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Django Unchained Transcript

DJANGO You kill people and they give you a reward? Dr.SCHULTZ Certain people, yes.

DJANGO White people? Dr.SCHULTZ Mostly. A few Mexicans. Couple Chinamen.

DJANGO Bad people? Dr.SCHULTZ Badder they are, bigger the reward. Which brings me to you, and I must admit I’m at a bit of a quandary when it comes to you. On one hand, I despise slavery. On the other hand, I need your help, and if you’re not in a position to refuse, all the better. So for the time being, I’m going to make this slave malarkey work to my benefit.

(BEAT) Still… . having said that, .I feel guilty. So… I’d like the two of us to enter into an agreement. I’m looking for The Brittle Brothers, however in this endeavor I’m at a slight disadvantage, in so far as, I don’t know what they look like. But you do… .dont’cha?


�. DJANGO SPAGHETTI WESTERN FLASHBACK Django, back at The Carrucan Plantation, held down by Roger and Ellis Brittle, as Big John BURNS the “r” into his cheek with a BRANDING IRON.


DJANGO I know what they look like, all right. Dr.SCHULTZ Good. So, here’s my agreement. You travel with me till we find them –

DJANGO – Where we goin’? Dr.SCHULTZ I hear at least two of them are overseeing up in Gatlinburg, but I don’t know where. That means we visit every plantation in Gatlinburg till we find them. And when we find them, you point them out, and I kill them. You do that, I agree to give you your freedom… . twenty-five dollars per Brittle brother – that’s seventy-five dollars… . your horse, Tony even though I’ve already gave him to you — but once the final Brittle brother lies dead in the dust, I’ll buy you a new saddle, and a new suit of clothes, handsome cowboy hat included. Dr.Schultz’s eyes go to the saloon window. Dr.SCHULTZ And as if on cue… . here comes the sheriff.

EXT – SALOON – MORNING We see the sheriff, BILL SHARP, walk towards the saloon cradling a Winchester. Some TOWNSPEOPLE (like the Saloon Keeper) stand around to watch. A. YOUNG BOY leads a herd of BABY GOATS through town. Sheriff Sharp stands in the middle of the street.

SHERIFF SHARP Okay boys, fun’s over, come on out. Both the doctor and Django stand up and walk to the front porch. As they do, The Sheriff says;

1 2

SHERIFF SHARP Now why y’all wanna come into my town, start trouble, and scare all these nice people? You ain’t got nothin’ better to do, then to come into Bill Sharps town and show your ass – From his top step on the porch, Dr. King Schultz extends his hand toward the sheriff, as if to shake it… :.

.THEN… A SMALL DERRINGER – POPS into Schultz’s hand from a metal sliding apparatus concealed under his jacket sleeve. Once in hand, the dentist FIRES one tiny bullet into the belly of Bill Sharp. The tiny gun makes a tiny POP sound. The shocked Bill Sharp lets out a ugly groan, and doubles over in the dirt. The TOWNSPEOPLE are startled. As is Django. As Schultz walks down the porch steps, to the fallen sheriff, reloading his tiny pop shooter, a PEDESTRIAN yells out;

PEDESTRIAN What did you jus’ do to our sheriff? Dr.Schultz answers him by putting another tiny bullet in the law man’s skull, killing him dead. In the background, ONE WOMAN faints. The Boy and his Goats scatter. Dr.Schultz looks over at the Saloon Keeper, across the street. Dr.SCHULTZ Now you can go get the marshall.



MARSHALL TATUM Move that buckboard over there long ways across the street from the saloon. And I want six men and six Winchesters behind it. And I want two men with two rifles on this roof, and two men with two rifles on that roof, with all barrels pointed at that front door. And somebody git poor Bill outta the goddamn street.

LP Cowboys with rifles climb up stairs to take position on the roof of the building across the street from the saloon. The Marshall directs the buckboard being moved into place. The last SNIPER on the rooftop takes his position.



