘fore we get to Candyland. Candie gets annoyed at the barking dogs.

CALVIN CANDIE Excuse me a moment, gentlemen.

(YELLING BEHIND him at Billy) Billy Crash, git up here! Billy Crash, a hillbilly overseer who’s missing his two front teeth, rides up.


CALVIN CANDIE Find out what that goddamn commotion is up at the tracker shack!

BILLY CRASH Right away, Boss. Billy Crash TEARS UP AHEAD on his horse.

CALVIN CANDIE You know, confidentially, just ‘tween us girls, worse things about this business, ain’t the slaves. It’s all the white trash ya gotta deal with. Like these peckawoods we got riding with us. These dumb, ignorant, sleazy sonsabitches ain’t good fer nuttin, except kickin’ a niggers ass can’t kick back. Yeah, they holdin’ the pretty part of the whip, but it’s just a thin membrane separate ‘em. And don’t think they don’t know it either. It’s about the only thing these dumbass motherfuckers do know. But ya need ‘em. Who the hell else ya gonna get to beat a niggers ass, other than somebody might as well be a nigger hisself. But these mountain boys I use as trackers for the runaways, they the worst. Nothin but a buncha goddamn inbreed hillbillies. Now like that nigger gal we was talkin’ ’bout. I’m sure it.was a pain in the ass, but with a lot of patience, that German lady taught Hildi how to speak German. Django hears her name himself. His head does involuntary jerk, but his �, emotions betray nothing.



(CON’T) Now these inbred hillbillies, on the other hand, they can barely speak English. I can’t understand a damn word most of ‘em say. You could teach a plow horse how to make a pot of coffee, ‘fore you teach those fools how to use a knife and fork. I tell ya, if it wasn’t for catchin’ a nigger on the run, they’d be as useless as tits on a boar hog. Billy Crash comes riding back.

CALVIN CANDIE What the hell’s goin on?

BILLY CRASH They got ‘em a runaway.



EXT – TRACKER SHACK – DAY A BUNKHOUSE for the FOUR HILLBILLY TRACKERS (they track down runaway slaves) that live here about forty miles from the Candyland Plantation. A little dog kennel, looks like a chicken coup, sits next to the bunkhouse. The TRACKERS are a hairy, bearded, burly, buck skinned wearing, dirty long haired lot. Their Leader is Mr.,STONESIPHER, the other three are STEW, LEX, and JAKE. The four men could be brothers, or cousins, or father and sons, or just from the same hollow. Lex holds two SNARLING GERMAN SHEPHERDS on a leash. Stew one SNARLING GERMAN SHEPHERD on a leash. And Mr.Stonesipher holds one SNARLING GERMAN SHEPHERD on a leash, the lead dog, that goes by the name of

MARSHA. A runaway slave named, D’ARTAGNAN, lies belly down in the dirt, surrounded by the four vicious dogs, who BARK, GROWL, and SNAP at him. One look at D’Artagnan tells you he’s a mandingo who’s been in one fight too many. One of his eyes have been ‘poked out. Big BITES have been bit out of both his face and neck (by past fights, human bites, not-the dogs), as well as three fingers have been bit off. Not to mention he’s covered in cuts, like he’s been drug through a briar patch.

O V5 The fourth Tracker, JAKE, doesn’t engage in the melodrama. He hangs in the background, CUTTING FIREWOOD with a big axe. Calvin Candie, Dr.Schultz, Django, and the whole Candie caravan look down on the runaway slave. Including the five new mandingos, and the three old mandingos who know D’Artagnan.

CALVIN CANDIE Well I’ll be, D’Artagnan. Now boy, why do a fool thing like run off?

D’ARTAGNAN I can’t fight no more, Monsieur Candie.

CALVIN CANDIE Oh yes you can. You might not be able to win, but your ass can fight. – Mr.Stonesipher, shut these goddamn dogs up, I can’t hear myself think! Mr.Stonesipher, yells to Marsha; Mr.STONESIPHER Hush now! Marsha! Marsha, hush up! Marsha, Marsha, hush up! (to the other

TRACKERS) Take these goddamn dogs away from this nigger, he’s just makin’ em hungry. The other two YANK the dogs away from the fallen Black Man.

CALVIN CANDIE How long was he loose? Mr. Stonesipher spits tobacco juice. Mr.STONESIPHER A.night. Day. Half the other night.

CALVIN CANDIE How far he git off property? Mr.STONESIPHER Bout twenty miles off prop. Pretty fer, considering that limp he got.

CALVIN CANDIE Moguy, who was D’Artagnan suppose to fight Friday?.

MOGUY (pointing behind him) One of this new lot.

CALVIN CANDIE Well the way he looks now a blind Indian wouldn’t bet ‘a bead on ‘em.

