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Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ Soundtrack Selections Leaked; Listen Now!

The world was about to get a back-to-back helping of western cinema from Quentin Tarantino when we learned of his next film, The Hateful Eight. However, when the scripted for The Hateful Eight was leaked online after it was distributed to handful of actors for a first read, Tarantino was so soured by the betrayal that he shelved the project for the time being, if not indefinitely.

We are now learning that as part of the original distribution of the script, Tarantino also provided a list of songs that would comprise the soundtrack, and included an assortment of rockabilly artists, Bob Dylan, and Ennio Morricone score selections among the nineteen listed songs. Tarantino has an absolute knack for creating fantastic soundtracks mixing pop and score selections, and this proposed list is nothing short of incredible.

That list, according to The Film Stage, was leaked out by an anonymous blogger who claims to have ties to the original leaker of the script and provided a scan of the list (which can be seen at the source links below). The soundtrack’s list, in the order it was written down by Tarantino, includes:

The Lautsprechers – Ester Ennio Morricone – Il Pinguino Rodriguez – Hate Street Dialogue Johnny Kidd & the Pirates – Shakin’ All Over Originoo Gunn Clappaz – Dirtiest Players in the Game Johnny Zorro – Roadhog Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down Bob Dylan – Masters Of War The Rondels – 110lbs of Drums (Slow Cover) The Pleasure Seekers – What A Way to Die Ennio Morricone – Ecstasy of Gold Ennio Morricone – The Big Gundown Muddy Waters – Mannish Boy JD McPherson – Signs and Signifiers The King Drapes – Teds Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys – Southern Flavor Ennio Morricone – Sixty Seconds to What The Voodoos – Voodoo Walk Link Wray – Law of the Jungle

Intrepid fans of the list have already created a YouTube playlist, like the one below, approximating as close to the soundtrack as possible given the songs currently available online. If you have Spotify, here’s the soundtrackas close as possible given the streaming music service’s available tracks.

Hopefully we’ll still see The Hateful Eight on the screen in the near future, as based on the soundtrack alone and the actors Tarantino was courting – including Bruce Dern and Christoph Waltz – this is bound to be quite the cinematic experience!

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