INT – SALOON – DAY Dr.Schultz sits behind the piano playing a catchy little saloon number. He seems skilled enough to be a professional western saloon piano player. A terrified Django, who’s sure his new master is a lunatic who’s going to get them both killed, peeks out the closed curtains on the window. Dr.Schultz’s suit coat sits draped over a chair. All of his weapons, including his metal sliding rail Derringer contraption, lie on a table. He plays piano in his button down dress shirt and gray suit vest. Dr.SCHULTZ What are they doing?

DJANGO I think they wonderin’ why you playin’ the piana’. Dr.SCHULTZ Good.

(PAUSE) But what are they doing?

DJANGO A buncha white folks brought a buckboard around out front, now they hidin’ behind it with guns. And a buncha other white folks are up on the roof, with rifles pointed down here. Dr.SCHULTZ Damn, they got that organized fast. Is the marshall out there?

DJANGO If the one I think is the.marshall is the marshall, he’s out there.

)9 Dr.SCHULTZ What makes you think he’s the marshall?

DJANGO Cause he’s the one ready to say somethin’.

MARSHALL’S VOICE You in the saloon! Dr.Schultz stops playing the piano.

MARSHALL’S VOICE We got eleven Winchesters on every way outta that buildin’! You got once chance git outta this alive! You and your nigger come out right now with your hands over your head, and I mean, right now! Dr.SCHULTZ First things first! Is this the marshall I have the pleasure of addressing?

MARSHALL TATUM Yes it is, this is U.S. Marshall Gill Tatum. Dr.SCHULTZ Wunderbar! So marshall, I have relieved myself of all weapons, and just as you have instructed, I’m ready to step outside with my hands raised above my head. I trust as a representative of the criminal justice system of The United States of America, I shant be shot down in the street, by either you or your deputies, before I’ve had my day in court.

MARSHALL TATUM You mean like you did our sheriff? Shot ‘em down like a dog in the street! Dr.SCHULTZ Yes, that’s exactly what I mean! Do I have your word as a lawman not to shoot me down like a dog in the street?

MARSHALL TATUM Well, as much as we’d all enjoy seein’ somethin’ like that, ain’t nobody gonna cheat the hangman in my town! Dr.SCHULTZ Fair enough marshall, here we.come.!


(TO DJANGO) They’re a little tense out there. So don’t make any quick movements, and let me do the talking. Django looks at him like, “as if…”

EXT – SALOON/MAIN STREET – DAY A lot of guns are trained on the front door of the saloon. Outside of range, the WHOLE TOWN watches the stand off. The saloon doors open, and Dr.Schultz and Django, hands raised, step outside.

MARSHALL TATUM You unarmed? Dr.SCHULTZ Yes indeed we are. Marshall Tatum, may I address you, your deputies, and apparently the entire town of Daughtrey, as to the incident that just occurred?

MARSHALL TATUM Go on! Dr.SCHULTZ My name is Dr.King Schultz. And like yourself, marshall, I am a servant of the court. The man lying dead in the dirt, who the good people of Daughtrey saw fit to elect as their sheriff, who went by the name of Bill Sharp, is actually a wanted outlaw by the name of Willard Peck, with a price on his head of two hundred dollars. That’s two hundred dollars, dead or alive.

MARSHALL TATUM The hell you say! Dr.SCHULTZ I’.m aware this is probably disconcerting news. But I’m willing to wager this man was elected sheriff sometime in the last two years. I know this because. three years ago he was rustling cattle from, The B.C. Corrigan Cattle Company of Lubbock Texas.

Z/ Dr.SCHULTZ (CONT’D) In my possession. is a warrant made out by circuit court Judge Henry Allen Laudermilk of Austin Texas. You are encouraged to wire him. He will back up who I am, and who your dear departed sheriff was. The Menfolk of the town with rifles, begin trading looks. Then Dr.Schultz delivers the coup de grace. Dr.SCHULTZ In other words marshall, you owe me two hundred dollars.


