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Django Unchained Transcript

BENNETT Ain’t nobody gonna touch you and your Jimmie while you on my property. But for lettin’ a nigger kill a white man, and especially for letting a nigger kill a white man in a audience of niggers, y’all ain’t gonna make it out of the county alive. Mark my words Schultz, by tomorrow morning your niggers gonna be stripped and clipped and hangin’ from my motherfuckin’ gate. Dr.SCHULTZ I’m fully aware Bennett, that you and your regulator playmates aren’t shy about killing for what you believe in. But mark my words Big Daddy, if you make a move towards Django or myself, you better be prepared to die for it. The two men ride off. The Black and White Audience watch them go.

EXT — A TENNESSEE LAKE – NIGHT INSERT: Dr.Schultz’s SADDLE BAG, the doctor’s hands remove THREE STICKS /!. OF DYNAMITE from it.

3 7 INSERT: The doctor’s HANDS bind the Three Sticks of Dynamite together. INSERT: The Three Sticks are WRAPPED UP in a BRIGHT YELLOW BANDANA. INSERT: The Yellow Dynamite Sticks, are buried in dirt about half way, with the yellow part protruding from out of the ground.


CU SPENCER BENNETT lying on his belly in the grass.

SPENCER BENNETT That’s them sonsabitches.

SPENCER’S POV: We see the camp by the lake that Dr.Schultz and Django have set up. Both wrapped up in bedrolls. The dead bodies of the Brittle Brothers lie by them in a pile. A campfire slowly dims. We Cut Back to Spencer Bennett lying on his belly with SIX OTHER RIFLE CARING MEN observing the camp, from over a grade. The Men sneak back down the hill the way they came… Where about TWENTY-FOUR REGULATORS are waiting for them ON HORSEBACK, all of the riders heads are covered by FLOUR SACKS with eyes and mouth holes cut out. Some carry TORCHES, all carry RIFLES or SHOTGUNS. Spencer mounts his horse. “Big Daddy” issues orders astride his steed..

SPENCER BENNETT Now unless they start shootin’ first, nobody shoot ‘em. That’s way too simple for these jokers. We’re gonna whip that nigger lover to death. And I’m gonna personally, strip and clip that garboon myself. Having said his blood thirsty words, he puts the flour sack over his head. He tussles with the sack for a bit, then from inside the sack;

SPENCER BENNETT Damn, I can’t see fuckin’ shit outta this thing. He sticks his fingers in the.eye holes, and rips, trying to make the holes bigger, he only succeeds in making-visibility more obscured.

BRADSHAW We ready, or what?

3 7

SPENCER BENNETT Hold on I’m fuckin’ with my eye holes.

(RIPS) Shit …I just made it worse. He rips. it off his head in frustration.

RANDY I can’t see shit either.

REDFISH Who made this goddamn shit?

0. B. Willards wife.

WILLARD Well make you own goddamn masks!


(TO WILLARD) Look nobody’s saying they don’t appreciate what Jenny did.

REDFISH Well if all I hadda do was cut a bag, I could cut it better then this.

0. B. How ’bout-you Robert, can you see?

ROBERT Not too good. I mean if I.don’t move my head, I can see you pretty good … . more or less. But when I start ridin’ the bag starts moving all over, and I’m riding blind. Randy tears at his bag.

RANDY Oh shit, I just made mine worse. He puts it on-then says;

RANDY Yep, it’s worse. He yanks it off his head.

RANDY Did anybody bring any extra bags?

TERRY No, no one brought a extra bag!

3 9

RANDY I’m just asking.

DOUG Do we hafta wear ‘em when we ride?

SPENCER Shitfire, if you don’t wear ‘em as you ride up, that just defeats the purpose. Redfish, fatter then some (but not all), takes off his bag.

REDFISH I can’t see in this fucking thing! I can’t breathe in this fucking thing! And I can’t ride in this fucking thing!

WILLARD Fuck all y’all! I’m going home. I watched my wife work all day gettin’ thirty bags ready for you ungrateful sonsabitches! And all I hear is criticize, criticize, criticize. From now on don’t ask me or mine for nothin’! Willard rides off. O.B. removes his bag, and yells after Willard.

SPENCER O.B., I tole yo to keep quiet! They’re asleep, not dead.

O.B. But Willards riding off.

SPENCER Fuck Willard! Look, let’s not forget why we’re here. We gotta killer nigger over that hill. And we gotta make a lesson outta ‘em.

