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Reservoir Dogs Transcript


Quentin Tarantino’s R E S E R V O I R D O G S October 22, 1990 —————– This movie is dedicated to these following sources of inspiration: TIMOTHY CAREY ROGER CORMAN ANDRE DeTOTH CHOW YUEN FAT JEAN LUC GODDARD JEAN PIERRE MELVILLE LAWRENCE TIERNEY LIONEL WHITE ——————— RESERVOIR DOGS 1 INT. UNCLE BOB’S PANCAKE HOUSE – MORNING Eight ... Read More »

My Best Friend’s Birthday Transcript


The radio DJ is interviewing Mr Otis of a local Cochran fanclub. DJ (Quentin Tarantino): And for those of you who’ve just tuned in, we’re talking to Lennie Otis, he’s the leader of the Eddie Cochran fan club. So uh, Lennie, do you remember when he died? Lennie: You mean the actual date, or exactly when it happened? DJ: When ... Read More »