EXT – TENNESSEE COUNTRY ROAD – DAY Django and Dr.Schultz, who by now have ridden quite a few miles together, ride their horses in the Tennessee countryside, on the way to Gatlinburg. Dr.Schultz is dressed in one of his nearly identical grey business suits, and Django is still dressed in his slave pants, Schultz’s button down dress shirt, and Ace Speck’s winter coat. Somewhere along the way a pair of shoes have appeared on’his feet. Dr.SCHULTZ One needs a plan, son. These are brutal times. A man who survives, is a man with a plan. A man who thrives, is a man with a good plan. So, having said that, what’s your plan, young Django?

DJANGO What’cha mean? Dr.SCHULTZ Well, after this Brittle business is behind us, you’ll be a free man, with a horse, and seventy five dollars in your back pocket. What’s your plan after that?

DJANGO Find my wife, and buy her freedom. Dr.SCHULTZ Django, I had no idea you were a married man. Do most slaves take the institution of matrimony seriously?


ZZ Dr.SCHULTZ Do slaves believe in marriage’?

DJANGO Me and my wife do. Dr.SCHULTZ Where is she now?

DJANGO I dunno. They put us in different boxcars, and sent U.S to The Greenville Slave Auction. She got sold two days ‘fore me. But I don’t know who to. Dr.Schultz takes out a long stick of beef jerky. Dr.SCHULTZ Care for some jerky?

DJANGO Sure. Dr.Schultz rips him off a piece. Django chews on it. As he chews,

SCHULTZ SAYS; Dr.SCHULTZ So your plan is to trackdowri your wife, and purchase her.freedom? Only you don’t know where she is? A chewing Django nods his head, yes. Dr.Schultz, takes a big bite of jerky, chews for a “moment contemplating the dilemma, then pronounces; Dr.SCHULTZ Well that shouldn’t be all that difficult. So how long ago did all this happen?

DJANGO A few months ago. Dr.SCHULTZ Three or four?

DJANGO Three. Dr.SCHULTZ So shecamefrom the Carrucan Plantation, and shewassold at The Greenville Slave Auctiontosome :unknown customer three monthsago? Django nods his head, yes.

Z3 Dr.SCHULTZ The bad part about slavery being a business, is it’s immoral. The good part about it being a business is, they keep records. Somewhere in Greenville there’s a book with your wife’s name in it, and the name of the customer who bought her, and more then likely their address. But then Schultz seems to get second thoughts. Dr.SCHULTZ Still, seventy-five dollars in your back pocket is a pretty nice grub steak, but it’s not going to get you very far in Greenville. Not to mention a slave auction town in Mississippi isn’t the safest place you could visit. Free or not.

DJANGO I’ll have my freedom papers. Dr.SCHULTZ Yes you will. But say you show them to some rascals, and they take them from you and tear them up?

DJANGO They could do that? Dr.SCHULTZ I’m not saying they would, but they could.

DJANGO They do that I’ll kill ‘em. Dr.SCHULTZ Great! Now you get hung for killin’ a white man. The point being is the place,is just too dangerous for you.

DJANGO Well I gotta go, when do I go? Dr.SCHULTZ When you get more dangerous.

EXT – CHATTANOOGA – DAY Muddy and wet big city Chattanooga. We’re in the back of a STORE that. sells SERVANT/HOUSE NIGGER UNIFORMS. Django comes bursting out of the stores back door. He’s very distressed. One glance at the outfit he’s wearing explains the distress.


DJANGO is dressed in a powder blue satin Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit, that wouldn’t be out of place in the court of Marie Antoinette at Versailles. Dr.Schultz comes trailing after him. Dr.SCHULTZ Django, you have to, it’s part of “The Act”. You’re playing a character. Your character is The Valet. This is what The Valet wears. Remember what I told you. During the act, you can never break character.