RANDY Okay, I’m confused, are the bags on or off? Robert takes off his bag, and says;

ROBERT I think we all think the bags was a nice idea. But, not pointing any fingers, they could of been done better. So how ’bout, no bags this time, but next time, we do the bags right, and then we go full regalia. Everyone takes off their bag.

SPENCER Wait a minute, I didn’t say no bags!


TERRY But nobody can see.


TERRY So, it would be nice to see.

SPENCER Goddamit, this is a raid! I can’t see, you can’t see, so what? All that matters is can the fuckin horse see! That’s a raid. Spencer puts on his sack, everyone else, reluctantly, does as well.

EXT – LAKE – NIGHT The THIRTY RIDERS, all with SACKS OVER THEIR HEADS, come riding over the hill, hooting and hollerin. Since nobody can see they ride haphazard into each other.’Redfish falls off his horse hard on his fat ass. They surround the camp, and when the sleeping Schultz and Django don’t react, they know something’s up. But since nobody can see, everybody and everybody’s horse is. confused.

WE HEAR A GROUP OF LINES FROM CIRCLING COWBOYS ON HORSEBACK WITH BAGS OVER THEIR HEADS: “Where are they, I can’t see” – “They tricked us” – “Did somebody fall” “Where the hell are they” “Y’all, Redfish fell off his horse-He’s kinda hurt bad.” Then amongst the confusion…


A BIG TREE on the other side of the lake Then quickly cut into The Tree. Till we’re in a CU OF Dr.SCHULTZ with a SCOPE SIGHT RIFLE up to his eye.

SCOPE SIGHT POV The Yellow covered STICKS OF DYNAMITE protruding from the ground, are inside the scope sight circle, Horse hooves step around it.

TWO SHOT Dr.SCHtJLTZ and DJANGO up in a tree. Dr.SCHULTZ Auf wiedersehen.

L, He fires. The Camp EXPLODES Blowing Horses and Riders Apart. Dr.Schultz and Django lift up repeating rifles. Dr.SCHULTZ Let ‘em have it!

DJANGO I can’t see nothin’. Dr.SCHULTZ Just fire into the smoke. The two treetop killers let loose with rifle fire.

INSIDE OF THE SMOKE pandemonium reigns. Horses and Men trip over bodies and pieces of bodies, of horses and men. Men with legs and arms blown off, yell bloody murder, hurt and scared Horses cry. Some struggle to get the sacks off their heads, while scared horses dance and buck in panic. Some are shot by the rifle fire. The rest of the men not blown up, and still on horseback, between the sacks and the smoke, still can’t see worth a damn. And Men and Horses collide with one another, which causes more bucking and riders falling. About fifteen of the men who can still ride, high tail it the fuck out of there. Whipped and whimpering like dogs.

SPENCER BENNETT on his horse with the other fleeing regulators RIDES for his life…

SCOPE SIGHT POV We see the back of the fleeing Bennett smack dab in the cross hairs.

DJANGO scope sight rifle up to his eye. Schultz next to him, says; Dr.SCHULTZ He’s getting away.

DJANGO I got ‘em.

SPENCER’S HORSE his hooves race and rip up the grass.

SPENCER riding for his life…

DJANGO scope sight rifle up to his eye.

Dr.SCHULTZ He’s getting out of range.

DJANGO I got ‘em. INSERT: A black finger squeezes the rifle trigger.

SPENCER BENNETT we’re behind him as he rides away, OFF SCREEN we hear the whistling of what sounds like an incoming missle.

SPENCER BENNETT we’re in.front of Spencer Bennett as he rides, when Django’s bullet, RIPS THROUGH his CHEST.


DJANGO I got ‘em.

SPENCER BENNETT falls from his horse, dead.

DJANGO scope sight rifle in his hand, big smile on his face, Dr.Schultz. Dr.SCHULTZ Like that, huh? Referring to the scope sight rifle;

DJANGO I like. Dr.SCHULTZ Well, I think while they take this opportunity to lick their wounds, we should take this opportunity to get the fuck out of Tennessee. They hop out of the tree.

MONTAGE Dr.Schultz in a big city, buying Django a new saddle. Django gets his first initial “D” etched into it. The men go to different stores to purchase Django’s wardrobe. The outfit bought, is selected by Django, with suggestions offered by Schultz. When he’s done, Django looks damn handsome in his new duds. Brown cowboy boots, Green Corduroy Jacket, Smokey Grey Shirt, Tan Skin Tight Pants, and Light Brown Cowboy Hat. He looks a. bit like Elvis in “Flaming Star” and a Little Joe Cartwright on “Bonanza”. However, tellingly, he keeps Ace Speck’s Winter Coat as his winter coat.