(TO D’ARTAGNAN) Boy, you done made yourself as useless as a tail on a teddy bear. D’Artagnan starts begging.

CALVIN CANDIE Now now, no beggin’, no playin’ on my soft heart. You in trouble now, son. Now you need to understand I’m runnin’ a business. Now I done paid five hundred dollars for you. And when I pay five hundred dollars, I expect to get five fights outta a nigga ‘fore he roll over and play dead. You’ve fought three fights.

D’ARTAGNAN I won every one.

CALVIN CANDIE Well, yes you did. But that last one, you muddied the line between winning and losing. Calvin climbs down off of his horse, and walks to the captured runaway on the ground.

CALVIN CANDIE But the fact remains, I pay five hundred dollars, I want five fights. So what about my five hundred dollars? You gonna reimburse me? The Whites (except for Schultz) laugh. This whole spectacle is making Dr.Schultz sick to his stomach. Not Django … . he’s seen this little drama play out many times before. The three returning mandingos, Rodney, Chicken Charly, and Chester, watch their fellow doomed servant pay the price for running away. The five new mandingos watch Calvin Candie’s treatment of D’Artagnan to know what to expect from their new home. Bartholomew on the buckboard looks at the captured runaway like, poor bastard. Calvin prods further.

CALVIN CANDIE You even know what reimburse means?

E 17 The Whites laugh. Then SUDDENLY … .The German Speaks; Dr.SCHULTZ I’ll reimburse you. All eyes turn to Dr.Schultz. Including Django’s, whose eyes narrow at the doctor. Calvin Candie uses the occasion to perform a slow dramatic turn in the direction of the good German.

CALVIN CANDIE You will? Removing his long brown leather billfold from his suit jacket pocket. Dr.SCHULTZ Yes.

CALVIN CANDIE You’ll pay five hundred dollars for a one eyed Ole’Joe, ain’t fit to push a broom? Django’s voice cuts through the Mississippi heat.

DJANGO No he won’t. All eyes turn to Django.

DJANGO He’s just tired’of you toyin’ with him is all. And for that matter, so am I. But we ain’t payin’ a penny for that pickaninny, we ain’t got no use for ‘em. Ain’t that right, Doc? Dr.Schultz realizes he’s just done the one thing he’s always preached to Django you can never do..BREAK CHARACTER. The doctor puts his billfold back in his suit coat pocket. Dr.SCHULTZ

(TO CANDIE) You heard ‘em. The Hillbilly Trackers stare up at the black man on the horse in the green jacket, slack jawed. !` Even the one chopping wood in the BG stops his chopping.

CALVIN CANDIE You’ll hafta excuse Mr.Stonesipher’s slack jawed gaze. He ain’t never seen a nigger like you ever in his life..Ain’t that right, Mr. Stonesipher? Mr.. Stonesipher., SPITS. Mr.STONESIPHER That’s right. Calvin steps up to Django on his horse. Looking up at the black man, Calvin challenges Django to a staring contest.

CALVIN CANDIE Well now since you won’t pay a penny for this pickaninny, you won’t mind me handlin’ this nigger however I see fit?

DJANGO He’s your nigger.

CALVIN CANDIE Mr.Ston.esipher… .let Marsha and her bitches send D’Artagnan to nigger heaven. Mr.STONESIPHER Marsha…git ‘em! The other Trackers let loose of the leashes holding the German Shepherds back. The DOGS CHARGE towards D’Artagnan on his knees…

THE MANDINGOS all react to the sight of the dogs being let loose. The DOGS ATTACK D’ARTAGNAN … As we HEAR the ATTACK … Candie.staring contest with Django… Django, who expected nothing less and has seen worse, doesn’t blink as the runaway slave is torn to bits by canine teeth … The other Mandingos are scared sick at what they see. The Hillbilly Trackers root the dogs on. Dr.Schultz has never seen a man torn apart by dogs before, and he appears not to enjoy it. Calvin, without blinking, shifts his eyes toward Dr.Schultz, then back �-. to Django.


CALVIN CANDIE Your boss looks a little green around the gills for a blood sport like nigger fightin’? As D’Artagnan’s SCREAMS and Marsha’s GROWLS continue OFF SCREEN.

DJANGO Naw, he just ain’t use to seein’ a man ripped apart by dogs, is all.

CALVIN CANDIE But you are use to it?

DJANGO Well, him bein’ German an’ all, I’m a little more use to American’s then he is. Now Monsieur Candie, whenever you’re ready, we rode five hours so you could show off your stock. Let’s git to it. Cause as of now, if he’s a example, I’ ain’t impressed. Calvin…BLINK… Saying nothing, Monsieur Candie turns his back to Django, climbs up on his horse, then looks at the black man.

CALVIN CANDIE Follow me. The whole caravan rides off as the dogs continue to tear D’Artagnan apart.

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