EXT – BENNETT MANOR- DAY We see Dr. Schultz, riding slightly in front of Django, dressed in his blue satin Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit, as they enter the property of BENNETT MANOR, a plantation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Django leads a riderless horse, behind him and Tony. As the two men ride their horses up the road that leads to the front steps of Bennett Manor, alongside the cotton fields, all the SLAVES stop picking cotton, and straighten their bent backs up to stare in wonder at this sight. The patriarch of Bennett Manor, SPENCER “BIG DADDY” BENNETT, dressed in a fancy leisure suit of the day, emerges from the double doors of the mansion, and stands on the top steps, hands on hips, watching the white man and black man move from the background to the foreground. While there are plenty BLACK MALES out in the cotton fields, the majority of the slave population of Bennett Manor is pretty.BLACK FEMALES, fourteen to twenty-four, referred to as, “PONY’S”. The biggest money making crop of this farm, after cotton. As Dr.Schultz and fancy pants Django, bring Fritz and Tony to a stop in front of Bennett Manor, they’ve drawn quite a crowd of SLAVES, BENNETT FAMILY MEMBERS, and WHITE WORKERS (OVERSEER’S). Spencer Bennett keeps on the top step so he won’t be forced to look up at the darkee on the horse.

SPENCER BENNETT It’s against the law for niggers to ride horses in this territory. Dr.SCHULTZ This is my valet, and my valet doesn’t walk.

SPENCER BENNETT I said niggers –

Z .ate` Dr.SCHULTZ His name is Django, he’s a free man, and he can ride what he pleases.

SPENCER BENNETT Not on, around my niggers he can’t. Dr.SCHULTZ My good sir, perhaps we got off on the wrong boot. Allow me to unring this bell. My name is Dr.King Schultz, this is my valet, Django, and these are our horses, Fritz, and Tony. Fritz, does his head bow. This makes the pretty PONY’S surrounding Bennett, giggle. Dr.SCHULTZ Mr. Bennett, I’ve been lead to believe you are a gentleman, and a business man. And it is in these capacities that we’ve ridden from Texas to Tennessee to talk with you now.

SPENCER BENNETT State your business. Dr.SCHULTZ I wish to purchase one of your nigger gals.

SPENCER BENNETT You and your Jimmie rode from Texas to Tennessee, to buy one of my nigger gals, no appointment, no nuttin’? Dr.SCHULTZ I’m afraid so.

SPENCER BENNETT Well what if I say, I don’t like you, or your fancy pants. nigger, and I wouldn’t sell you a tinkers damn – what’cha gotta say about that? Dr.SCHULTZ Mr. Bennett, if you are the business man, I’ve been led to believe you to be, I have five thousand things I might say, that could change your mind. i This gets everybody’s attention, not least of all Spencer Bennett. Spencer laughs.


SPENCER BENNETT C’mon inside, get yourself something’ cool to drink. The incognito bounty hunter, dismounts his steed, as does Django. Then the good doctor walks up the steps to Bennett Manor. Dr.SCHULTZ Maybe while we discuss business, you could provide one of your loveliest black creatures to escort Django here around your magnificent grounds.

SPENCER Absolutely. Betina! A pretty, fleshy, sweet jelled, twenty-two year old slave gal named BETINA, snaps to attention.

BETINA Yes sir, Big Daddy?


(TO SCHULTZ) What’s your Jimmies name again? Dr.SCHULTZ Django.

SPENCER Betina sugar, take Django around the grounds. Show ‘em all the pretty stuff.

BETINA As you please, Big Daddy. Dr.Schultz lowers his voice, and says to the plantation owner; Dr.SCHULTZ Mr. Bennett, I must remind, you, Django is a free man. He cannot be treated like a slave. Within the bounds of good taste, he must be treated as an extension of myself.

SPENCER Understood., Schultz. Betina?

BETINA Yes, sir?

SPENCER Django isn’t a slave. Django is a free man. Do you understand? You’re not to treat him like any of these other niggers around here, cause he ain’t like any of these other niggers around here. Ya got it?

BETINA Ya want I should treat ‘em like white folks?

SPENCER No that’s not what I said.

BETINA Then I don’t know what’cha want Big Daddy.

SPENCER Yes, I can see that.