EXT – COUNTRY MEADOW – PRETTY DAY Django, sitting on his new saddle, in his new duds, rides alongside the good doctor Schultz. The German carries a PICNIC BASKET. Dr.SCHULTZ But I’m serious son, Greenville is just too dangerous for you to go fucking around there. You’re a freed, slave, you should be in New York. You shouldn’t be in Greenville, you shouldn’t even be forty miles on any side of Greenville., You shouldn’t be anywhere in Mississippi.

DJANGO She’s my wife, it’s my job to look after her. If Greenville’s where I gotta go to find out where she went, then I gotta go. Now you were sayin’ where I gotta go first? Dr.SCHULTZ There’should be some sort of records office. You know when she was sold, you know where she came from, the Carrucan Plantation, and you know her name … . what is her name?

DJANGO Broomhilda. Schultz reacts. Dr.SCHULTZ Broomhilda? Django.nods his head yes. Dr.SCHULTZ Were her owners German? Now Django reacts, “How did he know that?

DJANGO Yeah, how did you know? She wasn’t born on The Carrucan Plantation. She was raised by a German mistress, The Von Shafts. She can speak a little German too. Dr.SCHULTZ Your wife?

DJANGO Yeah, when she was little her mistress taught her so she’d have somebody to talk German with. Dr.SCHULTZ So let me get this straight, your slave wife speaks German, and her name is Broomhilda Von Shaft…?

DJANGO Yep. Mouthful, huh? Dr.SCHULTZ To say the least. (stopping the horse) This looks like a very pretty place to have our picnic. What’d ya say, here?


EXT – PICNIC IN COUNTRY MEADOW – PRETTY DAY The two men sit on a blanket with a nice picnic spread spread out. Django eats a cucumber sandwich with the crust cut off, and drinks a cup of tea.

DJANGO How did you know Broomhilda’s first masters were German? Dr.SCHULTZ Broomhilda is a German name. If they named her, it stands to reason they’d be German.

DJANGO Lotsa gals where you from named Broomhilda? Dr.SCHULTZ No, not so much. Broomhilda is the name of a character in one of the most popular of all the German legends.

DJANGO Really? There’s a story ’bout Broomhilda? Dr.SCHULTZ Yes there is.

DJANGO Do you know it? Dr.SCHULTZ Every German knows that story. Would you like me to tell you? Django nods his head, yes. Dr.SCHULTZ Well Broomhilda was a princess. She was the daughter of Wotan, the god of all gods. Anyway, her father is really mad at her.

DJANGO What she do.?

Dr.SCHULTZ I don’t exactly remember. I think she disobeys him in some way. So at first he’s just going to obliterate her –

DJANGO Obliterate… . what does that mean? Dr.SCHULTZ Like blow up. He pantomimes a explosion.

DJANGO Phew, that’s pretty mad. Dr.SCHULTZ Yes it is, and like most fathers, given a little time, he calms down a bit. He’s still mad at her. He still wants to punish her. Just not … . blow her up. So instead what he does, is he puts her high on top of a mountain.

DJANGO Broomhilda’s on a mountain? Dr.SCHULTZ It’s a German legend, there’s always going to be a mountain in there somewhere. So, he puts her on top of the mountain and he puts a fire breathing dragon there to guard the mountain. And. then he surrounds her in circle of hellfire. And there Broomhilda shall remain, unless a hero arises brave enough to save her.

DJANGO Does a fella arise? From now on as Dr.Schultz talks, he’s beginning to realize something he wasn’t aware of when the conversation started. Dr.SCHULTZ Yes Django, as a matter he does. A fella named, Sigfried.

DJANGO Does Sigfried save her? Dr.SCHULTZ Yes he does, and quite spectacularly, so. Now true, he is assisted in his triumph by a truly, truly, remarkable sword, still, having said that, Sigfried triumphs over all of his obstacles not just due to his sword, but due to his courage. He scales the mountain, because he’s not afraid of it. He defeats the dragon, because he’s not afraid.of him.

Dr.SCHULTZ (CON’T) He walks through hellfire because Broomhilda’s worth. it. After that last line of dialogue… .the two men just let a moment pass as they nibble on their sandwiches.

