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Communicating with Customers

Communicating with Customers


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Customer Service chemosynthesis examples Message

Photograph of an organisation/business exterior.

Negative: The front of this shop is not very inviting because the windows don’t possess much clothing/items in them, it generally does not tell the customer what they are selling. In fact, you can’t actually tell what’s for sale.

The entrance is quite dark.

The upper story windowpane is usually messy and disorganised.


I would recommend placing more lighting on the outside, at the entrance, plus more lighting on the house windows, therefore the customer can see precisely what is on the market.

Put mannequins on the bottom and top house windows, showing the client what attire is on sale inside, and some of the other goods they promote, e.g. curtains and children’s garments.

Customer Service Message

Photograph of an organisation/business exterior

Positive: This photograph shows the Woodstock Hotel which is a beautiful hotel near the centre of Ennis yet has a country feel to it. The entry is warm and inviting, with lovely lighting and stained glass. The cut natural stone gives this hotel persona. The entrance also attracts the disabled with wheelchair gain access to.There are large flower pots that contain evergreen shrubs planted, which breaks up the grey of the stone.

Customer Service Message

A screen shot of an organisation’s website.

Positive: Guiney’s have a very good website, showing all the departments that you could browse through. It shows you what’s best value right now and weekly bargains that are in store at present. It tells you that they allow the One4all vouchers from An post. The client can phone in their order between times. The customer can subscribe for

their newsletter and it’s really all private. This site is very user friendly.

Customer Service Message

A Screen shot of an organisation’s website


I was looking to purchase a glass house in Ireland and came across this website.

I felt frustrated trying to navigate around it as I possibly could not find anything close to what I wanted, actually they said they had certain sizes of cup houses nevertheless they were difficult to find on this page, which to me is false advertising. It also said there was a cost list but there wasn’t one. There were hardly any pages of information in comparison to what the page said. I rang the number on the page several times for help, but nobody answered.

Recommendation:I would recommend they hire a net designer, it doesn’t cost a lot, but it would generate money to the business. The company should then keep carefully the website updated frequently. I would suggest then that the company employ the service of a person to reply the phone all the time, again this might obviously generate income for them, because I as a customer gave up wanting to get anything because I couldn’t talk with anyone in the corporation.

Customer Service Message

Printed Material from and Organisation (flyer, leaflet, brochure)


The Irish Cancer Contemporary society is a wonderful organisation, who execute a lot of work for people and their families suffering from cancer.

Daffidol Day time is held each year in March, this year it’s the 24the March, and the money raised would go to the County you will be collecting in. You can donate anytime online.

This charitable organisation uses the amount of money also for patients travel to and from hospital.

Counselling services for sufferers and families.

Information and offerings on Pallative care and attention and end of life care.

There is normally a freephone number, for folks to contact a nurse for confidential information and information.

See Appendix A at the back

Printed material from an Organisation

Negative: When you understand this flyer it doesn’t hop out at me, to tell me what it’s exactly about, in fact there is very little information on it about the food/foods it’s serving. The background is a dark colour and takes away from the publishing underneath.

Recommendations: I would advise that they would consist of visuals of what food they serve. They should change the backdrop colour, something brighter and the print then simply would contrast better against it. The font essentially should all be in bold.

See Appendix B

Customer Service Message

News Survey/Clipping regarding employment circumstances, corporate ethics, environmental ethics, sponsorship, etc.

Positive: Aldi have an excellent initiative in tackling meals waste, by distributing left food from the shops, to family members who are in demand and charitable organisations like St. Vincent’s de Paul who look after poor people, for instance those living on the roads and in shelter in the places.

Customer Service Message

News survey/clipping regarding employment conditions, corporate ethics, environmental ethics, sponsorship, etc.

Negative: Tesco are in an ongoing struggle with about 3,000 of their employees over their pre-1996 contracts for job. Tesco wants these staff members to take lower prices of pay and circumstances, just like their psychology essay topics new employees. During the strike periods Tesco shops all over Ireland have lost an incredible number of euros, because customers did not want to complete the picket line. Right now a mediator provides been appointed to try to come to some agreement with both functions over this row.

Recommendations: I would advise Tesco come up with a fair package for almost all their employeesas they job hard and have long hours of work. This region is doing well again and these companies are making plenty of money, why not give a fair offer like Lidl and Aldi who have set a precedent here.

See Appendix C at the back.

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