(HE THINKS) What’s the name of that peckawood boy from town works with the glass? His mama works at the lumber yard? He comes by and fixes the winda’s when we have a problem? The MAMMY OF BENNETT MANOR chimes in;

MAMMY OF BENNETT MANOR Oh, you mean Jerry.

SPENCER Yeah, that’s the boy’s name, Jerry.

(TO BETINA) You know Jerry, dont’cha sugar?

BETINA Yes ‘em, Big Daddy.

SPENCER Well that’s it then… just treat ‘em like you would Jerry.

EXT – ANOTHER PART OF BENNETT MANOR – DAY Away from the big house, Betina gives Django a tour of the grounds. Her in her slave get up, complete with handkerchief on her head, and him in his satin baby blue Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit, are quite the pair. She eyeballs him disapprovingly up and down.

BETINA What’cha do for your massa’?

DJANGO Didn’t you hear him tell ya, I ain’t no slave.

BETINA So you really free?



BETINA You mean you wanna dress like that? Django fumes.

EXT – BENNETT MANOR (BACK PORCH) – DAY Both Spencer Bennett and Dr.Schultz sit on the back porch drinking lemonade. Dr.SCHULTZ I’ve been’told by those who should know, the most exquisite African flesh in the state of Tennessee is bred right here on your land. And from the look of these black angels, my sources weren’t wrong.

SPENCER Oh I got my share of, coal blacks, horse faces, and gummy mouth bitches out in the field. But the lion share of my lady niggers are real show pony’s. Dr.SCHULTZ Well that’s what I’m looking for, a show pony for young Django. So the only question that remains is, do you have a nigger here worth five thousand dollars?

SPENCER Dr.Schultz, five thousand dollar nigger, is practically my middle name.

BACK TO DJANGO AND BETINA Betina and Django walk by a big tree on the plantation grounds. The cotton fields and the SLAVES picking it, in the background.

DJANGO Betina, come over here, I need to ask you something. He moves her by the tree for more privacy. Betina thinks this fancy pants wants to get all lovey-dovey, and she couldn’t be less interested.

BETINA What’cho want?

DJANGO I’m lookin’ for three white men. Three brothers. Overseers. Their name is Brittle. Do you know ‘em?

BETINA Brittle?

DJANGO Yes, Brittle. John Brittle. Ellis Brittle. And Roger Brittle, sometimes called, Little Raj.

BETINA I don’t know dem.

DJANGO They could be usin’ a different name. They woulda’ come to the plantation in the last year.

BETINA You mean The Shaffer’s?

DJANGO Maybe? Three brother?

BETINA Ah-huh.

DJANGO Are they here?

BETINA Ah-huh.

DJANGO Can you point one of ‘em out to me?

BETINA Well ones over in that field. She points to the cotton field, at a OVERSEER on top of a horse, whip in hand, eyeing the blacks at his mercy. Django takes hold of a little bag slung over his shoulder opens it, and takes out a shiny brass SPYGLASS, the type a sea captain might use. Obviously a prop from Dr.Schultz. He slides it open, places it against his eye, and points it in the direction of a figure out in the cotton field landscape.

SPYGLASS POV: Astride his nag, the filthy hillbilly, who calls himself SHAFFER, but who Django knows to be ELLIS BRITTLE, looks on, oblivious to Django’s observation.

DJANGO SPAGHETTI WESTERN FLASHBACK He remembers Ellis Brittle BURNING a “r” into Broomhilda’s cheek with a


BACK TO DJANGO AND THE SPYGLASS he lowers the glass.

3 0


(INNOCENTLY) Is that who you lookin’ for?

DJANGO Yep. He folds the spyglass back up, and puts it back in his purse.

DJANGO Where’s the other two?

BETINA. They by the stable, punishin’ Little Jody for breakin’ eggs.

DJANGO They whippin’ Little Jody? She nods her head, yes.

DJANGO Point me in that direction. She points to a shed, and keeps pointing right.

BETINA You go to that shed, and keep goin’ that way. Which means; “Go to the shed and turn right.”