DJANGO I know how he feels. Dr.SCHULTZ I think I’m just starting to realize that. He pours Django and himself some more tea out of a fancy tea pot, as he thinks about what he’s going to say next. Dr.SCHULTZ Look Django, I don’t doubt one day you will save your lady love. But I’m afraid I can’t let you go to Greenville in a good conscious. Let me ask you a question, how do you like the bounty hunting business?

DJANGO Kill white folks, and they pay ya? What’s not to like? Dr.SCHULTZ I hafta admit, we make a good team.

DJANGO But I’thought you were mad at me for killin’ Big John and Rodger? Dr.SCHULTZ Yes, on that occasion, you were a tad overzealous. But normally, that’s a good thing. How’d you like to partner up for the winter?

DJANGO What’d ya mean partner up? Dr.SCHULTZ You be my deputy, for real this time. A lot of the big money is in outlaw gangs. Some of these fellas are worth fifteen hundred or three thousand a piece. With one man, anything over three men is a risk. But with a partner? Creating cross fire? It’s fish in a. barrel. A lot of these gangs hold up in the’hills for the winter.

DJANGO You makin’ another agreement?

W7 Dr.SCHULTZ Yes. You work with me through the winter, till the snow melts. I give you a third of my bounties. And while we’re together, I’ll teach you a few things you’re going to need to know.

DJANGO Can you teach me how to make Tony do that head bow thing that Fritz can do? Dr.SCHULTZ That among other things. We make some money this winter, when the snow melts, I’ll take you to Greenville myself, and we’ll find where they sent your wife. I’m pretty good at finding people. Is it a deal? No white man has ever done anything for Django, just to him. So understandably, he’s a little suspicious.

DJANGO Why you care what happens to me? Why you care if I find my wife? Dr.SCHULTZ Well frankly, I’ve never given anybody their freedom before. And now that I have, I feel vaguely responsible for you. You’re just not ready to go off on your own, it’s that simple. You’re too green, you’ll get hurt. Plus when a German meets a real life Sigfried,. it’s kind of a big deal. As a German, I’m obliged to help you on your quest to rescue your beloved Broomhilda. Django accepts that response. What follows is a MONTAGE covering the five months that Django and Schultz partner up as bounty hunters. Schultz wears his normal ensemble. Django wears his cool looking Green Jacket, unless it’s really cold, which a lot of this Montage is. Then he still wears Ace Specks raw hide winter coat over his cool clothes.

WE SEE A SCENE to be improvised (more or less), where Dr.Schultz teaches Django how to draw and shoot the pistol in the holster at his hip. By the end of the scene, after trial and error, we see Django’s going to be good at this.

EXT – HILLSIDE – SUNNY DAY We see Django and Dr.Schultz walking up a hill. Tony and Fritz have been left tied up downhill. Django leads a extra body HORSE (named PONCHO) behind him. Dr.Schultz carries his scope sight rifle in ‘a long case. They get to the top of the hill. It overlooks a small farmhouse.

Y, 8

DOWN BELOW WE SEE A LITTLE MAN struggling behind a plow, and his FIFTEEN YEAR OLD SON helping him by leading the horse forward. On top of their perch on the hill top, Dr.Schultz says; Dr.SCHULTZ Keep down or he’ll see you.

DJANGO Who that farmer? Who cares? Dr.SCHULTZ Well since we came here to kill ‘em, he just might.

DJANGO What? The little man pushin’ that plow? Dr.SCHULTZ That little man pushing that plow, is Smitty Bacall.

DJANGO Smitty Bacall is a farmer? Dr.SCHULTZ No. Smitty Bacall is a stagecoach robber who’s hiding out as a farmer, because there’s a seven thousand dollar bounty on his head. He hands Django the scope rifle case. Dr.SCHULTZ And he’s all yours my boy. DJANGO lays on his belly, with the Scope Sight up to his eye.

SCOPE SIGHT POV: on the Farmer struggling behind his plow, working hard with his horse and his son. Django’s finger on the trigger… .but he hesitates. Dr.SCHULTZ Oh what mister I wanna kill white folks for money?

DJANGO His son’s with him. Dr.SCHULTZ Good. He’ll have a loved one with him. Maybe even share a last word. That’s better then most get, and a damn. sight better then he deserves.

