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Council wants votes counted locally instead

Council wants votes counted locally instead

The B.C. Liberals won the Liberals’ seat in North Vancouver South by-election, but 카지노 사이트the party’s candidate, David Scheuer, lost to his challenger, former police chief and council candidate Richard Gendron. He had defeated NDP candidate Michelle Cusack by an even wider margin, winning 41 percent of the vote against Cusack’s 39 percent. “A significant amount of the North Vancouver South riding has been up for grabs since 2002 in a by-election,” said David Sneddon, B.C. Liberal spokespers카지노 사이트on for the riding. “The by-election was part of the Liberal Party’s efforts to build consensus in the riding, attract voters to the riding, and to try to build support in other B.C. ridings where the Liberals had the best chance.”

But voters don’t appear to care if the local councillor was running the riding, they just want to know how their riding is doing. The B.C. Liberals won 56 seats in British Columbia in 2015, a large majority, but as of this election, the B.C. Liberals have only 41 MPs.

The current B.C. Progressive Conservatives now hold a majority in a by-election in the neighbouring riding of Whistler East, where their candidate, Peter Stoffer, also lost his seat. A poll conducted by Nanos Research earlier this year found voters there are looking to the Liberals more than the NDP, with 49 percent of them saying they are leaning towards them compared to 42 percent for the NDP. With another by-election scheduled this fall in Whistler East, voters appear to be backing the Progressive Conservatives just a little bit less. With the NDP holding the advantage there, it seems like there’s a fair chance that the NDP could overtake the Liberals and potentially take control of the province next fall.

This isn’t the first B.C. by-election where voters in the riding of North Vancouver South have been frustrated by the process. For some reason, the BC Liberal party ran a by-election in 2008 on the West Island, in the ward where residents in North Vancouver South live. That by-election lost the seat to a local Labour Party candidate, who won in the riding by the same margin and was named MLA for the constituency.

The NDP now hold a majority in the riding, which could open up opportunities for the party to pick up seats in the province. But, while the Green Party won most of the s바카라eats that were up in the riding thi