DJANGO Go git that white man, I came here with. He slaps her ass, to hurry her up. Then looks to the shed, and begins crossing the distance between him and The Brittle Brothers.

FLASH ON A memory from The Carrucan Plantation; The Brittle Brothers giving his wife Broomhilda, a peelin’. PEELIN’ : A punishment by bullwhip, across the back. LITTLE RAJ makes a line in the dirt with the heel of his boot. Making Django stand behind it, as he watches his wife being whipped. BIG JOHN BRITTLE SLASHES the beauty of Broomhilda’s back with his

BULLWHIP. DJANGO, keeping behind the line, begs Big John for mercy.


DJANGO Please Big John, she won’t do it no more! She’s real sorry! The WHIP RIPS her back.


(SCREAMING) Goddamit, Big John!

LITTLE RAJ Whoa nigger, calm down, keep it funny. Django gets on his knees, and on behalf of Broomhild.a, begs Big John Brittle with everything he has.

BACK TO DJANGO crossing the lawn towards The Brittle Brothers, like an express train.

FLASH ON Big John Brittle standing over him, bullwhip in hand, saying to the


BIG JOHN BRITTLE I like the way you beg, boy.

EXT – STABLE – DAY Little Raj Brittle, ties LITTLE JODY, a petite slave girl (eighteen) to a dead tree stump. BIG JOHN BRITTLE paces, taking a few practice CRACKS with his WHIP. LITTLE JODY begs The Shaffer Brothers/The Brittle Brothers for mercy. ROGER goes and sits on a old wagon wheel to watch the whippin’.

BIG JOHN BRITTLE Now Jody quit your caterwaulin’. You know yourself it’s for your own good. Niggers are clumsy. You’d break everything in goddamn sight, you weren’t cured. And the only known cure for nigger clumsiness is a peelin’. Little Jody begs to differ.

BACK TO DJANGO As Django in his powder blue satin suit hurries across the grass to Little Jody and The Brittle Brothers, he collects eight little friends who happily run along with the fast walking man. EIGHT LITTLE FRENCH BULLDOGS who bark, yelp, snort and breath at his heels.. Django pays the little dogs no nevermind.

3 2-

BACK TO BIG JOHN BRITTLE In position to take the skin off of Little Jody’s back.

BIG JOHN After this we’ll see if you break eggs again.

DJANGO turns the corner to the stable, and stands behind them. They don’t see him. Big John rears back to make the first WHIP LASH…

WHEN … .DJANGO’S VOICE, stops him;

DJANGO John Brittle! Big John breaks his whip stride, looks. up, and in a discarded full length broken mirror from the big house, laying abandoned against the stable wall, he see’s DJANGO, dressed in his powder blue satin Little Lord Flauntleroy outfit, surrounded by his pack of little French Bulldogs. LITTLE JODY on her knees, tied to the dead tree stump, looks up see’s the same thing in the mirror. LITTLE RAJ looks to his left at the sounds of the voice. BIG JOHN turns toward Django, who he still doesn’t recognize. DJANGO just stares back. BIG JOHN smile disappears. He recognizes Django. So does Roger.

LITTLE RAJ Django? Django crosses toward Big John, raising up his arm like he’s going to shake his hand …

DJANGO Remember me? .Django extends his arm, and Dr.Schultz’s Derringer arm contraption,. POPS the TINY GUN into his hand, and he FIRES a tiny bullet smack dab into BIG JOHN’S MERCILESS HEART.

BIG JOHN FACE goes into shock… .he falls to his knees…he looks up, clutching his heart, at Django.

DJANGO I like the way you die, boy.

3 3 Big John hears it…then tips over dead. LITTLE JODY can’t believe what she’s just seen. FOUR OTHER SLAVES who just happen to be walking in the background, see it. LITTLE RAJ is stunned … . then comes to his senses, fumbling for the gun he wears on his hip, but since he’s no gunman, in his haste, he gets it out of his holster, but drops it on the ground. It goes off… BANG. SHOOTING himself in the foot, he HOPS UP AND DOWN in pain. The Bulldogs scatter at the sound. of the BANG. DJANGO picks Big John’s WHIP off the ground., and begins WHIPPING LITTLE RAJ across the face and chest. MORE SLAVES gather.

