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Death Proof Transcript

I’m the mother of your son.

And after this one

I’ll never see you again.



You’ve gotta see this.

I’ll be right there.

Where the hell are the bodies?

That’s what we wanted to show you.

They are gone.

They didn’t just get up and walk out, did they?

Somebody take care of this
perp for me before I fucking kill him.

What the hell is going on?
– He was causing a ruckus over at Skip’s place.

So I cuffed him.

Son of a bitch.
He bit my goddamn finger off.

Quit your hollering and get
yourself a goddamn band-aid.

I’m not exaggerating,
using colorful speech, Sheriff!

He bit my finger clean off.


Get him.

Book him.

Cause I’ll fucking kill him if I have to do it.


Go get him.


You stay put.

Are you sure he is in there?

He was.


He’s gone.

Broke out the window.

Where’s my finger?

Found your ring.

Could be the same guy as
your leg snatcher?

I didn’t get a good look at mine.

Is that him over there?


No. Don’t touch him.

Why not?

He is infected.

With what?



Drop the fucking gun.

Where the fuck do you think you’re going?

I’m gonna go and get Cherry.


But we’re taking my car.

I’m riding with you.

Don’t make any sudden moves.

Viral infections.

They came pouring in.

Some are rapidly developing
colophony lesions.

Highly contagious.

What do you think?

Self-preservation comes to mind.


Just get the hell out of here.

First let me get my wife.

I love you sweetie.

There you go.

Come on.


Open up, dear.

I want you to be around for a while.
You understand?



You fart like a goddam pack mule.

I hate to do this to you, Earl.
But we need every man on the job.

The shit has hit the fan.

We need some guns and ammo.
Meet me at my brother’s.

I got you. I’ll be there.

Gotta eat quick, sweetie.


Oh my God!

What the hell is going on?

Are you gonna give me a gun?

Are you fucking kidding me?


Get up. We’re leaving.

I can’t walk.

So what?

Get up.

Get up!


Look at me.

Look at me.

I was gonna be a stand up comedian.

But who’s gonna laugh now?

Some of the best jokes are about cripples.

Let’s go.
– It’s not funny. It’s pathetic.

Would you stop crying over fucking…

…spilt milk?

I have no leg.

Now you do.

What do you think?

You could carry me, Wray?

You never wanted that before.

Why start now.

Sheriff must have taken the others to JT’s.

Get in.

God damn it. Wait for me.

My leg stuck with the door.

It’s just wood.

It’s splintering.

You just leave it alone.

Why is this happening with me?

Just do me a favor right now.

Stay strong.


Yeah baby.



My name is Electra.

Fucking listen.

My name is Electra.
My name is Electra, too.

It’s Berry.


Is that Berry you want?

And from Electra and from Emilia.

Doesn’t make any fucking sense.

You can call me whatever the
fuck you want. I don’t give a shit.

Conio, chica.

You said 10.
– I’m sorry.

We can’t be watching your kid
all god damn night.

Your friend never showed up
and we got shit to do.

That’s right.

Then start doing it.

Hurry. We’re leaving.

Wait. My tarantula.

Bring it. Let’s go.

And my turtle.

And my scorpion.

And we’re not octopuses.
We can’t carry everything.

Act upon it.

C’mon. Let’s go.

Tony, what did I tell you?

You can’t bring them all.
Didn’t I tell you that?

It’s okay. They can live in the same tank.

What about my pocket-bike?

It’s in the trunk.

Where do you think you’re
going fucking bitch?

Are you sure you’re gonna do this?

Everybody grab a badge and a gun!

You’re all deputies as
of this moment forward.

Except for you, Wray.

Don’t die for me.

What do we got?

Something’s wrong up there.

JT always comes out and greets.

Let’s go.

Why don’t just shoot yourselves?

Don’t shoot each other.

But especially…

Don’t shoot me.



Get off him, Rusty.

God-damn, JT.



Damn good sausage, JT.

Best in Texas.

I must have passed out
after I killed those things.

Nice shooting.

Everybody gather up supplies.

We head up to any.

I want you to open that for mommy.

Now take the gun.


And if anyone comes to the door …

… that isn’t me

I want you to shoot them, okay?

I’m not kidding, Tony.

You shoot them.

Just like your video games.

You shoot them in the head.

What if it’s Dad?

Especially if it’s your dad.

And be careful where you point that thing.

You’ll blow your own face off.

I’ll be right back.

I love you.

Hello, baby.

Look what you did to our son!

Goddam it.
I told you I didn’t want to see you again.


Get your sorry ass in.

If it’s escape vehicles you want

Escape vehicles I got.
Right this way.

Watch that meat.

Meet my wife.

Jessy James custom dominator.

I made Jessy a plate of
barbecue so God damn good

He made this baby for me
free of fucking charge.

Got anything that can transport more people?


This baby is chopped. Permanent.

Ain’t got no bull bar,
chicken wire, none of that shit.

No protection.
– And she’s fast.

Nitrous injected 350 horsepower engine.

Who are you?

I mean really.

Wray’s Wreckage?

That’s what it says on your truck.

Are you a wrecker, Wray?

I’m nobody.

It’s the easiest thing to remember.

So remember it.

Hey, you want some barbecue?

Best in Texas.

No thanks.

What’s the matter?
You don’t eat meat?

Oh, I eat meat.

I also eat lots of shit.

See this?

What’s that?

Shit eating grin.

Got to be a comedian.

What do you think of the leg?

It’s funny.

How is your stump?

They knocked it out something fierce.

So I can’t feel a thing.

This must be the real Bone Shack.

Old JT knows how to live.