1Ï¿½9 Django still hesitates. Dr.SCHULTZ Put down the rifle. Don’t worry, I’m not mad at you. Take out Smitty Bacall’s handbill. Django removes the folded up handbill from the pocket of his tan pants. Dr.SCHULTZ Read it aloud. Consider it today’s lesson.


(READING) “Wanted, dead or alive. Smitty Bacall and The Smitty Bacall Gang. For murder and stagecoach robbery. Seven thousand dollars for Smitty Bacall. One thousand and five hundred dollars for each of his gang members. Known members of The Smitty Bacall Gang are as follows, DANDY MICHAELS, GERALD NASH, and

CRAZY CRAIG KOONS.” Dr.SCHULTZ Well done. Bravo. THAT is who Smitty Bacall is. If Smitty Bacall wanted to start a farm at twenty-two, they would never of printed that.


THE HANDBILL) But Smitty Bacall wanted to rob stagecoaches, and he didn’t mind killing people to do it. You want to save your wife by doing what I do? This is what I do. I kill people, and sell their corpses for cash. His corpse is worth seven thousand dollars. Now quit your pussyfootin and shoot him. Django SHOOTS. The Little Man down below behind the plow falls down. The Young Boy doesn’t know what happened at first. Then he figures’out his father was just shot. He goes to him in the dirt. Dr.SCHULTZ You need to keep that Smitty Bacall handbill.

DJANGO Why? Dr.SCHULTZ It’s good luck. You always keep the handbill of your first bounty. They begin walking down the hill, to collect Smitty Bacall’s body, leading the extra body horse behind them.

50 As they walk down hill, they watch the little scene of Smitty Bacall’s Son cradling his dying his arms, the older man speaking his last words to his son before he dies. Dr.SCHULTZ See, they’re having a tender little father son moment now. No doubt the most heartfelt one they’ve ever had.

EXT – SNOWY FOREST – NIGHT It’s now full on snowy winter in the hills. Django practices his quick draw against a SNOWMAN he’s built. He sticks a BOTTLE in it, so the bottom of the bottle is where the snowman’s heart would be. He DRAWS… Shoots the bottle heart! He DRAWS … Shoots the left coal eye. He DRAWS … Shoots the right coal eye. He DRAWS… Shoots the carrot nose. Dr.Schultz comes up behind him. Dr.SCHULTZ I think it’s safe to say you’re faster then the snowman.

EXT – SNOWY FOREST – DIFFERENT NIGHT A outlaw gang known as The WILSON – LOWE GANG (five guys) ride through a snowy forest at night. When all five men and their Horses, are SHOT



EXT – WINTER MOUNTAIN TOWN MAIN STREET – NIGHT The FLAKES continue to FALL HARD as Dr.Schultz and Django ride down the main street of town, pulling poor Poncho who’s FULLY LOADED DOWN with five corpses.

571 The local SHERIFF, DON GUS, watches the two men ride up, he knows them.

SHERIFF GUS Doctor and Django, how the hell are ya, and who the hell ya got there? Dr.SCHULTZ The Wilson – Lowe Gang.

SHERIFF GUS Who the hell’s The Wilson – Lowe Gang? Dr.Schultz removes a handbill from his inside jacket pocket, and hands it down to the friendly peace officer. Dr.SCHULTZ Bad Chuck Wilson, and meaner Bobby Lowe. And three of their acolytes.

SHERIFF GUS Just leave ‘em out here, they ain’t going nowhere. And if’in they do, god must love ‘em, so who are we to say. Come outta the snowy snow and git yourself some coffee.

TNT – SHERIFF GUS’S OFFICE – NIGHT The snow encrusted bounty hunters come inside the lawmans office. They exchange pleasantries about the weather as the Sheriff pours them coffee. After the two frosty gentlemen have drunk some of the hot liquid, they get down to business. As Schultz and Gus discuss the bounties, Django reads the handbills aloud from off the wall. On the third one he reads, WARREN VANDERS, and a two thousand dollar bounty, “That one”, Schultz says. Django RIPS IT off the wall. As the winter has progressed, we see they’ve become a genuine bounty hunting team. And Django, a genuine bounty hunter.

EXT – PRETTY MEADOW – DAY The snow has melted, and it’s SPRING. And inside of this meadow Django practices his fast draw against five men… .by Schultz throwing FIVE COINS in the air … DJANGO DRAWS FAST shoots three coins, FIRES again hitting another, then falls to the ground to get the fifth. He looks up from the ground at Schultz.

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