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Uma Thurman wasn’t prepared for first Quentin Tarantino meeting

Actress Uma Thurman became best friends with Quentin Tarantino during an awkward meeting about “Pulp Fiction.”

An eye infection forced the movie star to cancel two planned meetings with the director and when they eventually met up, she hadn’t read his script.


She recalls, “I’d been swimming in this pool in Los Angeles and I got an eye infection, so I couldn’t read and I couldn’t be seen. As soon as it was away, we scheduled a meeting but the infection went into the other eye, so then I had to delay the meeting (again).”

“Finally, I go to have the meeting … and of course I hadn’t really been able to read the script properly, and I couldn’t explain about the eye infection … so we ended up getting to know each other really well because I had to kind of talk all the way around the subject.”

Now, 20 years later, Thurman admits she has come clean about her first meeting with Tarantino, adding, “He knows.”

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