Like fuck he does.

I like how you say fuck.

Fuck you.

Fuck me.

Oh, so now you’re the comedian.

Go ahead.
Drop your pants.

That will be good for a laugh.

I highly doubt that.

That’s my jacket.

Yes. I know.

I looked for it for two weeks.


You were being an unbelievable dick.

I was walking out on you.

I was cold. I took your fucking jacket.


If you’re gonna go on with your
psycho-obsessive-controlling rants

about a fucking jacket
then fucking take it.

Cause I’d rather fucking freeze
than fucking hear about it one more time.

Did you find what was in the pocket?

Fuck now.

Look for it.

No. The other one.

I was gonna give it to you. But you left me.

And you took the jacket.

And I looked for it for two weeks.

Read it.

Two against the world.

Remember that?

I never forgot it.

Why did you leave?

Because you didn’t believe in us.

Or in me.

I’m sorry.

You’re gonna be all right.

Come on.

Move your ass! Come on.

Are you all right?

What did I tell you, Tony?

Don’t point the gun at yourself.

Didn’t I tell you that?

Thank you for telling me about it.

You know.

Don’t mention it.

That’s an order.

If I had known that you were…

El Wray

I wouldn’t have given you such a hard time.

Didn’t mean to be a prick about it.

Need to know basis, that kind of shit.

Take this.

Do what you do best.

No. You’re not.

Don’t give him the gun.

Give him that gun, Tolo.

Give him that gun.

Give him all the guns.

That boy’s got the devil in him.

Get to fight. Come on.

Get to our vehicles.

Everyone behind me.

Outside now.

God damn you!

Everybody back inside.

You, Skip!

Front and center.

Go out front.
Start up the Kill Dozer.

We need it to transport
the other survivors.

You’re fucking crazy?
I’m not going out there.

I’ll cover you.
– Not going.

I never miss.

Come on, Skip.

It’s go go.

Not cry cry.



You take whoever you can
fit in your convertible.

Everyone else on board.

Skip, grab the twins.
Come on with me.

You take the chopper.

I need someone else to drive my truck.
– I’ll do it.

You’re bleeding like a stuck pig.

If your vision’s blurred, you’re on your last flight.

Anything else?

Don’t wreck it.

It ain’t no barbecue without coleslaw.

Take this.

Fuckin’ cool.

I can take care of myself.

Bye, Daddy.

You remember how to ride a bike?

Useless talent number 32.


Anyone else have a car?

Are you sure you’re okay
driving this van?

Hell yeah.


Your engine is shot you’ve
got three blown tires.

But it’s got his pocket-bike in the trunk.

Is it fast?
– Zero to fifty in four seconds.

You go with her.

I’m Cherry.

You sure are.

Move out.

Damn machine.




How much ammo we got?

Not enough.

Don’t shoot.
We’re not infected.

All survivors gotta come with us.

Especially you.

El Wray.

I don’t go by that name anymore.

It’s okay.

We’re here in quarantine with
the other survivors.

Where is here?

Field Army Base.

El Wray?

That you?

He’s with them.
I saw him in the convoy earlier.

I’m a scientist.

And a businessman.

Not military.

Princess wise is gonna tell us
what the fuck is going on.

They are stealing biochemical weapons.


Also known as Project Terror.

Designed to take out an entire populace
in a controlled land locked area.

And you were supplying it to them?

So why’d they shut you out?

They’ve found my supply.

It’s under our feet.

Ten stories down.

The only treatment is a regimented
exposure to DC-2 itself.

Delays the negative effects.

They need it.

Like a drug.


But we found that a small percentage
of people are not affected by the gas itself.

And within this small percentage lies a cure.

What do you wanna do?


Put our backs against the ocean.

And defend ourselves from there.

No. We have to get back to my lab.

This infection will spread all over the world.

To every man, woman and child…

Unless I finish my antidote.

You have an antidote?



Come with us.

Move it.

Do you like Ava Gardner?


Ava Gardner.

Do you like her?

Yeah, I guess.

I’m just thinking that you …

… kinda look like
Ava Gardner a little bit.

You’ve got something you
wanna say to me?

I have nothing to say to you.

You’ve nothing to say huh?
That’s funny.

Cause I coulda swear you just give
me a fuck you look great now.

You wanna say Fuck You to me?

Not at this moment.

You know what this is?

A gun?

It’s simplicity itself.

You see you point it
at what you want to die.

And you pull the little trigger here.

And a bullet comes out here.

And the bullet hits you right there.

And you know what?

You don’t look like
Ava Gardner no more.

Don’t taunt me, tramp.

I am not one to be taunted.

You got it?

Let me hear you say, ” I got it. ”

I got it.

You’re damn more better.


Get it. I figured out it’s salt.

Blood is salty.

That’s all my sauce needed
which is a little more salt.

Just needed a little thickening agent.
You know what I’m talking about.

What are you doing JT?

That’s all I got to do to put a
little more salt in.

To do the same goddamn thing that blood did.

I’m telling you, my brothers,
that little bit of blood did the trick.

Don’t do nothing stupid, JT.
I got it covered.

It’s already got my sweat. It’s got my tears.
Now all it needs is some blood.

Drop the gun.


Do it now.

Don’t shoot.

JT you all right?

He’s all right, bro.

God damn but I’m
not all right at all, brother.

Not at all.

Wait here.

I sure will.

Goddam sauce.

… in cages.

See them in action.

See them in love.

See them in terror.

White skin on the black market.

Soft flash for hard cash.

Women in cages.

I’m gonna get my dick wet.

She’s got one leg.

Easier access.

Good point.

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