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Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ Soundtrack Selections Leaked; Listen Now!


The world was about to get a back-to-back helping of western cinema from Quentin Tarantino when we learned of his next film, The Hateful Eight. However, when the scripted for The Hateful Eight was leaked online after it was distributed to handful of actors for a first read, Tarantino was so soured by the betrayal that he shelved the project for the time being, if not indefinitely. ... Read More »

Rumour: Quentin Tarantino may direct The Hateful Eight after all


After the leaking of the script for The Hateful Eight last month, it had seemed as though Quentin Tarantino was ready to walk away from the Western in favor of a new project entirely. quentin tarantino recent movies The Hateful Eight script leak now. However, according to The Wrap’s Jeff  Sneider, the director has had time to cool off, and is currently exploring the possibility of making ... Read More »

Quentin Tarantino sues website over leaked script


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Quentin Tarantino sued the news and gossip website Gawker on Monday over a post that directed readers to a leaked copy of the Oscar-winning screenwriter’s latest movie. Tarantino’s lawsuit accuses Gawker Media LLC of contributory copyright infringement for posting a link to the 146-page script for a planned film titled “The Hateful Eight” last week. A ... Read More »

Quentin Tarantino Shelves ‘The Hateful Eight’ After Hollywood Insiders Leak Script, May Publish As Book Instead


While Hollywood tends to gripe about piracy and the theft of intellectual property, the dirty secret that no one wants to talk about is that sometimes, people in the industry are the perpetrators of this sort of thing. Indeed, one only has to make a couple of Google searches to find screeners for this year’s awards contenders available if you ... Read More »

Quentin Tarantino’s New Movie Sets Title, Begins Casting


The director hopes to begin shooting this summer, according to insiders. Quentin Tarantino is gearing up for another ride in the saddle. For his first movie since 2012’sDjango Unchained, the director is going back to the Western genre with a script called The Hateful Eight, which he hopes to direct this summer, according to sources. (Another source said there is no timetable at this ... Read More »

Tarantino Titles Next Film ‘The Hateful Eight’

28th Santa Barbara International Film Festival - Quentin Tarantino American Riviera Award Ceremony

Quentin Tarantino has selected “The Hateful Eight” as the title for his next film, a Western that’s not a sequel to “Django Unchained.” The project has not been cast yet, but insiders say Tarantino’s script includes a part for Christoph Waltz, who won Oscars starring in Tarantino’s last two films — “Django” and “Inglourious Basterds.” Tarantino revealed two months ago during an ... Read More »

First Poster for Quentin Tarantino’s Favorite 2013 Film ‘Big Bad Wolves’


One of the films from Fantastic Fest 2013 selected to be part of Alamo Drafthouse’s nationwide tourwas Big Bad Wolves, a new genre film from Israeli directing duo Aaron Keshales and Navot Papushado. The film is a dark horror comedy that somehow injects humor into a story about a child’s murder. Sounds grim, but the film won five awards from the Ophirs, which are Israel’s ... Read More »

Quentin Tarantino is most-studied director in the UK


A survey of 17 academics by the recently-relaunched film website found that the controversial director had been referenced more than any other in the essays and dissertations marked over the last five years. Christopher Nolan was in second place, with his Dark Knight Trilogy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises) being the most-cited films. Head ... Read More »

Quentin Tarantino to appear at AFI Fest tribute to Bruce Dern


Quentin Tarantino will appear as part of the tribute to actor Bruce Dern on Monday at the AFI Fest in Hollywood. Dern appeared in Tarantino’s Oscar-winning “Django Unchained.” Dern has been busy this award season in support of his role in Alexander Payne’s “Nebraska,” which screens as part of the AFI Fest tribute. Dern won the lead actor prize for ... Read More »