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Life’s journey of Quentin Tarantino and his attitude towards life

qtQuentin Tarantino is an American film director, writer and Producer. Tarantino had written various scripts in his early 20’s as he had a passion for the same since his childhood. True Romance and natural killers are one of them. He once said that “if you make a piece of nitro that you throw at audience lap, people notice”. He used this strategy to boost his carrier. By that time he had a chance to work in foreign films. Here are some of the debut films of Tarantino, Inglorious Bustards Grind house, Sin City, Jackie  Brown, Four Rooms, Pulp Fiction which caught the attention of audience.

Tarantino loathed school and spend time in watching movies rather than studying which made him a mediocre student and had not good score during his college life .it has been found that he liked only history as its much like movies .After dropping his high school he worked with Roger aviary .two had shared a passion for the films.

Known for his temper Tarantino once there was a time when he got caught into a public disagreement with director Oliver stone. In 1995, Tarantino wrote and directed one of the four stories featured in Four Rooms. Other three are being handled by were handled by other rising independent filmmakers Allison Anders, Alexander Rockwell, and Robert Rodriguez.

Now in recent news it has been found that movie of Quentin Tarantino “the hateful eight” to be directed and cast by the Oscar winner was April 19 from April 24. The Hateful Eight to his fans — even though the Oscar winner put aside making the movie for the time being after the Oscar is set to direct and cast a live on-stage reading of the Western-themed winner’s latest script leaked online. Film Independent said today that Tarantino script on April 24 in LA.

He is a multi talented personality actually after kill bill Tarantino Dabbed in television.

He wrote and directed drama “crime scene investigation”. Tarantino finally returned to work on his World War II script. In 2009, he released the long-awaited Inglorious Bustards, which focused on a group of Jewish-American soldiers out to destroy as many Nazis as possible. He had wooed Brad Pitt to play the leader of the “Bustards.”

One of Tarantino’s first acting roles was as an Elvis impersonator. His real acting gigs came in 1988 when he played an Elvis impersonator on the popular television show The Golden Girls. Despite performing in the back row of the 10-man “Elvis ensemble,” Quentin still manages to stick out like a sore thumb. Quentin Tarantino has also appeared in four episodes of Alias in addition to his several cameos in feature films. During his life’s journey he never give up his attitude towards life remains positive inspite of many hurdles and he gives the same message to his audience.

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