DJANGO WHIPS HIM TO THE GROUND whips him on the ground, then throws the whip to the ground, picks Roger’s pistol off the ground, and empties it (FIVE SHOTS) into Roger. To say the slaves are flabbergasted, is a understatement. Dr.Schultz rides his horse up quickly, rifle in his hand. He sees Django, and the two dead bodies. Dr.SCHULTZ Who are they?

DJANGO That’s John Brittle, and that’s his little brother Raj. Dr.SCHULTZ Where’s Ellis?

DJANGO He’s the one hightailin’ it across that field right now. Ellis Brittle riding his horse full out through the cotton field trying to make an escape.

SCHULTZ’S WINCHESTER goes to his eye, he follows the rider with his rifle barrel. Dr.SCHULTZ Are you sure that’s him? Ellis gets further away…

DJANGO Yes! Dr.SCHULTZ Are you positive? Ellis gets further away…

DJANGO I dunno. Dr.SCHULTZ You don’t know if you’re positive? Ellis gets further away…

DJANGO I don’t know what, positive,’means. Dr.SCHULTZ It means you’re sure.

DJANGO Yes. Dr.SCHULTZ Yes, what?

DJANGO Yes I’m sure that’s Ellis Brittle.

BAM! The German picks the middle Brittle brother off his horse. The dead man WIPES OUT horribly in the thick cotton brush. RED BLOOD splashes on WHITE COTTON. The German and Django have the entire plantation’s attention. Spencer Bennett (with his Winchester), his SONS and his OVERSEERS, and some HOUSE NIGGERS come around like a angry mob. The German tosses his rifle in the dirt, and raises his hands. Django does the same with his pistol. Dr.Schultz addresses the ANGRY MOB. Dr.SCHULTZ Everybody calm down, we mean no one else any harm!

SPENCER Just who the hell are you two jokers?

35; Dr�. SCHULTZ I am Dr.King Schultz, a legal representative of the criminal justice system of the United States of America. The man to my left is Django Freeman, he’s my. deputy. In my pocket is a warrant signed by circuit court judge Henry Allen Laudermilk of Austin Texas, for the arrest and capture, dead or alive, of John Brittle, Ellis Brittle, and Roger Brittle —

DJANGO – They were goin by the name, Shaffer. Dr.SCHULTZ You know them by the name, Shaffer. But the butchers real names’were Brittle. These are wanted men. The law wants them for murder. I reiterate, this warrant states dead or alive. When Django and myself executed these men on sight, we were operating within our legal. boundaries. Now I realize passions are high. But I must warn you, the penalty for taking deadly force against a officer of the court in the performance of his duty is, you will be hung by the neck until you are dead. This does put a momentary pause in the lynch mob’s blood lust. After his dramatic pause for effect… .Dr.Schultz says; Dr.SCHULTZ May I please remove the warrant from my pocket so you may examine it? Resting his Winchester over his shoulder, Bennett reaches for the paper.

SPENCER Gimmie. Dr.Schultz removes the warrant from his jacket pocket, and hands it to the plantation owner. Bennett reads it silently to himself, resigned to what it says. Dr.SCHULTZ Satisfied. Bennett eyes go from the warrant to the German. Dr.SCHULTZ May I have that back?

36 ,- Bennett hands Schultz back the piece of paper. Dr.SCHULTZ We good?

BENNETT Get off my land. Dr.SCHULTZ Post haste.

(TO DJANGO) Load up the bodies as quickly as you can, and let’s get out of here.

TIME CUT All three dead Brittle Brothers lie over the back of the extra horse the bounty hunters brought with them. Both Bounty Hunters are back in their saddles ready to leave. With all the eyes of the plantation on them, the white and black man start to ride out, when Spencer “Big Daddy” Bennett, steps in their way for one final threat.

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